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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
War, Hunger, Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Violence, Inflation, Human Rights, Our Shrinking Freedom, Other
So what is it?
"Ignorance is the most profound enemy Humanity faces..Wisdom is Ignorance's Greatest enemy..and along with Love and Truth..Still is Humanity's best defender and truest friend".
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
"There are many issues that divide..We have to find the right ones that unite us..Or we all lose Our capacity to be able to be..The New Authors Writers and Agents of the very Change..We say we desire and seek..For this Day is "The Dawning of Our Possibility"..Daton O. Fullard 2009

This Piece is dedicated to all those who came before us..To give us a Vision of What We each can someday aspire to be..Their many names are written in the Library of My Blood and Soul..it is The very first page..Of The Book of My Possibility

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"The Dawning of Our Possibility"

I am so Joyous today..For I am being flooded
with a range of possibilities..Which are gently
overwhelming my Spirit and My Soul..Every
precious thing and everyone..Is now so newly
alive within me..Awakening powerful thoughts
of what we can begin to dream and achieve..

If we will just allow ourselves to become great
enough..To expand to absorb and meet..These
new energies being released..That can soon
fulfill..Our immense capacities to change this
world..Of ours even more..If we just become
brave enough to work together..Willing to tear
down the inner fences that separate us..By
nation wealth class race tribe..Our corruptible
ideologies..and instead start today to really
invest in..What we truly say we do believe..

Now so gently place your hand over your heart..
For each beat is another possibility escaped..To
do and show each of Us Our inner greatness..For
I want the Power of my words..To awaken inside
you the Amazing..Arouse in you the Magnificent..
Explore beside you the Infinite..Touch and unleash
within you the Possible..Help free and set loose
the Unimaginable..Stimulate your Inner and Outer
Spiritual Awareness..Until you begin to see..All
that you and I can aspire to be..Then perhaps you
too will be able to better see..All we each need to
yet be..

For when you and I shall choose to stand together..
Side by side and become united in Our Hope for
a better World to emerge from us as One..When
we finally realize this possibility..Of all the Greatest
possibilities is now within Our grasp..Anything we
set our Hearts Souls and Minds too..As a Global
Human Family..Is Our Gift to Our new generations..
Yet to come..

For there are many new challenges we must begin
to soon face..If only we can begin to teach each..one
person..We are nearest to this simple lesson..of Love
We have always been able..When we decide to share..
Our Mercy Compassion and Our Grace..Maybe then
we can all learn to live happily..In this same time and

If we do not start to embrace this message today
When can we ever truly begin ? For our Time here on
this planet is so very brief..We each must soon decide..
What kind of footprints..We all shall desire to soon
leave behind my friends..

Footprints left in sand shall soon wash immediately
away..Footprints purchased by wealth..without Truth
No one will ever hear what they have to say..For I
want mine not of platinum nor gold..But to be like a
humble bit of coal..To be changed by the pressures
of My Wisdom..Acquired in this life..To become the
greatest and most brilliant..diamond..Always radiating
this Precious Jewel of Peace and Possibility..Now
so truly alive..And breathing in My Heart My Mind and
My Soul..

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many blessings to all

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol ...
Can we change the world?
More about me
In the greater scheme of Life I am just a simple Poet..With a pen a pencil and a piece of paper..Trying to make a small difference in this life..With Words of Life from the Fountain of Life..Choosing words of Inspiration form The Original Language of Life..

Painting pictures dressed in thoughts..that can enlighten challenge us to contemplate..All the many possibilities..Still asleep within each of us..That can neither be sold nor bought..

Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?

The Words of My Heart are Here..May all that you are continue to be so divine..If your Thoughts were Jewels..They will have surpassed all things..We treasure of value that resonates and shines..Daton 2009

My thought for Today:

" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

"Every single day we are allowed to breathe..
We each have the unique opportunity to give
and share..Something so elegantly simple
yet so valuable..It is truly beyond all things..
Which there are to compare..

For we each have in our possession..Such a
seed so infinite and rare..Which can change
all that it is given to..If we each simply just
choose..To find its inner presence within and
Then allow it to help each of us..To release
our even greater need and capacity to care...

For I shall Gift to thee..Each a valuable seed
of True Friendship..To be carefully planted
so well..In the blessed Spiritual soil of a fertile
Heart..Whose every beat shall resonate like
a new light filled bell..

For if planted well with all due care..It shall
provide all the true necessities..One shall ever
have need of or require..To allow those who
journey within its endless Grace..To never
separate or drift apart..From its true divine
nature..and such a gloriously illustrious Fire..

For if we each choose in deed..To begin to
carry and spread this most amazing seed..
Throughout this journey into the amazing
wonder..It shall resonate and echo through
the heart halls and valleys of all..With its
blessing of Light and Love..With such a
resonate radiant Glow and rumbling Thunder..

Adding so much each day..To this special
remarkable living fabric and tapestry we call
Life..It will surely be a blessing to all..For in
its wake..We certainly shall help lower..One's
stress and anxiety..While simply replacing
any real or perceived need..For further war..
and unnecessary Human conflict and strife..

So I simply implore..that you and I both make
this our Hearts one combined desire..That will
reignite your hearts warm and innermost fire..

As we each commit anew..To Light this Flame
of True Friendship indeed..and share the very
best of your Love of Peace..By spreading this
rarest of gems..In which we all have such a
compelling investment of desire and true need..

Which truly is Our one most blessed Gift..and
for certain by far..Our most divinely wonderful..
deed..Spreading and giving a very needed..Global
starving but also rich world..A very fertile..Human
heart beating Seed..

Excerpted from a Literary Work of
Poetry and Prose entitled "The
African Journals" Vol I "Things I
Would say To You If I Could"
Authored and copyrighted © 2010
by daton o. fullard

"The Raindrop and The Snowflake"

What is it that makes each of us so different..
As raindrops and snowflakes..Are not all one
and the same..Only the temperature location
time situation and circumstances..Ultimately
decides..Which of our written or spoken words
shall appear..In each others Life Picture frame..

However in selected expressions of our feel for
poetry..Truly none of us can be one and the
same..Which allows each of us to experience..
To savor taste and to drink from this well of Our
life..This intoxicatingly fresh elixir of powerful
words..Expressing and releasing our emotions..
As new thoughts dressed so very well..In Our
feelings of Our love frustrations joy and pain..

What is it about me that I most want others to
see..When they come across such words flowing
into life from my brain..Let me try to be thoughtful
careful respectful and conscientious..To build only
safe bridges..Roads and protective harbors with my
words..That lead each one of us away from our pain..

For our words let others look inside of us..So what
we choose to release..Will hopefully build friendship
awareness and trust..For living in the power of what
we choose to say..It is surely the lack of respect for
others..Not exactly perceived to be the same..Which
often erects walls of hate and dislike between us..

Poetry must build and point us to the future "says the
Master to the Student"..It is the power in your words..
Which shall lead others and show them the way..For
if you fail to understand..The hidden power lying within
this..No one will truly ever even see..Nor hear the true
words you speak..While just totally disregarding..Every
other useful thing..That you still might have yet to say...

Excerpted from "The African Journals"
Vol I "Things I Would Say To You If I
Could" Authored by Daton O.Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 ©

A Tribute To the Life Music Joy and Compassion..of Michael Jackson

King Of Pop Hello Michael and Goodbye..Much love to you for all you did to make this world a better place..Although the World today may be a little sadder..Including me..It took me awhile to sort through all the many different pathways and avenues of my emotions..Having watched you grow up as a child..Becoming a worldwide Icon..We each have connected sung danced perused and browsed..Your life events and celebrated with you and your Family its many historic milestones..Ups and downs..
All the time your music has been the soundtrack of Our life..As the one common thread..Weaving its way into and through our Hearts fibers and finally..Becoming embedded so deeply in our souls..From the early halcyon-ic days of a young determined and brash..Group of Musicians Singers Songwriters who dared to be great..Whose intertwined destinies.inspired so many...Then later became a vital part of the Global iconic brand and Family of Motown..and the The Motown Sound..Blasting away out of every car and house radio..in Detroit the nation and the world..As Detroit City became
"The Motor City of Urban Cool and what would then become known as the Sound of Motown"

Alchemy Gothic Angels

But way back even before then..Came the early days of your young dreams..Forming
on the decaying streets of Gary, Indiana..The world then began to know you were coming..Many people who were fortunate to see you in those days..Were blown away
even then..By the bright dynamo you were with the big voice..Fronting the group
of your Brothers..that would to the unsuspecting world..Become globally known as
The Jackson Five..It soon became very apparent to all who would soon see this young child that you were then..Fronting this unique group of immensely talented siblings
of yours..That no one who ever would hear your voices beautiful tone timbre and resonance..Somehow could ever even begin to deny you or its beauty its proper place..
In Our Lives Our Time and Our History..

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Yeah we knew you were coming..MJ..Roaring Like a freight train..How old were you then 8 years old..Roaring and blowing..Blowing so hard like a young hurricane running a little late..But soon in every city and in neighborhood around the world..We all were spreading the word..Man we each were already so excited sewing the Threads..That would begin to lay out the coming Tapestry..Of yours and Our Own unique intertwining destiny..Thereby securing your appointment with a Lady and an Angel named fate..

Hearts Glitter Graphics Heart Photos Animated Hearts Pictures Valentine Hearts

How cool was it even then to have as your everyday extended Family..The greatest Artist lineup in Musical History..The Temptations..The Supremes..Gladys Knight & Pips.. Smoky Robinson & The Miracles The Four Tops..Stevie Wonder ..Marvin Gaye..Martha & The Vandellas..Mary Wells..The Originals..The Marvalettes and The entire Motown Roster..Which at that time consisted of truly the Greatest Roster of Musical Talent..
Singers Songwriters Producers and Musicians..Ever assembled in one tiny building in Detroit city..Yes you were a very young MJ..You and your Family were already beginning to roar blow..and howl..

disco thriller michael jackson pictures spears musician singers

The History of Music had never and will never ever see the likes of this type of talent assembled in this way again..But man you were already stitching and sewing..All of us who cared about you together..Forming molding connecting and writing your wonderful Life story so very deeply within each and everyone of us..The coming beautiful Tapestry of what would soon become..Your forever lasting musical History..Whose vast library and still living soundtrack..Will always continue to remain playing your music inside of us..Thank you for this Gift of Love and Music..MJ..

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Let us not ever forget..You did all this handicapped in such a way non of us can ever even begin to imagine..While we were out playing..You never truly ever had what the rest of us had and so easily took for granted..Which was a real simple every day playing with your friends..childhood..But still you took this lemon..and made The greatest Pitcher of Musical Lemonade..That would soon have the entire world thirsting for more..What little childhood it was..You made it into what it soon would become..A truly beautiful one of a kind Butterfly..A Gift for all Humanity..To share see sing dance and celebrate..with you..just a little..Before the haters would come after you with a vengeance..


For that I am ever so thankful..MJ..For rocking our Birthday Parties..Neighborhood Block Parties..Picnics..Cookouts Family Reunions..The corner Bars..with their jukeboxes blowing..While providing us all..With lasting and truly indelible memories..Of what life truly can be with the greatness of your Musical Genius..So very alive and shining within each of us in some way still...

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Providing each and every one of us with the best seat..even in the nosebleed section..
With a chance to see you grow up from this..Tiny little kid with the Shy but sly smile..
To then watch as you would go on to soon become the most unique worldwide performing Artist..With unprecedented reach globally..The world has ever been allowed to see..Thank you again MJ ..For sharing and giving so much of yourself..To a world full of strangers..
You helped change into a world full of Human Beings able to see just a little bit better..their inner Humanity...Thank you for this also..MJ

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Thank you for sewing and weaving into us the threads of your childlike Love..Connecting us to your Pain Joy and Compassion..For helping us to learn how to celebrate and connect in a better way to the many things that make each of us Human..Our mistakes..we could hide..Yours were on the news in every country on the planet..Yet you did not allow this to break you down..You fought your way through for your children..Thank you again MJ..
For your example of true Grace under enormous scrutiny and pressure..That would have truly crushed just about anyone else..

michael jackson pictures spears musician singers

So beginning today MJ..I am going to play every song in my Library..
To celebrate Michael Jackson the Child..Michael Jackson The Son..
The Brother..The Husband.The Father ..The Entertainer..The Musician
and most of all..Michael Jackson the warm thoughtful..Genuine sincere
and compassionate Human Being..As a personal tribute to you and
your now..Very well defined and well deserved legacy..As the Greatest
Entertainer I and most of this world..Will probably ever have had the
the opportunity to see..Grow up into becoming a wonderful person..Who
tried his very best..

To keep the child within himself alive..That no one but you..Will ever
again have the opportunity..to truly know well and see..Thank you for
all the joy and wonder filled memories..I for one am going to be ever
thankful for mine..Rest in Peace MJ..R.I.P.

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For changing the way this world will forever hear and view all music..Even to those who supposedly disliked and have come to hate everything..That they thought that they knew about you..

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I will say to them as you did say to all of us so graciously and eloquently..Through the many songs you wrote and shared with each of us..We are the World..!!!! Get used to it and change it..and make it a better place to be for everyone..including you and me..!!!!

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You told us about "Billie Jean' You said she was truly a "PYT Pretty Young Thing"...but that"The Blood on the Dance Floor" was "Just Human Nature" and that "The Lady in My Life" was truly a "Lovely One" and that you were always.."Workin Day and Nite"..and "Shakin Your Body Down to the Ground"..and that you were never gonna "stop til you got enough"..and that if we ever needed you..You said.."I'll be there.." Because of the "The things I do for you"..will always make me say.."I want you back" just as easy as "ABC" because I want to "Rock with You"

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You taught each of us that It really doesn't matter if you are "Black or White"..Even if we are just a little bit "Off The Wall"..Cause you still wanted us to just "wanna be startin somethin"

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While you said "Don't Stop till you get enough"..Because you truly were just a "Dancin Machine" But if you don't like it..just Beat It..go away and "Just Leave me alone"..
Because in all of our minds you truly were and always will be such a "Thriller"..

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You asked each one of us to "Remember the Time" You and Janet made us "Scream" While
you were singing the "Earth Song"..and letting each one of us sewing the Thread know..
That we each could "Heal the World"..That we truly are "Bad" as a "Smooth Criminal" "Invincible".."Unbreakable"..You told us to "Say Say Say" and now we all are residing..
If only for a day in this "Heartbreak Hotel"..

You always tried to get us to open wide Our Hearts with a need to be refilled..You once said we all could aspire to be "Moonwalkers"..Just like "Captain EO" With His Music His Childlike Wonder..and His undeniable Humility Sincerity and Passion..For seeing and Giving us the best of Himself through the "His-Story" of His Music..Even though you still told us that "Somebody was indeed Watching us"

Angels Fantasy Dream Angel

May Our Creator Greet your wonderful Spirit with Open Arms and a gentle Smile..
Saying Well done Well done..My Son..Now It was just the right time for you to say
goodbye..So he and His Angels could come get you and then bring you on to your
true Home..!!!

Prayers Comments Gods Prayer You Are In My Prayers Graphics For Myspace Orkut Hi5

Rest in Peace..MJ..Maybe the world will now better understand..
Just a little bit better..How you were really rollin....My Brother..!!!
Now that you have been encouraged by "The Wiz" to just
move on down the Road..!! Rest in Peace..

This Tribute was put together to celebrate
The life of a Great Musician..Who was also
A Son..A Brother..A humble Man..A Husband
A Father and Most of a truly Great and very
Unique one of a kind Original Human Being

Concept conceived and laid out by
daton o. fullard
HOA Digital Images
Miami FL

Chapter Eight

Self Discovery begins rather innocently with a question asked
by Wisdom of each of us “who am I”..From where whom and
what place do I come..From where do my questions begin there
original flow..Do they rise up or descend from what distant room
Within my heart my spirit and my mind I must know..

What part of my body or my soul is the source of this origination..
What point from without or within..Do my questions begin inside
of myself ..Or emanate from a detached isolated source..That is either
or neither foe nor friend ..?

Who or what being approaches my mind and heart..Then quietly
calmly enters without knocking..To put the daily load of my
Questions there..Is its real essence derived from..Or driven by
my insatiable curiosity..Incessantly relentless in its probative
nature..To find out the who the what when why and the where..

Is it good to have a deep and abiding passion for Questions and
Answers.. Launched from so deep within the Spirit of our Heart
our Mind and Soul..By whom and for what reason does each
found answer reward us..By drawing us into and somehow
propelling us ever closer..To each of our individual life’s defined
or undefined goals..

Is it Wisdom’s job to challenge every Human life 24 hours a day..
To find out and measure our inner Potential..To answer our life’s
many Questions..Then grades and determines our effectiveness
in solving Our daily Life's Problems..Rewarding us with a deeper
level of understanding..Gleaned from or not gained as each of us
moves..The accumulated thought luggage of our lives along our
own individually chosen way..?

Why do Humans with there great diversity from other Life forms
and Eco-Systems..Exists and co-exists interconnected as we are
all sharing in the same place and space..Who are the real members of
My true Family..What precise unseen circumstances or forces were
the primary factors..In determining my own ethnicity date of birth
cultural heritage and race..?

Before one can descend climb traverse or conquer any particular
obstacle..No matter how deep wide high or low...Before one can
understand the outer or inner boundaries of infinity...Ones curiosity
thirst and desire for greater knowledge..Must forever burn with a
flaming white hot intensity...Consuming all life’s varied Questions
amid it’s energetic dissipation..Using each consumed spent answer
as a provided fuel source..Helping to maintain its persistent radiance
and intense glow..

In order to meet Freedom face to face..One must travel beyond the
outer edges of its confining floors ceilings and walls..Before one can
even begin to approach..The truest realm and home of Wisdom...
One must learn to hear it’s haunting voice’s faint whispering echo...
in every questions irrepressibly persistent call…Who am I really ?

In my early days as a child many difficult questions dominated
my mind as a youth..In the realm of human understanding true
answers were sometimes very slow in coming..so began My
journey to find the home of Wisdom.. Where I knew I would
also find Joy Pain..Understanding Frustration Knowledge Grace
Mercy and the Living Truth…

I knew that I would have a very difficult journey.. But I had to
continue no matter the Price nor the intense heat of the mighty
flame...For it is better I suppose to chase after Wisdom and
pursue Truth incessantly..Than to be captured from behind or
within...by ones own inner Evil Ignorance and Shame...

This work consists of many very different Chapters...I hope each
helps you to think of more questions...for I am convinced life
answers and solutions are truly the ultimate valuable prize...For
if we are to overcome the many barriers..and many obstacles we
face as a Divine People...If we remain bound and trapped...By
Our own stubborn undefeated ingrained Ignorance..Our failure
and Our Children's frustration...Will only continue to increase in
substance complexity scale scope and size....

For a man or woman cannot truly begin the journey to know Him
or herself..Until he or she recognizes the unseen image and true
essence of Our Living Creator..Hidden away in the darkness or light...
of the life of him or her self first.. Then recognize this greater Spirit
and its true inner Promise and Power Hidden within each and every
one else...

For in every Life bearing human vessel...Whose Heart pumps
the sacred blood of life within..Each and everyone of us has
the chance to impact the lives of others negatively or positively..
Of those we consider either Family Foe or Friend..

Yet what is the very essence of true Power..Was its first by-
product manifested in Humanity in the individual’s enabling
of this Power of Choice...To decide to do or not to do...Why
do these many silent questions dress conceal and disguise
themselves..In such sheer seductive thought garments that
appear to have no shape form or voice..?

We listen at their relentless whispered suggestions daily..But
not to hear...We think about them..react..but do not speak..Yet
they are resolutely determined to influence modify or shape our
behavior..The strong among us become thought selective..While
others poor unthinking decisions make their lives fundamentally
unsound..Allowing some to become vice or crime receptive..Yet
in others some become mentally unstable.. Later their Family tree
becomes somewhat infected by this evil..Making each affected
member sickened morally ethically and spiritually very weak..

Some of these now weakened leaves fall away..Others begin to dwell
among the inner demons hidden within themselves unseen..Silent
among the Shadows...As the Human host now begins to sink and
further retreat deeper into the poisonous grip of their many vices..
Becoming bound to move around..Always seeking the concealing
dark cover of the night..Some choose to embrace or reject their
suggestions of evil..Only to recoil or rejoice when approached by
the rays of Truth’s intense glare..With it’s all penetrating and all
illuminating Light..

Daily these mighty Spiritual titans constantly clash..They jockey
for true mental dominance in each moment of our lives every day..
Yet to the wise they have no true power in our minds..Until we act
on their thought implants..Or behavioral suggestions made to us..
Each and every moment of each tested day..in our own separate ways..

Daily they hurl at each of us the temptation of their relentless often
unsolicited suggestions..Should I do this or that...For every negative
or positive decision we engage.. Does the overall effect of each of our
cumulative decisions and reactions..Ultimately determine where ones
eternal soul...Eventually will find its true place to reside at…

Yet even from the very beginning of all human time..True spiritual
enlightenment has its originating point of genesis from deep within..
For without the infinite Love of Our Living Creator..Love of Oneself
Ones Family Ones Community and Ones Humanity..Ones journey to
find Oneself..Can never ever truly begin.. So where does One begin
such a truly daunting journey..?

Is there a nice spiritual road map available to guide one safely
along the way..Is the first place one has to gain control in the
province of the mind and the heart..Then conquer the thoughts
which eventually control and reflects..The words that ones mind
and voice will later have a need to choose select and put into play...

I began by offering thanks to My Living Creator...known to
mankind’s many cultures and various ethnicity's by many names…
Known to me as the One Living Creator the Most High..The
most Perfect of all Beings....Whose wise words rekindles daily
the spiritual fire..Which hourly sustains My Life’s eternal flame..

I thank him for truly being My Mentor and Number One Role
Model...for The Opening of My Inner Spiritual Eyes..For soon
allowing me to be able to see the Beauty of the Distant Horizons...
To be able to just give thanks for each and every day I am allowed...
To just have the privilege to see the coming evening..and the dawning
of the new morning sky...

What a blessing it is to see the colossal clashing of the Spiritual
Titans..As their ethereal forces.. Conflict daily as they prepare
to do battle in the war for the ultimate prize of a Human Soul...
who inadvertently shape daily by their constant pitched battle..
do influence and mold..Our day to day decisions...as we struggle
to define and achieve our daily life Goals...Many blessings to all
who work the fields and orchards..For the Fruits of Understanding
Wisdom Love Truth Hope Knowledge Brotherhood Unity and Peace..
May the Light contained within all these blessings..Guide your feet
home safely..In all that you choose to desire and someday seek..

All Art Image Photos are Taken from
The Kuumba Artists Collective
Miami, FL
All Photography Courtesy of
Daton O. Fullard
HOA Digital Images
Miami FL 33167
Copyrighted 2009 ©

Excerpted from "The Creation Chronicles" Vol I
"B.C.Before Creation"
Authored by Daton O.Fullard
Copyrighted 2009 ©

Women Comments

" The Heart Of A Woman "

What supernatural beauty lies in the Heart of a Woman..
With eyes that smile so alluring enticing and so truly
beguiling..Each is a beautiful flower with differences so
subtle varied and quite bold..As she sits near the stained
glass window of Her understated Grace..Which allows
both light and darkness to enter into her warmest ether
reaches..of her multi-dimensional and quite multi faceted
fragile and gentle soul

Women Comments

She epitomizes all that is arrayed in the simple dress of
her immense tenderness..So seductive in her awakening
radiance..A stunningly powerful image to contemplate and
behold..To be blessed by her gentle quiet storm of affection..
Is truly an impeccable pleasure soaring beyond..The walls
of all things..With which one might seek to use..So foolishly
inadequate to her compare..For to be the recipient of her
desire..Is only to be matched by the quiet..But equally
seductive intensity..Of her beckoning glances or lingering
stare..Applied so very deftly..With such incredible skill and
understated capacity..To fully illustrate and so illuminate..
Her immeasurable authenticity and capability..To carefully
demonstrate..The true standards of her sensitivity and care..

Women Comments

She so easily is the prize of our life..Far more desirable
than simple treasure..Some men collect and set as mere
trinkets..Choosing them as value symbols..From lands near
and lands afar..For no greater treasure is yet to be found..
When it is you that she selects..To stand proudly with and
beside her..Becoming her firmaments only permanent fixed
recipient..Of all her true affections and thus..Her life's one
single but most..Compelling and impressive companion..As
you are now selected..As her worlds brightest shining star..

Women Comments

Yet it is true she can dress herself..So gently in Her many
garments of mystery..That conceals and reveals so little or
so much..For none other but her..Can walk soar and swim..
As gently as a Swan..in our lives..And yet still somehow
be so remarkable a companion..To taste smell and inspire..
While sparking such a desire to embrace..All that she is in
our hands..With such a simple expression of a sensitive..
Yet sensuous smile or a light..erotic glance or romantic touch..

Women Comments

With Heart so warm and her feelings so wide so deep..So
considerate and yet so far far beyond compare..She will so
carefully invest in her Compassion..While she only will with
draw from her vast reserves of unlimited Mercy..All the Love
she is so willing to give..of herself..While trying her best to
teach each of us..to care..Why we too must really learn how..
She so easily will give her all..For us to also really begin..To
better understand..What it truly means..To be willing to give
so unselfishly..and share..

Women Comments

When she hurts the world we live in hurts..As no one sees
her when she retreats to weep..For in her lonely hour of need..
She fears no one sees her small candles flame of quiet fire..
When she chooses to quietly pray..While everyone else is
all fast asleep..Yet when she soon re-emerges from her pain
as a new butterfly..Soaring to such newer heights of emotion..
Ready once again to inspire..Giving to each of us..With so
much renewed vigor..passionately burning anew..Newer wings
of her refreshed and fully restored..multi faceted Love to desire..

Women Comments

Her highs are so incredibly high..Her lows are so frighteningly
low..Yes it is sometimes so very hard to decipher..and read her
well shielded and coded feelings you see..But oh to be in her
presence..To gather in the warmth of her fragrance and inhale
all of her very essence..So free..Is such a delight..When she
allows this rarely unseen part of her to soon appear..Becoming
so very visible..To such a one she has carefully chosen as thee..

Women Comments

For tis the Heart of a Woman that connects all of Her..To much
still hidden away..In the many never checked rooms of our very
Souls..For she soon awakens..Within each of us a thousand
possibilities..Still lying asleep in our dreams and lives..Still so
unseen by us so bold..New tales and stories waiting..To be so
lived seen shared and told..By those of us blessed to soon be
allowed near enough..To simply see the sun rise and set..Each
and every day in the stained glass window..Of her one of a kind
Heart Mind and gentle..But oh so tender Soul..

Women Comments

For in the Heart of a every Woman..Is a monument that must live..
In each of our own hearts Souls and Minds..We should each day
find a small way..To show her and reveal to her our true affection..
As well as Our sincere appreciation..For what she gives to each
of us every single day..For Her Love is a rare gift..Divine but so
sublime..As she comes and goes..Quietly giving away so very
much of herself..In each one of our Hearts..So gently filled by her
unselfishness..In this day of our own very precious life and time..

"Heart of a Woman" is dedicated to all the Mothers Wives
Sisters and Daughters..Without whom none of our lives
would ever be truly worth living or complete..For no Gift
can compare with the Gift of Life..Which only they can
give..With a willing heart so tender and truly so Sweet..

Women Comments

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard Copyrighted
2008 © All Rights Reserved

The Hate Peddler

He gives candy to the kids..When they go out to play
He gives money to the village women..As they all go
about their day..He teases and flirts with the teenage
girls..As they too fall victim to his enticing siren song..
He counsels all the young men..With muscles so virile
so anxious and strong..

He embraces all the Elders and ask them about their
needs..He hugs and kisses the Widows..While all the
time he is preparing..To soon rob each one of their naive
daughters..Of their soon to be dead young life's seeds..

For he is the Hate Peddler..Every day he lives he is
selling us his dark wares..His script is one written in
destruction and chaos everywhere..For he has an evil
agenda so mean so violent and so vile..While strapping
another one of his live bombs..To someone else's now
unsuspecting child..In his world his is the only life..
He still openly treasures..Ready to fit someone else's
life into a new body bag..He has already sacrificed in
his mind's eye..Then so carefully calculated and fully

He gets his high inhaling everyones hate..Rejoicing as
he is delivering his message of death..And injury to some
one else's gate..Which is sure to soon modify the hands..
Of some unsuspecting souls new date..With an unknown
appointment..To which they will forever certain..be so late..

He is a master of terror and a highly skilled corrupter of all..
Once you sit in his chamber of violence and horror..If your
mind is weak..You too will soon embrace his call..He skill
fully plots his many missions..Surely to bring much suffering
death injury and misery to all..

However he will always require..The sacrifice of someone
else's life and blood..Even though he will supply the water
and the dirt..He does not want his soft hands to be soiled
in his own sickening mud..While he will always do everything
he feels..Is so necessary to protect his own..For in his mind
He must always be..The supplier rigger and the trigger..For
his foul deeds..He for sure wants to become so very well

Privately he feels he can never be defeated..For there
is so much hatred everywhere..Everybody truly dislikes
somebody..So he knows the need for his services..Will
always be waiting in the silence..Of the shadows so near
right there..In each one of our hearts so visible so clear..

By morning Sun he will be in Gaza..By noon Iraq and
Iran..By mid afternoon Syria Russia..By evening India
and Pakistan..With a final layover in Tibet China and
Taiwan then Japan..Then of to Cambodia with a brief stop
in Saipan..Before falling asleep for a few hours in
a back room shop..In the highlands of Afghanistan..

Evil has to always be moving is his mantra..For him
there is no night or day..Only more real Hate to Peddle..
So many too easy willing minds..He still yet has to sway..
While hiding among and behind the innocent women..The
elderly staring watching the poor children at play..While
he is so willing so eager..To sacrifice them all..As his
shield is his adopted and chosen cowardly way..

Now some might conclude he only operates in the east..
and does not work in the west..But in North and South
America..He has invested so much in..Separating us from
the rest..From the Caribbean basin..To Africa Malaysia
Myanmar and Singapore..He has set his flag of hate in each
one of us..Unwilling to say to him and his evil empire of war..
You shall not have no home in me nor mine..From this day
there shall be no more..

As a renown Peddler of Hate he can't wait..For the next
conflict to soon escalate..In his mind no price is to steep..
In order for him to get..and have his way in us all..For he is
only responding..To his dark masters hate..Lurking inside
of each one of us..To place that call..Where some among
us are still so eager to disagree argue and fight..over nothing..
at all..To soon grab a gun and so very foolishly again..React
to validate his hate..and then heed his every beck and call..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

If I Could Be

If I could be thy light that shines
bright in your darkest night
If I could be thy hand needed to dry
your too many tears that you shall cry

If I could be thy answers to thy often
questions when you ask of me why

If I could be thy Joy when thy are fully
surrounded only by moments of sadness
If I could be thy courage to replace in you
all of my many moments of life's gladness

If I could be thy Sun that rises
in you before the mornings dawn
If I could be thy safe tender blanket
that shall always..Keep you and your
loved ones protected and warm

If I could be thy safe harbor when
the wars of men start to come
If I could be thy inner Power that
changes their guns bullets into
my many fields of beautiful flowers

If I could be thy Mercy and Compassion
released by you in your every waking hour
I would in your greatest moment of need
Bathe you in the tears of my Grace..Which
upon you I would so gladly be willing to shower

For If I could be Thee and Thou could
become my Hope for Humanity..and
a new world full of My wonders and Peace
If I could become thy Wisdom..Then perhaps
Thy need for hatred will someday soon cease

For If I could become you and you could also
become me..You would be better able to see..
That truly there is no difference at all..Between
you and what little you can now see and know
of me..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved


When dry eyes can find no new tears..
When unhealthy bodies can find no
more years
When wars can find no more soldiers
to fight them
When Humanity has abolished all of its
reasons to embrace its fears

When we find enough love to replace
all of our hate
When we celebrate no borders between us
When we willingly refuse to capitulate
When we grasp destiny and choose to define
our own time and fate

When we lift every child to its potential
before its own clock ticks to late
When we hold every adult accountable
When we refuse to be less than great

When we refuse to share what we have
When we replace our unwillingness to
When we no longer need imperfect ladders
to climb
When everything we desire is now within
our reach

When I can stretch across time and touch
your heart with a word a tear a smile and
an embrace
When we have done all these things so
very well
When you and I shall stand together side
by side and finally realize..
We have always been able to share and
live happily in this same time and space..

If not today When ?

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

Chapter Thirty Six
I am the Wind Inside

Tis so true I often disguise myself..As the thinnest air..
I choose to become..Allowing everyone..to breathe and
touch..A tiny part of me..Withholding my true life giving..
Life saving energy from none..

For it is I..Though only now dressed..In this garment so
sheer..As a singular inhaled breath..Who must touch daily
every life form..For without me no living being..Can truly
even begin to better know..The very real meaning of health..

Each and every day without fail..I must circumnavigate..
Every nook and corner of my creation..As I must soar
glide and daily blow..Caressing all waiting life bearing
vessels..Filling each and every life form..Now sustained
so completely..By my winds daily uninterrupted flow..

From soaring and roaring past and over high mountains..
To the churning agitated deepest depths of the highest seas..
Tis so very true no living thing..Shall have a right to possess..
The fragile breath of my life..If I do not appear so urgently..
As the next softly blowing gentle breeze..

Excerpted from "The Creation Chronicles" Vol III
A Piece Entitled.."I Am The Wind Inside"
Authored by Daton O.Fullard
Copyrighted 1997 All rights reserved ©

"No Ordinary Poet Not I"

Before I was an Original thought
Developing in My Creator's Mind..
He already knew in what window
I Would begin this walk..That would
Eventually place me into this..
Moment of now..In my own coming
life and time..

Before there was even Creation
So still as no Life vessel had yet to be..
By Grace I was there in his Heart
Where He once also sheltered me..

Even when His Greatest works soon
began..He allowed me to be near
enough to scan..Even though I was clothed
in my nothingness..To reach up to him..
To be able to begin to understand..

When the first mists of energy of the
Creation..Began to assemble and form..
He still held me near enough to Him
To keep my trembling heart so warm..

For even in his great mind..He still
knew that I..Was not to be in my
Own time..No Ordinary Poet..Passing by
through this life..With no clue..
Surely in His mind..Not one such as I..

When my life and time..Came need to
begin..We He and I already knew..Even
then..Before I inhaled my first breath of
this Life..from Him..Who was going to be..
My very best companion..Mentor and
dearest life long friend..

For no Ordinary Poet..Not I..could ever
be..Knowing what I was allowed to have
Flowing..From Him into and then out of
me..Giving Validity to all things..Even
those the Human eye..Can never have hope
to see..No Ordinary Poet Not I could be

For No Ordinary Poet Could I ever..By
the infinite Grace of Him ever be..Less
than The standard set..When He took a
tiny part of His life..Then so very care
fully began to fashion and Create me..

Birth to Mother to earth..I was then by him
set so free..Dressed in His words of immense
thought and Power..Soon Blowing like a
storm..Desiring only to be set free..For
when ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary..
I wisely did not ask why..He..Simply looked
at me as a Father..and said..No Ordinary
Son could come from..One such as I..
For Thou art to be a reflection of me..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Poetry is most certainly a Divine Gift..It has been a catalyst in every aspect of my own Life..From constructing simple lyrics one uses in Music..To telling real stories of our emotional angst..through songs..To eventually moving into deeper textures and shadings as Prose..As I myself matured more in this Life..I began to realize more and more..How Poetry can truly affect each and everyone of us. In some way each day..When its Truth to Power is finally fully understood by us..

We can aspire to better understand this Part of Our Creators Gift to us..Which allows us as Poets to be able to draw a little nearer..Too His more Powerful Language of Life..When He Speaks or Thinks..Everything in Life is Affected..From the simplest to the complex..Yet we who desire or aspire to connect to this Infinite Power..Must approach it with great Respect and even Greater Humility..

For when this Power is unleashed through Poetry..All of its true Beauty begins to bathe all.. Who are blessed to hear, soak or bask in its glow..For it is only then when we finally do get it..We become connected to all we need to know..The Library of Life opens its Books for us to read..We often are allowed to interpret and express through Our words selected so real..The tremendous range of infinite possibilities..Our Creator allows each of us to begin to more fully explore experience and feel..

Chapter Forty Eight
Tears from a Rainbow

So suddenly I wandered
Self absorbed fully lost
in the clothes of my pain
When out of nowhere
appeared a rainbow of steam
rising up from the tears of a
Cloud..Freeing itself from the
Last remnants of a passing rain

It bathed the sky in brilliant hues
that soon..Demanded look at me
Look at me..for I want you to truly see
Forget about everything else it screamed
But please do try and remember me

Do embrace this hasty image of mine
For I too shall so soon
Vanish once again into the mist
For nothing shall soon
remain of me except these
now disappearing vapors..
That can prove that I even exist

So embrace this image so truly fine..
Save this retained vision to be
Stored away by you in this
The real Closet of your lifetime

For I chose you in this day
and in this..Precious moment
in time..To ponder this vision
of me..Dressed in all my vivid
colors so glorious so sublime

For I am just a ghost
Stealing into a moment
of your life’s space
Before I shall rush so
Soon away to visit another
in a different Time and place

Excerpted From The African Journals Vol I
"Things That I would Say to You If I Could"
Copyright 2008 Daton O. Fullard

Shadows of My Soul

From Birth we become fascinated by shadows..
For they do dwell wherever there is any light..
Why do we carry there presence so easily within..
As we dance daily between daytime and night..

When we do not want what we decide to do..To
be seen by all in plain sight..We often will seek..
To conceal our trail..By walking only in the safer
confining shadows of the night..When we know
Most certainly that what we may be doing is
surely..Just this other side of being what is right..

Yet we seek to wear our disguise as shadows..
Which eventually will engulf our very souls..
Trapping us in our prisons manipulation of lies..
We help maintain through self deceit..We dress
ourselves in so fashionable and quite bold..

My shadow has never once abandoned me..
Why because it needs me..To carry it into the
light..It thrives as it survives and eagerly will
express..Such unbridled joy when I so hastily
choose..My own wrong over what it too knows
is so right..

My shadow and I have fought so many battles..
Although I have won some and lost quite a few..
I have finally decided to put away my many
walks..In the darkness of my own shadows..
For today I have committed to place..All that I
will do from now..In the light of my life's plain

For no longer will I seek to hide my behavior..
In worry born out of my own insecurity and fear..
For I have finally defeated my dragon of shadows..
It is such a wondrous and unique feeling..To now
finally begin to see everything..Including myself
So beautiful and for the first time..so truly clear..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
copyrighted 2008 ©

From The Front Porch:
The House of Ignorance

"I was born into ignorance but
in ignorance I chose not to remain..
Far greater is Our Creator's..
Growth Within each of us..
When we walk as one..
In this His true Domain..

Sharing His powerful Wisdom..
Wrapped in true elegance of
Words so simple and plain..
Soon leaving behind our prison..
Casting aside our limitations by..
Embracing His Knowledge..
which became a healing much
needed balm for our pain..

seeking His pasture of Freedom
while leaving behind the jail
of our own ignorance's reign..
allowing those who so choose..
to stay behind tightly bound
in their own chaos and chains..

excerpted from "The Creation Chronicles"
Authored by Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 ©

Daton O. Fullard Says...

"Random Thoughts"
Excerpted from The African Journals

Love is improvisation so spontaneous..
Like a Poet slow dancing with words..
Each glowing alive with anticipation..
Knowing and caressing all that He See's..
Which is truly so compellingly profound..
For each struck note is an element..
Imitating vibrating and Emanating these
visible structures of his minds many sounds..
As we daily must touch this ground..

Of pleasures to be tasted touched and heard..
As free leaves airborne circle and soon..
Arrange a canopy of thoughts so beautifully
as his life's rain filled deeds and words..

Art is a Chameleon with so many dimensions
so true..Captured just for a moment Displayed
and expressed as Colors flowing forth from
deep inside of me and you..

Passion is the heat of the moment intense and
so strong..Fleeting after visiting so briefly before
subsiding..As a wave spent before moving on..

Friend is from here to there..Whether up or down
neither round nor square..When one is in need I
know I am blessed indeed for the many ways I
know you will always truly care "Random Thoughts"
© copyright 2008 all right reserved

Every note is part of the Creation alphabet..
a lyrical melodic harmonic song..
of rare Platinum and Gold..
Tis our Tale that must be played and told..
Its very instrument is Our daily Lives..
The sound is Our pleasure to grasp..
to taste embrace and behold..

For me TV is A desert of wasted time..
for it suffocates all it envelopes..
leaving behind only a vast wasteland of
empty minds..When tv rises to become a
garden of promise..with rays of hope radiating
as the Sun's Lifeline..I will be the first to
reconnect..to all that flows from my bloodline

My Favorite Books are Written but are not yet Published
The Creation Chronicles Vol I II III IV V
The African Journals Vol I

Strange Wind Thy Touch is Cold

A breeze once balmy caressed me
So near air so clear so cold
Tis a hint of new storm a brewing
Poised to soon tell a tale ne'r told

From direction soon desirous of need
Land barren of men souls of women
Clasped to rent garments stained of hate
Lacking in honor replaced with greed

Came I upon a route so lacking
Where none with souls touched
By truth nor capacity to care
Oh breeze I screamed do protect
Thy son from that which is so wretched
Soon gathered to no joyous purpose over there

Soon came thy horse drawn carriage
With no visible rider to be seen
Only the wails of those trapped
Forever in vials of hate pickled
In liquored heartless sauce so mean

Sad I stood glued to this moment
No peril no fear shall touch this brow
For my balmy breeze has protected me
As this vessel of lost souls sailed by
When heart warm still flutters
With lighted joy filled soul
Tis such a smile of love still hovers
From Strange wind thy touch so cold

Excerpted from "The African Journal Vol I"
"Things I would Tell you If I could"
copyrighted 2008 Authored by Daton O. Fullard

The Uniqueness Of You

From The Front Porch:
The Uniqueness of You

With great clarity of sensitivity
Soon awakened with vision so true
Of now past remembrances once released
So considered as images soon arrange
Themselves so hurriedly as spice filled
New racier visions and thoughts of you

So cluttered in narrow time and space
I found such hope willful renewed
As my revived heartbeat now raced
All triggered and fully stimulated with pace
By the uniqueness of your beauty such
Sublime au natural elegance and grace

Oh chocolate thou art true divine
From cashmere skin to lightly
Rouged cheeks ruby red lips now
Silhouetted around my Eros so fine
Velvet covered scantily clad words
Caressing my many thoughts of you
Each one shaken and stirred again
Come so fully alive now in my mind
Oh remembrance of thou once entwined

Fierce coupled passion so wicked entranced
So Erotic so fiery a taste of many
Creams like ebony butter so spread
As soaring tempered emotions run unherded
Once stampeded by lust of wine
Descend stairs as my thoughts once shed
Of you fully collapsed so utterly exhausted
Now fully steamed once perspiring but now
Recovering so wantonly spent in my bed

Oh tis a special event so oblique
Refusing shape or container of form
Determined once again to wake me
Make me arouse so alive newborn

From whence direction came these
Silent thought enclosed footprints
Eclectic wind warm cool and so blue
Carrying a wafting fragrant but slightly
Suggestive and vulgar scent of your sex
Dressed so naked explicit and raw yet
Still so raunchingly clothed only in
The True Uniqueness of You

© copyrighted 2008 Excerpted from
The Poetic Treatise "An Ode To Women Divine"
"Things that I would say to you if I could"
The African Journal vol I
Authored By Daton O. Fullard

My Interests:
Writing Books of Life and Poetry,
Photography is my Mistress,
Videography is the visual images
that flow outward from my Soul,

Music is the Soundtrack of My Life,
Art is all that I am allowed to see
embrace release and behold,

Producing and Directing are my
Geminian Twins Darth and Yoda
Who have watched over me since birth,
My Living Creator and My Family
define My Heaven and Earth,

I drink Life I inhale My Creator and
Exhale myself through My Poetry,
pushing myself for excellence I strive
Technology is My Internet Vehicle
I so enjoy taking out for a drive,

The Ocean is my Blood,
Air is the Father of My Soul,
Fire is My Mother, A special Woman
in the center of my life so bold

The Earth is My connection to My
Mortality it reminds each day not
to waste its Time, Wisdom is my
Favorite Teacher, Understanding is
My Favorite Guide, Knowledge is My
very best Friend, Yet in the comfort
of The Library of Truth that is
My favorite Place to reside and hide,

Dreams are my gifts of Flowers..
One does nothing to earn them..
But imagine the beauty hidden in
their seeds so rare..They appear
to dance as music plays..between
a fantasy and reality we share..

An Ode To Women: "The Radiance of You"
Chapter Forty Nine
The Radiance of You

One night as I slept a magnificent Woman..
Royally born of Graceful elegance so true..
Came and sat down next to me in my sleep..
She then began to describe to me..So well
in my dreams the future coming of you..

"She said" Came I as one Daughter of My
Creator..From One I have become so many
Tree leaves..With so many endless colors I
now call..My daughters shall be like rains
eternal mist..Glowing forth..Enveloped in a
rainbow Dress..Soon to be seen by all..

And to you my living son..As so gently I hold
your body in my lap..I now place this dream
of mine in your head..When the right day will
come..It is then when your sleeping words
shall awaken..To be set free..They will by you
soon have such..A greater need to be spoken
and read..

For every woman who is a true daughter of
mine shall feel you..For in your dream..I shall
hide My Creators still Living Glow..By this His
Cloak of Divinity..I now hide in your words..My
True Spirit some will finally come to know..

Your Living Words when unleashed..Shall soon
become My Life's powerful ray..To help awaken
My Daughters to their true possibilities..They each
must rise up to become someday..For by these
blessed words..Now dressed so well by me..It is
you I alone entrust so completely to set free..That
you may someday say to them all..For it was I that
chose you to send..Among them to lift their Spirits..
To un-tether their True inner Radiance..From the
dark mean shadows that exploit beckon and call..

So Unleash your Passion and let your Spirit Glow..
As My Daughters I once gave birth to you all..
Allowing each one of you to become..My Glory an
a Joy in my sight..To become the very brightest light
that your children...and future families will ever come
to know..For my hope for each of you..Is now so
sealed in these words..Which are that you will each
rise up..and do continue to grow..

To become The Future Nubian Queens of tomorrow..
By answering today Destiny's.. challenge and call..
Go forth and Define for me The Future..You will all
soon help to write..So the entire world will soon
come to know..Why I have hidden My Divine Radiance..
So very well once concealed in you all...

"The Radiance of You"
Excerpted from The African Journals Vol I
"Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Written by Daton O.Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 ©
An Ode to all the Women of Radiance in my Life
All rights reserved may not be used copied
or reprinted without written Authorization

No Mountain too high to Climb

He stared in silence at the mirror
As his image soon arranged it self
In this glass like frame of space
How was it he thought that his skin color
So soon became the unwilling icon
Representative of his character’s content
Now enveloped so falsely in the minds
of those in this truly inhospitable place

What manner of men he thought
Could be so unwilling to embrace
His talent knowledge and skill
Yet be so willing to reject him
His ideas intellect and integrity
Solely because of his ethnicity
Outward skin color an race

Momentarily he drifted away
From today this time spent
Now considering His own
present circumstance as he wept
It was then he remembered
No mountain is too high to climb
When one frees himself from the prison
of others shackles of ignorance and
in so doing begins a path lit anew
by creating his own defining steps

He soon remembered an ancient
Story told him as a child about
a powerful African warrior once banned
Left by a jealous and fearful King
who placed him all alone in the desert
With no friends no supplies but the
Sun howling wind and the shifting sand
He soon fondly remembered his powerful
tale of survival as he began to consider
his situation and formulate his plan

The Warrior knew that the sun was a very
fierce unrelenting and powerful adversary
One his strength cunning and knowledge
even his guile could never hope to defeat
For he soon knew that without any water
His powerful body could not ever hope to
survive in this deserts unforgiving heat

The Warrior knew that the wind was very angry
Able to blow howl and scream for days on end
Yet here he was now stranded all alone in this desert
With so little hope no supplies to protect his life or skin

The Warrior first looked all around
with a thirst for any available answers
But at first all he could see was a vast
unrelenting sea of endless sand
He thought to himself that truly in order
to have any possible chance to survive
He would need to very soon come up
with some kind of a workable plan

This Powerful African Warrior soon decided
that the first thing on his list of things to do
was to drop down humbly on his knees
As he knelt down and very quietly began to pray
Because deep in his heart he truly knew
that though all these many things seemed to be
so completely arranged against him
This very proud but now humbled African Warrior
knew inside he needed to survive not tomorrow
but only this sojourn of his first day

The Warrior knew he would very soon need the
greater strength understanding and wisdom
of his Creator from within and above
Yet he still was taken aback afterward
when he opened his eyes and he saw
for the very first time gathered around him
The tiny desert animals he would
so soon grow to fiercely respect then love

For The Warrior knew that in side of
themselves that it was they who truly
held the keys to his survival
Even though he was soon tired
and hungry he decided that they
Would not be the first food
that he would choose to soon eat
He watched them waited and
soon learned what they knew
As they became comfortable with him
and soon lay at ease near his feet

The Warrior studied very carefully their
specific actions he soon mastered
and mimicked their every move
As gradually he began to finally
grasp and understand that this
was truly their home and precious land
For surely he thought them to be
much wiser stronger more cunning
and powerful than he
Because his future and his fragile
life’s balance was now so
completely placed in their hands

They soon taught him how to safely
hide himself from the Sun’s power
during the paralyzing heat of the day
Then taught him how to try and
move about as a friend only in the night
When the Goddess Moon was fully on display

Their constant activity soon led him to
a tiny oasis that he could never have
ever found on his own..It had water
palm dates and some shaded areas
Providing a home for him in the wind blown
midst of this desert world so striking
far far away from all the familiar
things he had once known

He gradually began to realize the things
that he once embraced and knew
Had so precious little utility nor value
in this severe and quite harsh place
Which demanded as payment from him
a new entirely different mindset
Whose life rhythm flowed to a unique
very different beat harmony and pace

Soon his minutes spent became
long hours days became weeks
Months soon became years as he no longer
yearned for what used to be his old home
Strangely he soon found a new sense
of fulfillment he had never before
experienced now somehow come fully alive
in his spirit heart mind and bones

As The Great Warrior reminisced one day
he very fondly remembered
the first greatest lesson that he had learned
from that very first day he had
spent in the desert and on its sands
That if you can not survive the first day
tomorrow can never truly be
a vital part of your life's fragile plans

The Warrior now knew he had come to
better understand the power of the Sun
and appreciate the intensity of its glow
He also had come to understand the harmony
and true cycles of the powerful winds
That were such a vital yet integral part
of this vast deserts ebb an flow

For when he first arrived he remembered
that he did not think that anyone or anything
had a chance of surviving long in this
quite harsh and very demanding place
yet years later here he still stood alive today
somehow he had become living proof
of how The Spirit of Life chose to
survive in him providing some protections
he did not know could even exist
in this vast beautiful almost endless space

Excerpted from the "African Journals Vol I"
"Things I Would Tell You If I Could"
Authored by Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 ©

Some of the older Players who raised me would say..
This is the real diddy and the Code of the inner city:

"Confessions of a Gent"

"Before you open that door
to go out to play..Make sure
that you know what you
want your clothes to say..
about you..

Another One of their Ten
Commandments of the Hood was:

Dress well at all times..
Even if you don't have
the latest in Fashion
Still find a way to shine..
What is truly your Passion..

Make sure that what you
select to say is always true..
Make sure what you wear
always looks good on you..

Remember to always rep well
your house and your hood..
A true dressing Man always
makes anything look good..

It is just part of who we are..
What we wear is just another
part of the car..we roll in
What we say and truly believe..
Must always be the Star..
If you ain't willing to play
don't step up to the bar

Always remember who gives
us the very next Breath..
Is the right one to Please..
If we want to first keep
Our Life and Health.."

Just a few of my rules to
live by from a piece entitled
"Confessions of a Gent: U ain't
one if you were not raised
by one" Live well and share..
Truth to Power..!!

The African Journals Vol I
"Things I would say to you if I could"
Copyright Daton O.Fullard 2008 ©

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" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

Posted on August 14, 2010 at 12:30pm 2 Comments

My thought for Today:

" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

"Every single day we are allowed to breathe..
We each have the unique opportunity to give

"Images of Haiti"

Posted on January 30, 2010 at 12:32am 1 Comment

"Images of Haiti"

This piece is dedicated with all of My Heart

to the Proud People of the Nation of Haiti

"Oh Haiti"

A thousand storms of thy calamity..Have all risen up

to soon challenge..All that you can soon ever..Have

hope and need to see..Born of and once descended

from a proud..But defiant and a powerful heritage… Continue

"The Raindrop and The Snowflake"

Posted on November 27, 2009 at 11:00am 0 Comments

"The Raindrop and The Snowflake"

What is it that makes each of us so different..

As raindrops and snowflakes..Are not all one

and the same..Only the temperature location

time situation and circumstances..Ultimately

decides..Which of our written or spoken words

shall appear..In each others Life Picture frame..…


"The Other Person inside You"

Posted on October 29, 2009 at 8:00am 10 Comments

Monsters Comments

"The Other Person inside You"

As he stood and looked silently but intently into the mirror

He soon began to see another image arise in his soul..An

ugly image..He already knew he kept on chains..He so badly

hoped would never break..Allowing this inner beast to unfold..

For he knew everyday..When he awakened to begin his day..

The first place he would need to check out..Would be where

this inner beast of his..Would… Continue

"When The Heart Is Disconnected"

Posted on October 21, 2009 at 7:06pm 1 Comment

"When The Heart is Disconnected"

When water alone is the only true

wetness..That is the only thing that..

One seeks to satiates ones thirst..

When the soon static coldness..Of

one single heart.Is allowed by one's

choice..To become fully disconnected..

There truly is no meaning nor feeling..

In this life one can embrace..That is

quite so capable..of being any worst..

For… Continue

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At 12:40am on August 28, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
Daton, I just noticed.

"Congratulations on being Featured!"
At 6:14pm on August 14, 2010, Sunspiritsmiles said…

May your weekend be filled with the wonders of all that is
Blessings to you Daton
At 1:28pm on August 14, 2010, G.P. said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Part of my tailor-made philosophy is to share unconditionally because it brings contentment & satisfaction.
At 1:17pm on August 13, 2010, G.P. said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
At 8:49pm on July 30, 2010, Sunspiritsmiles said…
♥ Take my hand and come with me
`•.¸ To Light the Universe in Harmony.
♥`•.¸) Our Rainbow Bridge of Love within
¸.•)´ Connects us all back together again.
.•´ ♥ Like fractal parts holding within the all
♥`*.*´¨) Our Love and Light speaks forth the call.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) For as we wish upon this star
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * *» ♥ The dream comes forth from who we are.
Hugs of (((LOVE))) from the infinite depths of my Heart to yours.¸.•*

May your weekend be filled with oceans of Light
At 1:23pm on July 30, 2010, G.P. said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic You're most welcome!
Thanks so much for your beautiful comments - they mean a lot!
Best wishes to you & yours!
At 1:06am on July 29, 2010, Sunspiritsmiles said…

Hello my dear friend, it's been a long time, but please know that you have never left my heart as I cherish you and your Light, words, BEing. So many changes...hmmm
Many Blessings Upon You Daton
At 12:50am on July 24, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

back Daton, My Friend, to

"So Let's Make a Difference for You & Yours & Everyone" and

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

We (the iPeace Family) are still here. "Enjoy"
At 9:55pm on July 11, 2010, Stephanie said…
there's something nostalgic about seeing you here, Daton AND something wonderful about seeing david's message on homepage!!!
I sent a hug his way...
that is a really big step
take care
At 3:40pm on July 11, 2010, Eva said…

Thank you for your wise words of love and kindness.

At 3:31pm on July 11, 2010, G.P. said…

At 2:53pm on July 11, 2010, Ana said…
Thank you, Daton, for the beautiful message you sent to us and also cause I can perceive your good wishes and feelings when sending it.
I wish you back all the good in life and in you life. May God let you share all the kindness of your heart with all those who are near you and for all those you truly love.
Big hug.
At 1:42pm on July 11, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…


for Your words of Love & Peace

"Happy Trails" & "Happy Poeting"
At 10:09am on July 1, 2010, myron joshua said…
July 1st and still running...
Be well Daton...
Your powerful words reverberate
in the air.

be well
At 9:35pm on June 6, 2010, Eva said…
At 4:22am on May 29, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Thank you,very much!
God protect you
At 10:30am on May 20, 2010, G.P. said…

I'm doing great - thanks for asking/keeping in touch! Hope you & yours are too!
At 9:28pm on May 19, 2010, Ana said…
Daton... You still remember me... even though I hardly ever visit this site. I thank you for that. The thing is that I have not got much spare time for the net and when I do, I usually go to some Nings where I can publish my poems in my own language and also read others´ too.
Are you all right ? Hope so. Happy? Hope so. Great ? Hope so...
Big hug, Danton.

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