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Comment by mariola on July 19, 2009 at 3:12pm
Comment by David Sparenberg on July 19, 2009 at 6:26am

Not everyone comes wearing
a red dress.
Many are content with
white shirts, plaid skirts, blue jeans.
The wounded are wearing
because for them
the world is prematurely cold.
The silly and the cleverest
are dressed as clowns.
And the angels are
naked, between the eyelashes
of our setting sun.

Not everyone comes wearing
the reminder of black,
although pain is everywhere
and loss attends us.
Those who are painted in blood
have wept in the wasting of war.
And those who are
painted with light
are here to heal us.

even if I came to you
in the rags of weariness,
the cloak of invisibility or
dust of neglect, the
web of a spider,
would you offer me a drink of water
seeing thirst,
and help to decide
a way, at the crossroads of life?
If I look into your
hands, what will I find:
a golden thread,
the strength of beauty,
a loaf of bread?

David Sparenberg
18 July 2009
Comment by Esther Pomerantz on July 14, 2009 at 9:26am
Thanks for the touching words.They have a great ability to open human hearts! to enlange their consciosness! thanks .
Comment by David Sparenberg on July 14, 2009 at 7:46am

The expression
of the beautiful genius
opens like a wordless
and clothes us
in the fumes
of paradise.
when we are
listening to the wings
of crows and the
tender melodies
of elfin butterflies
we feel embraced
by the breath
of angels.
so softly, so
delicate-sweet that
velvet on a virgin’s
might touch us
with an offering.
we are there, out
in that other place
the familiar cup
of a summer’s rose
from this ground
to kiss us
with the miracle
of its pouring passions.
we are downed
into the common
haunting symbolum
of earth’s
dense mystery.
not a single
word has swollen
to the lips
like a cherry
freshly swollen,
but the heavy
of a working bee
in the ecstasies
of pollen.
we are spellbound
and complete.
Like fruit.
Like garden.

David Sparenberg
Comment by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi on July 5, 2009 at 4:38pm

Rainbows of love and peace

From the infinity of the Universe
rainbows of love and peace arrive to us,
invisible wires
of the Divine creative energy.

From The Planet Earth,
balls of destructive human energy
are expanding into the Universe,
created by ignorance which flares
wars, crimes, hatred, and evil.

We are small creators!!!
The thought is energy that creates!!!
Our uncontrolled minds are polluted
from the dark energy of evil.

The thought is invisible energy that transmit
our aggressive inner world to the collectivity.
We are the good and evil in the world!!!

Our imbalance leads to our destruction
and our planet one.
We are the architects of our destiny,
unaware of having created our universe
of suffering and disease.

We can control our minds,
heal our ills and cover the whole planet
with love and peace.

A collective and balanced
thought will throw millions of rainbows on earth and
in the universe, illuminating the darkness.

We are divine collaborators, we must abandon
ignorance, stupidity, drugs, vices and become
responsible creators of love and peace,
worthy of being God’s children.
Comment by Kara Johnstad on July 4, 2009 at 1:57pm
in honor of the arts - in honor of David Sparenberg... i sit here in Berlin at my desk, french doors opened and heart once again opened and touched by your enlightening words. So happy to have found common ground.... as the poets and the painters and the singers and the bakers all create their divine master peace.
Comment by David Sparenberg on July 4, 2009 at 5:41am

A person living a dream
is not waging a nightmare.

A person playing music
is not committing murder.
A person writing a poem
is not killing anyone.
A person reading a book
is not discharging a weapon.
A person painting a picture
is not spilling blood.

Somebody sculpting stone
is not polluting the earth
with another premature corpse.
To plant a garden
is not to practice rape.
To pray at dawn
is not a crime against creation.

Turn aside and look into your soul.

Not into the darkness
you have inherited from history,
but into the light coming your way
from the love of God. To humbly bow down
in the posture of mystical weeping
is to vanquish the phantoms of hatred and fear.
Everything involves a holiness in the heart;
everyone is involved in making choices.
What a difference

between the pornographers of aggression
and the artists of compassion!

Go to the place
where life embraces otherness;
enter the dialogue of becoming human.
Have you even considered
how healing the wounds of a stranger
creates laughter in children
and orchards in angels?

A person reading these words
feels like a summer cloud
floating without effort on the mirror of a river.
Tell the truth now:
Isn’t that good?

A person
deep into the ecology of blessing
remembers the taste of wild honey
while protesting the politics of war.
Tell the truth
now: Isn’t it better to create
than to destroy?

When the DreamMaker first
introduced the DNA of dreaming
it was called Eden.
Naming took place
in the ecstasy of love.

Now tell the truth:
Isn’t peace the most
precious art?
What is more defining
than the compassion of our vulnerability?
PeaceMaker – tell me:
What is your name?

David Sparenberg
10 March 2009
Comment by Kalsi : We are all one . on July 2, 2009 at 7:15pm
Hi ! dear friends , best wishes ! Phptographers, artists and writers can convey message of peace much better than others. I appericiate and love ....
Comment by David Sparenberg on June 30, 2009 at 6:56am

Because we all aspire to be what we have always been, we become a gram of sand in the sand-parade at ocean’s shore; a globe of pollen in breathing wind; curved bow of swallow wings in hush of twilight; the glint of light on watered-stone, washed in the river of time—red drum of heart, red pony of blood, green mandala of mindfulness, the seasons of seeding when God takes the shape of prayer and frolics freely in the imaginations of children, and the season of harvest, which feeds death as well as life—apple-worms and angels.

Be aware. The moon watches us from the silent theater of darkness and the sun rises over the miracle of dreaming that all of creation shares.

Because we are here, the game of metamorphosis is offered to us. Because we are changelings, we find ourselves wherever we are.

If the mood comes upon you to dance, by all means dance. If the mood comes upon you to sing, somebody assuredly is waiting to hear. If you are walking in the direction of the Wilderness of Life, let me travel with you. The dove of now descends to more souls than one in the rapture of love, in the moment of eternity.

David Sparenberg
27 June 2009
Comment by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi on April 16, 2009 at 4:30pm
Love and Peace to the World!!!!!!!!!!!
My work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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