To My Brother David Califa that Labors in the Midst of the Storm

To My Brother David Califa that Labors in the Midst of the Storm

When I look up at all the Hate and ignorance that surrounds me..
And I am encouraged to just give up and surrender my pointless task.
Every time my faith attempts to abandon me..There is always this
one never ending question..My Mother and Father Wisdom does ask..

Does He that chooses to build me a House of Peace..Think this would
be without challenges..For no building can last not tested by Hatred's fire..
Can a house that aspires to be a monument to Peace.Be constructed
so flimsily by one with a brick of misplaced desire..

A House that would contain My Peace..Must truly be built from the ground
up..By the honest Hearts with no false bones of flesh nor none with stones..
For those that will join in its construction..Must first be willing to abandon
their inner Ignorance..To truly make this a place worthy of Our Creators
Blessings..Flowing down into us from the Heart that resides in His Throne..

It must first be a House of Light..That burns bright enough to change all..
Who enter its invisible doorway and unseen walls..We must all say
In order for each and everyone..To be and feel welcome here we must all
be fully dedicated..To each become the Living examples we need to be..
To help create and pave a new chosen way..

Do not be faint of Heart My Brother..When you start to feel your burden
weighing you down..Just come a little bit closer to me..For I will help
carry you and your burden..Without ever making an unpleasant sound..

For this House of Peace you desire to build..Must be constructed
from Living Spiritual Will..
For if it is to last for generations to come..Its message must be
the Lives changed everyday visible still..

So today I salute you My Brother and stand proudly by your side
in this fight..Trouble not yourself with how this battle will be determined..For if
you could only see..The Mighty Angels and Messengers Standing
here beside me..Invisible to those with no Spiritual sight on Our right

For When one stands in the Power of Truth and His or Her Heart
is Filled to Capacity with whats Right..
No enemy has any Hope of being Victorius..In the Face of Our
Creators all illuminating Light..

Let each of us help you Build your House of Peace Brother David..
Know that you labor not alone..
For many shall arise in the Garment of Peace..To stand beside you..
As we shall make room for all those..That share with you this desire
to make iPeace their new internet home..

My humble gift may be just a tiny word..not big enough to fill the even
tiniest thimble..But when dressed in the Garment of My Creator it is
fully capable of making the Foundation of all Creation sigh shudder and

Much luv my Brother just always remember we are already connected..
Because we are already bought paid for revitalized renewed and by Love
fully resurrected..

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