Again, it is my wish this groups focus is upon our destination,
and that I do hold should be our primary motivation.

As such it is two different things,
One is to say, NO MORE WAR,
The other is to say LET THERE BE PEACE.

The focus of this group, the intention, is on the destination,
I do not desire to distract from that with this, yet it is relevant.
as an additional motive aside from the one humans should have
to do it right in the first place.

Please also view,
by placing your mouse next to this chart,
where, the current CO2 concentrations are.
You may have to go up a few lines above this text.

I've studied climatology for 35 yrs. This is the chart Al Gore used in "Inconvenient Truth".
I had it long before he did, my neighbor in Minnesota USA where I lived, was among those who went by dog sled to the South Pole to retrieve the ice core samples.

This one is to help with the perspective of the current temperature.

I said I remember before I was born.
The reason is simple,
so I would not forget,
the reason I was sent here.
I have lived in the wild places this is true,
but never forgotten the reason I came.
What you see above, is the tip of an ice burg
of the reason
I am.

We have a choice, to keep going,
or change.
how much time do you think we have left?
I did not wait for a government, to do what as a human being,
is my responsibility. To change.
And to this precise, the things on the clock above
are moving a little slower.
I can not do this alone.
Let us please,
Build Paradise, now........
if we wait until later or tomorrow...........
To live in Peace on earth.....................
I hear voices all over claiming "the end is near"
I'm not needing to say that here, nor is this the intention.

One is to say, NO MORE WAR,
The other is to say LET THERE BE PEACE.

One is to say "we are in trouble"
THIS ONE is to say "Let us be the solution"
Paradise, we have but 2 choices I can see.
The question is, which will it be?

One is to cry over the state of this world,
the other is to rejoice and celebrate what we are building.

Not wait until some another day.
I choose Paradise NOW.
That to me, is worth smiling about.
Peace. Is worth fighting with my self,
to create on earth with my life.
Because it is more important, than just my one life.

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I think that many many people are starting to wake up, sites such as this prove that fact. Sadly many people on the path are in isolation and need to come together to move fowards to creating the next step.


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