Guidelines for using iPeace

iPeace is a community with a difference. Each of you here feel it. You are here because your choose to share in its message…

We share a single desire to spread peace, build bridges, reconcile enemies, respectfully discuss, engage and debate different points of view.

You have each joined iPeace to contribute to being the difference we all seek in today’s world.
We expect civil respect for one another’s individuality:

-    Engage without prejudice.
-    Encounter one another with respect
-    Engage in discourse not insults
-    Endeavour to celebrate diversity
-    Enter into different cultures and life perspectives with an open mind.
-    Entrust your mind and hearts to new friendships

I  -  international cyber community like no other
P – personalize your community
E – end conflict by sharing your vision
A - afford a stranger your time and attention
C -  compassion expresses your truest inner grace
E -  envelope your world and others  with magic

We are making a difference together. You are making a difference and iPeace is where you can talk, share, collaborate and engage.

Copyright : please cite sources of 3rd party material to avoid infringement lawsuits.
Healthwarning: NO! to spam, insults, inciteful and or  defamatory behaviour, ridicule threats,  any other kind of offensive content.

Make the most of your iPeace experience..



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I am sorry that guidelines even have to be made. People that want to be negative, ugly and bring discord
are what my online groups refer to as "haters" They say haters need much love because they don't have
any..and that is what hate is--the opposite of love. Here's a way they use to tell if they have loved someone
enough to get the hate out of them:

"Signs of Inner Peace"

A tendency to think and act deliberately, rather
than from fears based on past experiences.

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

A loss of interest in judging others.

A loss of interest in judging self.

A loss of interest in conflict.

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions
of others.

A loss of ability to worry.

Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

Contented feelings of connectedness with others
and nature.

Frequent attacks of smiling through the heart.

Increasing susceptibility to kindness offered, and
the uncontrollable urge to reciprocate.

An increasing tendency to allow things to unfold,
rather than resisting and manipulating.

Those with love ask this:

What is my gift to the world?
What do I leave the children?

To love a person is to learn the song
That is in their heart,
And to sing it to them
When they have forgotten.

Always keep on keeping on for love,light and peace.....
Those things are the beauty of life....
Recognize your self....Dont have a Fear,because of they create a Fear to keep you in Fear...The Fear is The Reason,why we^r not free yet.....Liberate your self and others from The Fear from them...They^r people only...The same like you...Dont belive to their illusions of Fear,they created them,because they gonne to control your Mind...
I like what you have said Peter ... for it is true what is that is fed ... for what there isn't don't pay attention to ...
om sat tat ...
I agree and abide.
Renee & David,
Excellent job of broad & inclusive guidelines.
I do have one area of concern. I added a friend after a request recently, only to find that he then went to all my groups and discussions to post an identical marketing message. It was polite, and very honest that marketing his business was the goal, but the business seemed to have no direct relationship to Peace or Social Justice. I had planned to write this individual a private note telling him that I did not think this was an appropriate use of this site.. On facebook and other sites I have become very wary of friend requests from those I don't know. What do you think is the best way to handle such situations? Could a "not for commercial networking" statement be included in the guidelines? I think this could be difficult, as there are those who quite legitimately as Peace Activists are showcasing their Art and services, but I would hate to see this sacred place become a marketing target. Thoughts?
Peace & Justice
the poor felow might need 'crutches' to move forward but as the life itself is limited charity too has an extent, therefore, 'private note' ideas is excellent - many of us need to be told what to be done, that is why we need leaders!

Kindest regards. sadiq
Dear Califa,
Everything about iPeace is beautiful and pray that we all accord each other with respect and devoid of racism and to work for a better world.
Thank you and have a day.
George Amoah.
David I think these guidelines are perfect! In fact, if we all followed them in every aspect of our lives Peace will be the natural by-product.

Now that we have elected a new President, it's the perfect time for all of us to unite with him in making this world a better place to live. In every election there is a "winner" and a "loser". No matter what you think of their politics, both men are "winners" and the only way we "lose" is if we don't give our support to those who wish to make this world a peaceful place.

Thank you, David, and all of those who cared enough to support iPeace.

Hi David, I am delighted to make a contribution to this site, there is an enemy of the spirit called hate which causes dark blockages in the minds of the most wonderful human beings in the world.In order for all of us to communicate peace we must first understand the feeling and rid ourselves of hate,.we take the time to promote hate because it feeds the ego,not understanding the damage it causes.However there is light at the end of the tunnel when we pick ourselves up embrace the light and run to peace.Peace for me is deliverance from darkness, hurts and stagnation, when you hear the joy of a baby crying without getting angry,looking at the trees around you and embracing it presence of authority and being able to enjoy your own company not forgetting the power of forgiveness.I take this time to say love yourself enough to want to forgive and identify that joy is just around the corner,Our world has lots to offer we must create the energy to enjoy the fullness and light.janine
In my opinion I can't think of a better way to spend the time I have here. It is so simple as well and just think how you could feel and fill your days. Think how wonderful it is when someone treats you in these ways, how good you feel inside when you do the same, instead of choosing to focus on negatives. It's the choice we all have full authority to undertake! Thank you!
Thank you David...the guidelines make sense...simple and to the point...respect is the key....

I agree with these guidelines. I believe that's the way everyone should act here and everywhere.

Good job. Love, Bear


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