The more shining and brilliant the outside is the darker are the “shadows” inside. Yes I really do agree with C G. Jung in that statement.


Why do we have to shine so extremely and for whom? When often our inside is like a black hole in the sky where no lights can enter and from which it’s impossible to transmit light. That’s Ok. That’s a human sign. We are worth loving anyway or just because….


We are not perfect and our inward is often filled with sorrow which is a characteristic for being just a human being. To top it all we are expected to ”shine”


From where will the grief and pain take their light ? No I think we first shall start to help each other to get rid of the ”darkness.”


We must have plenty of forum all over the world where we can talk about our shortcomings, traumas and grief. It would prevent many suicides and help in the healing process, reduce the prescription of anti depressive medicine, decrease the violence and all kinds of abuse, and in the long run create problems for the nations to find willing soldiers for their bloody wars.


If we do start to cut down the ”darkness” and people really feel better and regain their balance and harmony they have so much more to give to the world, in the battle for peace and in the struggle for a better life for people in general and children in particular


Today we don’t give enough space to those who struggle to survive . Where can they go?


Are there any links to sites that can help them? A network for ”dark shadows” for example should have an enormous percent of the world population if there was one. *smile*


Most of us are struggling with our lives and our loved ones without anyone to talk to.. Here, we could make a difference if we focus more on the dark inside than the cheerful external


I do not understand and I will never… I pray for those who need " the light"; Let us open our doors for those who need it most.


For myself I’m pleased if the stars light up my way, meanwhile I’m dealing with the dark sides of life. I should never forgive myself if I didn’t dare to recognize, try to analyze and hopefully do something for those on which the sun rarely shines


I want to conclude with an example. Some time ago a blog post of mine was deleted from a female Network with the explanation that it was to SAD. It was a video talking about child abuse to death. Of course that’s a subject that doesn’t exactly make us happy. But it’s the reality, The problem exist even if we try to deny it and make like the ostrich and hide our heads in the sand.


Violence DO exist so also war and other cruelty. Our duty as human beings and humanists are to recognize the problems we are facing, to analyze them with an intention to try to understand so that we can do everything in our power to minimize the damage At least we have to give it a try.


Closing the eyes for the problems is not acceptable We must shed our light on the darks sides of the life too…where it is most needed ,



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to Kenneth my friend : )

i lost a nail once too ~ boy did IT HURT ~ but in time my body grew back a new nail

but hahaha if U pic your nose like I do you get sum nice boogers to eat (sorry ladies but they taste good and NO i wont grow up !)

Keneth - geee i do not suggest you go up on a roof with INJURY of finger !

You have VALID Reason to NOT do roof work -- are you looking for more Injury/Pain ..
... I would Not do that - your friends will understand .. due to your finger.

I want you to do something today !
--> DO sumthing U like (enjoy)

at least do ONE thing every day .. it can be free or cost a little (or a lot if you choose).

TREAT little kenneth GOOD each day

he is a good sweet little boy

he wants happy and fun : )

i do for little brian .. food .. movie ..
.. we BOTH enjoy

we live in a NOT HEALTHY world of bad stuffs ..
.. so please Do Sumthing NICE today

you deserve good

so do I

so do our inner little boys

make FREEdom for our inside young boys


it is TIME to be GOOD to us as children

we must have to make us have a good childhood

then all else will be okay and nice

the CHILD that each of us are wants FUN, LOVE, KINDNESS, CARE-ing

so all I know is we can do this to our self

no 1 else will give us this

lets do our best to be happy

(it is a state of mind)

i only get about 3 or 4 hours sleep each night but it is good because I sleep next to my boy doll and his blue teddy bear doll

it works for me : )

old habit can be changed -- it only takes about 2 or 3 weeks to change a old habit


i even hug trees an smell flowers

i look at children playing and shopping with their mommies to be food

it makes me happy

so do what you like please

make today count please

LOVE YOU KENNETH and love little kenneth too

Bless you both : ) :o)
That's good brian I think our mutual friend need all our support now.
yeah you did very good Kenneth coz you took care of YOU my Friend

an little kenneth is safe too : )

Oh kenneth this make me so sad to hear. Wish you was a little boy and I could tuck you in *smile*
You have been fighting your demons for so long and made it so well. So Please Kenneth do not give up than your fight was all for nothing and you let your father win. Just decide yourself THAT YOU WILL NEVER GIVE UP for if you do you give the victory to your father That monster you have to beat, by making the best out of your life.

My thoughts are with you...
i want to add something FUNNY

being jewish i can say it --->

jewish moms love to say my son the lawyer , my son the doctor

but after HURRICANES here in florida

the jewish moms say MY SON THE ROOFER


so Kenneth the ROOFER .. an u dont even has to be jewish my friend

: )
That`s my boy *smile*
Kenneth am sure you know by now that YOU are not alone!! We are here for you & each other..between us all ~so much suffering and ALSO so much honest compassionate support for each other.
I've been to the hopeless point in my life so so many times,but always manage to pull myself together and out of the feeling hopeless. Volunteer/activist work has helped me so much. Giving to others,helping helps me too :-) It's good to hear you don't give up dear kenneth.
Am here for you too.
I've only written a little about my past & my life here on this group,which is still a constant struggle on daily basis. but do ok most of the time. I look at life as a journey and everything happens for a reason,some most difficult to understand,why? I focus on the positive things and don't dwell on the negative,is what has kept me alive and a productive member of my community for so long.
But do still have to work on fighting MY "demons" lurking in the memories of my childhood & teen years. Memories of a past life that often feels like someone elses..not mine.

hugs & love
ooh annie _ now U dood it

U talked about boogers (to Kenneth)

yur the girl of my dreams now

not many girls wud ever even type the word booger ... so i know you are da bestest gurl in da whole wides world

but god gave us noses with 2 holes

an little boys luv to picks coz they like exploring the nose

its like training before you explore the ocean an stuffs

now 4 a true story -->

when i went in the NAVY my mum gave me half a dozen hankerchefs (u know to blow your nose)

after almost 4 years in Navy I BROUGHT home most of them cloths

#1 i do not like to do laundy

#2 i used some of them cloths to SHINE MY SHOES

mum almost fell down when i gave the hankiechefs back to her

its why god gives boys fingers and noses --> TO PICK AWAYS ALL YUR LIFE

i never grew up annie --- i am only age 9

dont u wuvs me


urrrr soooo kewl (cool)

i wonder if you seen boogers in noses at the childrens ward when u was a nurse

U can my my nurse anytime

i need lots of tender lovin care


... so dont blame the adult part of me

i jus a innocent bystander

its fun to be silly

I HAVE A PHOTO in the bathroom of ANIMALS picking their noses ... SOOO FUNNY ...
... got it at a arts and crafts show

the jehovah witness used to almost throw up when i talked about this stuff to her
...... as she tried to convert me to her religion... i began to use my finger and talk about nice big juicy boogers

... she never really puked (vomited) but she could not get the little boy out of me

ps annie ..

.. please do not report me to the head nurse (nurse in charge)

coz her name is gunilla and she may make me stand in the corner


but i promise you .. when gunilla aint lookin i know how to make sneaky picks and pluck out a new fresh booger

hahahahaha sooo funny

ask Kenneth if he picks em toos


i feel like age 5 now


LOVE U xoxoxoxoxoxo
The word "bogger" was not even in the translator , so I do not surely know the meaning of it. But i can guess and If I´m right I say BLÄÄÄÄ :) :)
Thank you for your explanation annie.So I was right then .) Then I repeat Bläää...
If I do it..? .That may happen, but I do not talk about it...:) :) :)
That`s called double moral ...
But jumping in puddles but I think that brian will jump with you and also my granddaughter...;) i can look and laugh...
You are so wonderfully funny annie...*smile* and smile again...
Keep on jumping...
That image I will immediately save too. Once again where do you find them all??

I`m glad you can laugh again Kenneth *smile*


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