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Israels War Heroes

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I seek the lines of ancient times, with artists brush and poets pen, I seek to find, that left behind, and bring it back again. The Thunderchild.

Global Peace on Earth is already a reality. The percentage of humans living in it, determines if it rules, or something else does that other than peace.

July 28 2009 (whatever that means)
All = 1
In truth all things are related,
in what is not truth things are disintegrated.

I am related not only to the past, of human evolution, of the evolution of this earth, this solar system, this galaxy, and all of time and space..
but I am also related to its future.

It is my responsibility as a life form on this planet,
to evolve.
And as a human, to think about, how to evolve (change), into a better human being.
I don't assign this responsibility to any government, religion, society or culture. I am not waiting for the world to change me, but I am the world and it is my responsibility to change myself.
Besides, if I use what is already in existence ( policy's, rules, perspectives), then what I have is not new, but old.
If humanity is to evolve, it cannot fit into the old ways, but can adapt some of the best of the old ways, into its evolution, that must, go beyond, what is now.

When we reinvent ourselves, what it means (the very definition) to be a human being, we are then a species of animals, that uses its mind, to evolve not by chance, not by natural selection, but by will.
The power to literally evolve as a species, with intention.
I am not on IPeace often, I am trying to work for a living, and living on under $200 a month (currently, for 2 people).
But this too is making change happen, I'm busy making these changes and so, I cant afford to be here often, until these changes are completed.


I thank that which created me, giving me this chance at life.
To do it right.
Welcome to my page (sorry its so long! I did remove 2/3rds of it already!). Please call me Tree.
I have lived mostly remote, mostly with wolves, not humans.
I am a software designer, programing since the Apollo moon missions, on an phone connected interface with the 4 story Honeywell computer.
Meaning I saw this coming back then, and I while I have avoided fame to the maximum until this last calendar year, I have made many friends along the way, and have been working on the establishment of the basic principles of the world wide web since the Apollo moon shots. Silently, to help it to grow.
I program in php5, cgi, xslt, xml, and many others, fluently and lucidly.
Due to refusing movies deals and more, there are only a select few, who really know me, and I have no cause to drop names, being myself, is good enough.
But to those whom I have invited to see what is taking place here on this website,
"HI ALL!!" Welcome!, look it over to see what you think and give me some feedback, I think you will find this place..., interesting.

Below is me and my horse friend, he is in that enclosure and on a rope in the picture because when it was taken 2 of my wolves were still alive, and this horse had a history of attacking everything, until he met me. He has not attacked me, but got loose once and did kick one of my wolves in the head (did not injure him, but it was not a nice thing to do, he was basically wild at the time, meaning the horse.).

I live in semi-remote Alaska USA,

I am an American, and proud of it, even if NOT always very proud of some who have been in our government, nor some of the things they have done.
I do believe in my country, in freedom, in "We The People" and the list goes on.
I have made most of my own power most of my life using wind and solar, and in part, because I tend to live in the wilds.
I hold that materials, are here to help us to survive, but seek to live with what has already been removed from the earth, not force more, than she willingly gives us.
I embrace technology, that is the art of doing more with less.
The stone age did not end because we ran out of stone, but learned something better, bronze, copper and steal.
We learned fire, but also not so long ago learned something else a little better than before, electricity.
So to me to "burn" things, is like going back into the stone age.
Yes we all know "fire". And it was a neat thing, but we should move on now.
We really don't need to burn everything we can find on this planet, okay? Yes FIRE, cool invention.... no point getting so carried away with it and so proud of ourselves for figuring it out, it was here long before we were, so we really didn't "invent" it...

I like electricity but to burn things to get it, is like pretending we figure it out, and are still in the stone and fire age, when we left that.
Now we have electric cars driving around on other planets.

Which brings me to religion and other ancient things like forms of government...
Many things that are generations old, did not take into consideration or at least I do not see in their writings, our going to other planets.
Nor the internet, nor walking on the moon.
When I came here, no human had ever walked on the moon before.
Before that took place, doing so meant a great deal to humans.
Because in all of our history we had never done that but as if reaching back from cave man days, reaching the moon, was like a milestone, a quest, for many many generations..
Yet I do not find much talk in these old religious manuscripts about it.

I was raised mostly in wilderness, as a child I hid from humans until I became an adult. I lived with wild animals, I lived in the world not created by humans, but, created by the creator of all.
This is where I learned my religion.
Not from mans handed down stories, but from the source itself.
I did not grow up in the man made environment. (and I hope that says volumes, clearly)

So far, each religion I have looked into, all shares something in common, they describe the truth.
It is truth after all that they are trying to describe is it not?
So, even my creator, being real, would not have any objection to being questioned because the truth "is" the truth.
So when I question that, I simply have to ask myself, did I create myself?
Truth is, that, is impossible.
So I do hold the truth of my creator, to be self evident.
But humans, other than my parents helping, did not create me.
So how can they own me?

But I am not here to "answer" to any religion, not when I will have to answer to that which created me!
Which do you think means more to me, answering to the source of all religions? Or those religions? I will not surrender what is beyond this lifetime, for what is limited to this lifetime.
I have to answer to a higher authority than any human or religion or social system, or culture, or generation,,,, I have to answer to that which created me, above all else.

Christian religion; in the Bible, it says that the first man and woman arrived here around 4000 years ago.
Their son married a woman from a city...
Now... in the course of human evolution, we stopped being stone age and literally evolved into a new species, when, was that started, 4000 years ago?
Would that truth, no coincide with what the Bible is saying? Leaving only our interpretation of the words, what was not accurate?
Then the Bible and science would be doing what? Both, stating the truth?
Creation verses evolution? There should be no "verses", if truth, then they are both telling the truth.
The truth will stand up to the test. That is when we started calling it science.
If God is all, then the study of all, will revile itself to be the study of God, and that truth will become, self evident.

Up in heaven or down in hell does not make since to me though.
Someone reading on the other side of the planet.. pointing down could be up from where I am.
The planet is not flat. So heaven would be up and hell down? Hell is the earth?
Who created the earth?
Yet to me, my creator is infinite love, and to be cut off from that for all of time?
I would rather go though hell, it would less pain,
than loosing that kind of love.

If what is pure truth, how can what is not truth be part of it, it would then no longer be pure.
If heaven is the stars, then let us as humans reach for them!
and in doing so, we will look back and see, we are one, among those stars in heaven.

All one, also means, heaven is not "out there", its right here,
we exist in it. And I hold that truth to be self evident.

We are children of the stars,
made of recycled stardust,
energy and mass united
father spirit energy
mother earth mass
we are the union of energy and mass
in union, is love.
The very truth of our existence is proof,
that the universe is very very aware of its own existence.
because we are part of it.

While here I seek to walk the path of life in a gentle manner,
I did not create this planet that I have the right to destroy it, for those who follow me.
Human laws are different than my laws, mine tend to be more strict,
as it should be, so I may reduce the need for a larger government,
by simply governing myself correctly.
I seek the freedom to live my life in a different manner, because evolution cannot take place if we continue to live in the same way.
How can something new start, if nothing 'different' is allowed?
So laws that seek to instill conformity, are rather a threat to the development of the government. If people do not evolve into something better than the government cant either because the government is dependent upon the people.
If freedom and change are not allowed...
(So fewer laws of man by refining them, seem to be more worth seeking, than to create more of them).
How can something then grow? If not allowed to change?
I think the hippy culture was a really good one.
A generation of individuals, united, with a mantra of "Peace"
I still think that's something worth working towards.

If countries with agendas that were written and set in motion hundreds or thousands of years ago were fool proof and unstoppable, there is an error in that line of thinking that would seek to convince you to stop looking.
They could not take into consideration, not only our new inventions, but the ability of humanity itself, to reinvent itself, on what it means to be humans.

Keep in mind, if those social order plans,
took into consideration, things like the internet or going to the moon.
They were created in an environment for that environment and no longer have the original source to fall back on to support them.
Like saying the sun goes up and down, the truth is self evident the sun does not go up and down.
We evolve, and no preconceived formulas for social order can take into consideration the implications of new inventions.
Nor is it in its own self interest to try and hold it back.
If it wishes to, grow.
In the 70's there was this thing going around about living self reliant.
I'm not the guy painting a picture of hauling water for 70's conformist hippywannabes to try and conform to if that means being self reliant or a hippy.
I had spring water running through a car radiator with a solar fan behind it for an air conditioner inside my tipi.

Man, like, if your going to do it cool, but why "rough it" when you can do it better when you do it in STYLE.
I'm not out to conform to any stereotype.
But to learn from all generations, as well as live with the next generation in mind.
To set up how I live, so I will be living in the kind of environment they will have.
Like one without gasoline.

Because you cant get ahead of the heard if your following it.
And I'd rather, evolve.
Butterfly's, I just get butterflies thinking of where this is all going now that we realize we have no choice than to start showing this earth more respect, than to live "off of it".
Having grown up now, we can live on own efforts.

Any government, that holds war as an exceptionable solution,
is showing me it is not intellegent enough to find a better solution.
killing each other, is insane, and if I understand why people kill each other, that, could make me feel the same.
So I don't follow well, religions that hold death, as positive intellegent and compassionate solutions.

If one kid is bigger than the other,
beating up the little kid shows one kind of choice,
helping the little kid another.
saying your stupid and kicking you
or showing you a different way you can do something.

Humans are intellegent.
Intelligent enough I think, to see a cliff ahead of them and turn.
but when we turn, the sooner we turn, makes us better off.
Like, stop using many of these resources of the earth,
so that there is a greater amount left for the following generations.
Like asking if people would stop stealing my grand childrens oil?

I cant live without oil and gas and coal?
Well then I had better learn, and that's what I'm doing.

The more I do,
then the less "change" there will be
for my children to have to inherit.
I want them to learn how to live and live very well,
in a world without using gasoline.
Because they wont have any.
We are using it up, right now.

I'm fine, I hardly touch the stuff,
I'm on a solar and wind powered computer (no gas generated) for over a month after my gas backup generator failed.
The money I make I spend in my local economy, purchasing from the poorest person I can find, what I need. Or if from a store, seek to spend more on what is local than shipped. The more money I spend on my neighbors, the better my local economy, the oil companies already have taken all my money, so I had to quit and dont want to change back again.
I want to keep improving, what I do have.
Until I can make a car electric.
And power it from wind and sun.

I do not seek to take from this world more than she gives freely.
The earth and god love us enough to create us,
I seek to live a life to let them know I love them back.

I am simply seeking to live correctly, within reality.
And that the truth of peace, then becomes self evident.

If the shell of that cocoon starts to fall apart at the seams?
If what comes out of it is an incredibly beautiful creation of heaven and earth,
don't be to surprised.

All content created by me on this page (and to what ever legal extent, located on this entire website as created by me) I consider personal property of the author.

If you like what you see and you wish to share with others, please just use a link to this page. You MAY copy and paste THIS:

It is my quest to be an asset to iPeace and to help it to grow,
if the assets I may provide to this site are "taken" from it, this defeats that purpose.
Thus the hours of labor I have into this site are being STOLEN from me and from that very cause and intent for them being here. I have the right to protect that.
I know how to find my own content online even if altered.
I design sites for the internet, I know search engines enough to read the patents they file for, and understand them. Finding my own content is a simple matter.
I hope I have made this crystal clear:

I LOVE iPeace And for what it stands for. I protect my own content, so I can protect iPeace.
I love peace,
but, I am not a dove.
© 2009 Tree Thunderchild

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Favorite website
When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
So what is it?
All the above as one. Abuse (the absence of correct respect) that is automaticly corrected once truth is learned
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
The total is greater than the sum of the parts.
The obstacle, not the biggest or the smallest, but the common one to them all.

Abuse by humanity is considered acceptable behavior by varying percentage per person, by US humans.
Does the person who hits a dog see what they are doing is wrong?
To "them" in "their" eyes?
Does the person driving a petroleum car using coal and nuclear electric, see what they are doing is wrong?
Abuse has a lot to do, with what we tell our selves to ignore about knowing its wrong, and we justify ignoring that. Problem with that, is that anything can be justified in our minds, but that does not make it any less wrong.

I am human, I seek the abuse within me that which my kind instilled in my mind as a child, to rid myself of it, and EVOLVE into a new species as a direct result (not figuratively but totally seriously literally).
Humans are different because of our minds and hands, not wings, fins or fur,
To evolve into a new species,
All we need to do is change our MINDS.

If a person uses a wheel, and others see it done,
global change takes place faster than if any effort to tell the world to change was done.

Global change starts with the first person.
I seek the common denominator to the problems and instead of seeking to point to it,
seek to offer SOLUTIONS.

I am not a pacifist,
I am not passive
I am a warrior,
with one chance to live this life.

I do not seek peace.
I seek with all that I am,
to walk the walk of peace,
And let peace find me.

The Thunderchild
Can we change the world?
More about me
Please call me Tree (as my birth family also does).

I have spent more of my life with wolves than I have with humans.
I am a man of peace.
Seeking to learn to be more of one, with how I live on earth and with those of my kind.

May those who come to this page,
carry peace within them as they travel to other pages.
Thank you for visiting :)

If you leave images Please leave them at this blog so I can more easily access this page, as well as view them when I can (I'm on dialup, heavy images can freeze up my computer but I dont want to loose/miss these beautiful gifts of art!!!)
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?

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At 2:20am on April 12, 2011, Diamant said…

Hey Tree Thunderchild :) Stopping by your profile and hope you and your horse is all good.

 All best wishes!

 Warm regards 

 Lene in North-Norway

At 8:35pm on June 12, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 1:05pm on June 1, 2010, susan chandel said…
Hi Tree, Stephanie told me this site was closing and I wanted to say hello to you. Re reading what you have written here has reminded me of the wisdom you have to share and the eloquent way you do so. Thank you so very much, I hope to meet you again.
At 7:58pm on May 14, 2010, Des said…
Hello Tree old friend. Just dropping in to say hello.
At 12:18am on April 23, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

At 7:00pm on April 14, 2010, Des said…
Hello Tree, just popping in...hope u are well. Finally got proper hosting, drupal, carts and all sorts of gadgets...

Hope ur doing well and my best wishes to you and the wife!
At 8:10pm on April 7, 2010, Des said…
Good afternoon friend! It is getting much busier on here these days!
At 4:22am on February 25, 2010, Chetana said…

Your stories and articles are wonderful
At 9:26pm on January 27, 2010, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…
This is a new song demo that my sweetheart, Sandra, turned into a really cool video. I hope you like the message, "We Are One."
At 1:00am on January 18, 2010, Stephanie said…
I just spoke to my best friend in L.A. about the difficulty of being social, socialble when you have other things in your mind....on your mind....
that's how I have been lately
that's why my last "story" was so blue
Thanks Tree always good to see you, hear you, read you
good night from italy ital lee it and ley.....yes, I am losing it tonight...Steph
At 6:16pm on January 2, 2010, anabella monzon said…
That is a mandala, I make them by strching wetwood into a circle and covering with leather. I also pick things like old leather coats and cut them into strings and pick up rocks chrystals or anything like threats, I work on leather but is expensive so I go get jackets in Thriftstores to work from and cut. Love
At 6:14pm on January 2, 2010, anabella monzon said…
I had made a comment back to you but I posted it to my own page, Thanks To You I noticed i was doing it wrong, your work has the power of the wind, nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes, but when it does it takes a piece of you braided in it and it connects you to the Creative Center Sacred Space, it will manifest as dreams , visions are the dreams that give you meanings, joy in dreams is Angels presences,Happy New Year

At 10:52am on December 31, 2009, Kalsi : We are all one . said…

Hi ! wish you a very happy new year !!!
At 12:46pm on December 29, 2009, s <3 said…
Happy Birthday......... give my love to Thunder xox
At 8:12pm on December 22, 2009, Clicia Pavan said…

My friend
I wish you and your family
Merry Christmas
Much peace and love
I am a Muslim! I am a Hindu! And I'm Jewish! I am a Christian! "Mahatma Gandhi!
At 3:06am on December 2, 2009, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…
Yes, this is me singing a John Lennon song about asking a woman to come out to play (instead of continuing to miss life by being too shy), "Dear Prudence." Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed singing it.
At 11:31pm on November 20, 2009, Laurel Watson said…

At 4:53am on November 20, 2009, Des said…
HI Tree!, how are you friend! Things are beginning to move along for me and Leah.....still we are separated by a big pond though...still trying to get an income up and running but am having to start at the bottom and work my way up...learning web design is coming along v is very hard for me to know which direction to go in (front end or back end) without familiarity and experience of that field of work....a long term project I think! In the meantime, I have a job coming up in January (workin on the railroad) so that will get things started and I may end up as a cab driver, a truck driver and a whole host of other things....all ideas that are in the making....the goal is to have several good secure streams coming in wife is far away but we are happy and in communication daily....we take each day as it comes....happy days.
Blessings my thunderfriend!
At 2:42am on November 15, 2009, Clicia Pavan said…

Friend check out this new message that I posted on my blog
Thank you
love, love, peace
At 7:32pm on November 3, 2009, Stephanie said…
me too

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