The more shining and brilliant the outside is the darker are the “shadows” inside. Yes I really do agree with C G. Jung in that statement.


Why do we have to shine so extremely and for whom? When often our inside is like a black hole in the sky where no lights can enter and from which it’s impossible to transmit light. That’s Ok. That’s a human sign. We are worth loving anyway or just because….


We are not perfect and our inward is often filled with sorrow which is a characteristic for being just a human being. To top it all we are expected to ”shine”


From where will the grief and pain take their light ? No I think we first shall start to help each other to get rid of the ”darkness.”


We must have plenty of forum all over the world where we can talk about our shortcomings, traumas and grief. It would prevent many suicides and help in the healing process, reduce the prescription of anti depressive medicine, decrease the violence and all kinds of abuse, and in the long run create problems for the nations to find willing soldiers for their bloody wars.


If we do start to cut down the ”darkness” and people really feel better and regain their balance and harmony they have so much more to give to the world, in the battle for peace and in the struggle for a better life for people in general and children in particular


Today we don’t give enough space to those who struggle to survive . Where can they go?


Are there any links to sites that can help them? A network for ”dark shadows” for example should have an enormous percent of the world population if there was one. *smile*


Most of us are struggling with our lives and our loved ones without anyone to talk to.. Here, we could make a difference if we focus more on the dark inside than the cheerful external


I do not understand and I will never… I pray for those who need " the light"; Let us open our doors for those who need it most.


For myself I’m pleased if the stars light up my way, meanwhile I’m dealing with the dark sides of life. I should never forgive myself if I didn’t dare to recognize, try to analyze and hopefully do something for those on which the sun rarely shines


I want to conclude with an example. Some time ago a blog post of mine was deleted from a female Network with the explanation that it was to SAD. It was a video talking about child abuse to death. Of course that’s a subject that doesn’t exactly make us happy. But it’s the reality, The problem exist even if we try to deny it and make like the ostrich and hide our heads in the sand.


Violence DO exist so also war and other cruelty. Our duty as human beings and humanists are to recognize the problems we are facing, to analyze them with an intention to try to understand so that we can do everything in our power to minimize the damage At least we have to give it a try.


Closing the eyes for the problems is not acceptable We must shed our light on the darks sides of the life too…where it is most needed ,



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I thank Liona for her words. Reminds me of "eastern" thinking.
In the west we take away pain, or reform, or? (help). How do you get rid of feelings? Through talking and analysing and looking at in a light it's same same but different way of communication.

How do we know if we are fooling ourselves? And how to know you've dealt with pain ???
When our words do not correspond to our feelings and echo empty in our ears, then we know we are trying to fool ourselves. Others can not know that the words are just empty since they do not know our feelings.
Yes Gunilla, I am totally with what you say. They are not oposittes... it´s complementary. It is trying not to fool our selves. And the way you propose is great.
HI Erika, I am happy to know you!! I think is a combination of honesty and courage to see all what we are, but with all the love and compassion to ourselves, don´t yu think? Without love for all what we find in us, we can become cruel to us. And I think we come to accept and love all this dark side, because it was there for a reason. And when I see that this reason is in the past, is not needed any more, I can let go, and come back to the smile.
Send you all my love
Hello Liona, I very much llike and agree with all you just wrote :-)
Love & hug
Thank you Leah! I am so amazed to have the opportunity to speak about all these things, with you friends, all over the world! I send you my love

for gunilla, erica & kenneth
Thank you Leah...Love Ya!!
I see so many on these networks who do need some light. Let`s shine for them.. Not for the the already shining...Even if we know that much of this shining attitude is just a mask to hide behind...
But to be able to help them they first have to be honest to themselves only so they can receive what friends have to give...
Very wise words & thoughts dear gunilla :-) as always..
You are a shining light to and for so many of us here..I do not know if you understand this? but YOU are...You give so much of yourself,to so very many.
I wish to let you know I see this,feel it and give freely my deepest respect and love to you...for you..

Much Love & Respect for ALL here..joni, kenneth, erica,..
Liona,are you still here? on this group? I can not see you friend,where are You ?
Thank you Leah.
I`m always afraid that people will get upset and irritated on me since I keep repeating the same thing. Our right to be sad to have pain and and a forum where we can share it....Shared sorrow minimize it..*smile* So...that is what we can do for others; Listen...and one day we will be happy when they listen to us...
If I should have to be positive all the time, I should leave immediately. Since my bad health gives me all the right in the world, to be sad now and then...
So Leah I know you have problems with your health none can ask of you to always shine...

Take care...
You are very Welcome gunilla,
I think that there are only but a few who do not understand that "we can't always shine" all the time. Those who say they do,in my opinion are not to honest with their selves,as it is to be human to not always shine..we all have our moments in life where the "shine" is gone,even if it is only for a moment. Then there are people like you,like me and others with bad health,much adversity in life that are honest not only with others but to our selves that we do not always shine and no one has the right to tell us we have to. I am a very positive person, in my beliefs, learned in my life experiences..for myself and for others.
I have always told others that it is ok to be sad,feel what we feel..but do not to dwell on it or thrive upon it. Feel it,understand it, be aware of all within us..then when we are able to shine often and as much as humanly possible!
smiles my friend.
Yes to leah and Joni. Exactly so I say amen too...*smile*


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