In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer

He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others

In teaching others the healing arts, he found a measure of solace from his own pain

The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels because he has gone through the same pain

The suffering patient can be cared for by the Healer and be instrumental in the Healers own healing

Each encounter between Healer and patient can be transforming for both

The lesson of Chiron teaches us is that we can overcome pain and transcend into knowledge

That each of us can become a Wounded Healer

Humanity Healing is putting together a worldwide Holistic Directory to help those in need find you.

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I'm following this discussion with an awesome look. Seeing arguments coming by, native healing, conciousness... but, and maybe I'm too confronting... but, who can tell me the advantages of your disease?
Would you be the same person when you where healty? Would there be a same rise of conciousness when you didn't have too fight or to overcome this pain? What is this disease/pain telling you, or maybe more important, what is this disease/pain giving you?
I'm doing the healing work now for more than twentyfive years and still ask this questions to my clients. These where the questions my teacher asked me when I was eightteen and in the deepest shithole I could ever imagine. (witnessing many suïcide attempts of my mother, seeing her locked up in a "One flew over the Cukoo's nest"- lie hospital, insecure, unaware and the feeling of : No More shit for me!) He asked me: Did you think a beautiful flower could ever grow without loads of shit?
He was right; when I look in the mirror I see a flower, able to tell other leaves they're flowers as well...

I love to be in contact with you beautifilled people, you show me so much richness
uhuh all the above,Rolly,Wendy..joni,Agreed !
Hey I like "luvly Leah' :))) but I live in Indiana..tho Indiana joni sounds better than Indiana lol
ok then...Dessy Skywalker it is! :):):)
awww thanks sweetie ;))Wendyskywalker, is funny u chose this nic name since teen was "the princess" which stuck for many years..when Star Wars came out,about same time..people would think my nic name came from princess Lea..I would always say
"hey I had it 1st"lol..and besides my name being Leah..I kinda looked like her, tho I was
Prettier,as others told me anyway,hahaha...

Here a pic o me at 17.."The princess" years..(is only 1 I have on my pc,joni & gordy have seen it)

O thank u ...:) is an old pic..yes i guess i can see the luke & leah thing,now
kewl..;))) I have several nic names ppl call me now & that i use -pixie chic and peace princess are most often used.
Love u xxx
Hmm... now there's a thought.....time seemed to be endless in my 20's but as soon as I hit 30, it seemed to start flying by....oh well, betta make the most of the time we got! :)
Hmmm, well Not me..I have had the thoughts,like a lot a peeps "if I only knew then,what I know now" but ya know,we would not have had the experiences that make us who we ARE now,if we nope the journey is Life and good,bad or horrific..all my experiences in youth,made me who/where I am..I like who I am,so better to have Not known,imho..:)
Loves to ya both xxx
Much Wisdom here,for sure!
hugs & luv dear ones ,am off to rest and sleep..Goodnight.
See you in dreamland, well maybe 1 of you or?? :))))
aww u 2 makin me* blush* again..thank u for loverly vid wendy & the loverly words both u twos..
xxx love xxx
jeesh, u no matter what we discuss winds up in funny lol playin'..we do have a discussion fer that ya know :D hardyharrharr.....luvin yous both xxx

Hello Wendy Freud & Indiana joni & All THE ASSOCIATION OF SYNERGISTIC SOULS (A.S.S) !
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**LOl hardyharrharr..I did this comment "just for fun!" & smiles :))))))
Hehehe thot ya might :))))) i had lots giggles doin it!!!!!


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