In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer

He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others

In teaching others the healing arts, he found a measure of solace from his own pain

The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels because he has gone through the same pain

The suffering patient can be cared for by the Healer and be instrumental in the Healers own healing

Each encounter between Healer and patient can be transforming for both

The lesson of Chiron teaches us is that we can overcome pain and transcend into knowledge

That each of us can become a Wounded Healer

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* Healing Wisdom by my dear friend....who wrote this book of his experiences..


The link is to the book's Facebook page :

After university I got my dream job, working with horses. All was going well until December 1994 when my life changed forever. Crossing the road on the way to work, I was hit by a car... I 'died'! Since being hit by that car I went through a period of great change and learnt many things; I had experiences I did not understand and saw things mankind maybe should not see. I started writing these things down. I will never preach to anyone, but what started as an autobiography about my life, my death and my resurrection has evolved into a truly inspirational book, designed to motivate readers to better themselves and help others.

Flight of a Lifetime ( is a very good read; it will make the reader laugh and cry at the same time. In spite of its theme, it is not a miserable book - I wrote about my death and made it funny!

* I would like to /or am going to invite Philip to join us here,he is still having trouble posting on ipeace,is a ning glitch..a problem still with ning. So, is why I'm posting this here,he did not ask me to. I just thought a good place to 'put his words of wisdom' 'till he can join us & add himself(if he chooses to?)
Philip & I 1st met on ipeace and mostly connect,chat,discuss on Facebook. He is not on ipeace as often as facebook,am hoping he will be ipeaceing more,here too, as ning glitch gets fixed for him ..:)
thanks sista' i will invite busy,sidetracked and haven't yet. He is good friend and great sence o humor too :))
Luv ya huge too !! xxx

okay,just wrote on his ipeace wall with link and invite here ...
I am here now! Ning is a pest. I use FireFox and have never had a problem with it. Recently though I cannot send or delete anything on Ning, or add friends, when using FireFox. I had a brainwave though and discovered that on Explorer everything works fine.

Can I thank Leah for advertising my book here. It is very inspiring and I believe will help bring peace. To finish off my advertising spiel started by Leah:

I urge you to read the book and be inspired; better yourself and think about how your actions affect the world. It will cheer you up and, though it may not change the world, it may make people's perception of the world change. If enough people read it we may all end up getting along and stop fighting - a book to end all wars?
YAY, you made ;D..I had opposite problem before switching to firefox last year,I constantly had troubles using explorer on ipeace, ppl. kept saying switch to firefox! Des added on my laptop his 1st visit to USA..I didn't start using it myself till sometime later,cuz I liked explorer.. now I prefer Firefox. The ning troubles are not just you my friend.. it is the changes,issues with ning & also ipeace ning doing upating & changes to the site. We all been having troubles with it,some at once sum at different times in different ways..Anyway, I am just very pleased you are here Now :))
Please do have a look about, much wisdom on this group & discussions,along with much friendship,laughs,playfulness amongst the serious writings,we all need a hearty LOL for balance in all the seriousness :)
cheers my friend & huggies x
@ Leah x - I do key in on what other people are about to say, but its not anything like what you experience babe, at least not yet...

I pick up a lot of things too - I experience a lot of synchronicity, but I don't hear words, I pick-up symbols and feelings and sense things from many people....quite confusing to work out what they mean, and they often influence how I feel about people. Every day, lots of things seem to happen around me and others that are just too uncanny to be conincidental. Also, my perceptions are rarely wrong, but the conclusions I draw from them, can often be wrong.

@ Wendy thanks for all the words of encouragement......

Intelligence without thought is what you're talking about Wendy I think....the still mind, the mind of no-mind...lots of different words for it, and quite possible to learn to least in some directions....practical steps are v important too though, so others can learn or decide if something makes sense to them or works for them, e.g. using steps and tools to learn, ones that suit our personality - some need them, some don't - I learned through a combination of simple breathing-awarness, body awareness and lots more...

In other directions of life, I think we find limitations though. What we do with them and how to deal with them is a mystery to me. Limitations or barriers can affect us in serious ways. I believe that the anwers can be found within, but I also believe that sometimes we simply won't find them this way, or will spend the rest of out natural lives looking for answers that we could be easily guided to by others, or at least be shown how to find the answers within ourselves. Good guides are hard to find.

On the other, hand, some of what I am write could be wrong, so I think its important to have an open mind, rather than fixed ideas...

LOL...i've never thought of myself as a cake before Wendy....

Ancient Greek Medicine; a healing world view

Greek Medicine is the traditional, indigenous, holistic healing system of Western civilization. Practitioners of this system seek to harmonize the health of the individual with what they see as the universal Forces that shape Life, Nature, and the Cosmos. It uses herbs to feed and repair the body. I think its concepts and world perspective can also help return our minds and in turn Western civilisation back to a more balanced more connected, meaning-rich state. Such a world view would restore a culture that respects and cares for Nature because it regards the natural world as sacred. This is in sharp contrast to our present fossil fuel fed industrial civilisation that has produced alienation or in other words a hostile separation from our selves, our communities and our natural world.

from Green
It is great...thanks for sharing


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