"When The Heart is Disconnected"

When water alone is the only true
wetness..That is the only thing that..
One seeks to satiates ones thirst..

When the soon static coldness..Of
one single heart.Is allowed by one's
choice..To become fully disconnected..

There truly is no meaning nor feeling..
In this life one can embrace..That is
quite so capable..of being any worst..

For when there is no one..In this life to
love..No one to open yourself up to..
Let your heart life seek ways to share..

No house could ever become..So sad a
temple or refuge such as this..A cold
unfeeling monument to no Love..No Joy
to feel free..To express nor compare..

When one embittered heart withdraws..
From the family of humanity..While
soon erecting new hate fences..From
nothing but ones own..Clumsy drama
life misery..Utter sadness failure and

Inhabiting a place..No one of sane mind
wishes to dwell..One has no true need..
To be held hostage..By ones feelings
once visited and held imprisoned there..

For this place none should desire..Nor
seek entry nor try ever..To return to..Such
a place..Even when given some new need..

For no greater purpose..Can cause one
to have better reason..Than to even try
to attempt this repair..To satiate one's self
from this foul food..Of angst misery and
non human like greed..

Designed to be alive in no right purpose..
To forever restrict what wisdom..One is
soon by life given..Reason..or allowed to
once again..Be with others to soon share..

To be set free while one resides..in the
abysmal lack of true comfort..Soon found
only in such a miserable chair..

A place with no sense no clarity soon
found..When existing within the forlorn
walls..While sojourning or lingering there..

When one heart truly decides to stand..So
utterly disconnected..By or from the hearts
of others..Choosing unwisely to remain on
its own..

While only remaining an island attached to
itself..In such a manner..Desirous to reside
in the prison of shadows..So sad and all

Welcoming no new light no love and
allowing..No true peace to reside nor be
free to feed oneself..No thing so new to
be soon shown..

To give of oneself to others to so share..
From a heart now firmly made..Of such
uncommon and truly miserable stone..

When the heart is disconnected..and
no one is truly is ever at home..In the
center of the soul..

When the music of life is so suddenly
turned of..Featuring no new beautiful
rhythmic melody.. or pure harmony to
dance..To feel soon connected to..Do
engage..Take such delight from..Share
it's true radiance and behold..

When I see a heart so disconnected
As the one that used to beat with..No
known purpose found yet within me..

When I soon found a way..To become
once again engaged and reconnected..
To all that is so beautiful in everything
that is alive..So compelling to know
and reacquaint myself..to grow into and

I soon began to truly feel once again..
That I too could now begin to think a
new..To breathe be..feel alive and see..

When all hearts once dissected..Shed
away..All that is of no true value..To be
once again reconnected..

No longer inclusive of all the many fears..
That can reside with no real true
purpose..While carefully hiding them
selves away in thee..

For this shall become the first true day..
We can all begin to soon rejoice..As we
become..Joined together as..One truly
new universal vessel of Life..reemerges

Beating with One Heart One Soul..One
New Light Filled Family of Humanity..
So alive..Vital and vibrating so peacefully..
and finally becoming truly..So wonder filled
wise and free..

As we each can become so filled with
such a new found Joy..That shall truly
have no new known end..Neither in you
nor ever again within me..

Authored by Daton O. Fullard
Excerpted from "The African Journals"
Vol I "Things I would say to you If I could"
Copyright 2009 ©

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Comment by ljiljana on October 24, 2009 at 11:30am
...and not name for not and ONE is good name for thanks dear Daton love you hug and kissss

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