War of The Worldviews: Why "Avatar" (movie) Lost - academy Award to "The hurt Locker"

Blog by Bron Taylor
March 11,2010
Bron Taylor is Professor of Religion and Nature at the University of Florida. He is the author of Dark Green Religion: Nature
Spirituality and the Planetary Future
(University of California
Press, 2010). His website is www.brontaylor.com.

link to the blog by Bron Taylor

had audiences rooting for nature, against the destruction of marauding tanks—but the Oscar went to the film that
offered a soldier’s-eye view."

*This is an exert from the blog & in part what I would like for us all to discuss & reflect on:

As Cameron put the conversion motif, the film urges people to look at themselves from “nature’s point of view.” He then noted that the biggest cheer consistently erupts from the audience when the reptilian
hammerheads rout the destructive human invaders. Cameron expressed
delight that, by the end of the movie, everyone is “rooting for nature.”

This is a remarkable achievement since most in his audience belong to the very civilizations which, for millennia, have labored to bend nature to their will, while eliminating, often violently, the
small-scale societies that are inconveniently in the way.

When we root for nature in the film, at least subconsciously, most of us are committing emotional treason against our own civilizations.

This unlikely event is possible because feelings of belonging and connection to nature are part of our emotional repertoire. We evolved here and find biologically intact ecosystems beautiful because, when we
are drawn to and protect such places, we flourish.

This affinity for nature may explain the global appeal of Avatar but not why it ran second in the Oscar competition. Ironically, in the battle between these cinematic epics, The Hurt Locker
was portrayed as counter-cultural, when it actually pandered to
patriotic convention. Meanwhile, Avatar was cast as
technologically radical while few commented on its radical critique of a
militarized technological civilization, or on its counter-cultural
religious vision. These are things some Academy voters, little doubt,
found too radical to support.

Avatar, nevertheless, spoke the deeper truths. It reminded us about true belonging and how we should live. It evoked in us what we know deep in our genome, that our well being, and the well being of all
life, is mutually dependent. It urged us to recognize that all life is
sacred and worthy of reverent defense.

Not everyone who enjoyed Avatar will grasp and act on the message. But we ignore its message to our impoverishment and peril.

Please Tell us what YOU think..thanks!

I believe~We Are One race! We have only ONE Planet,Earth! All connected to each other...

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Avatar is a good example to what happen in the life. It is a picture of how the strong want to digest the weak. It is a good film.
I soooooooo agree with this. But who votes for the Oscars ? not Jo Public but corporate buisiness, the film world itself who relys on our money to be where they are, big business, just like government bodies, want to keep us all suppressed and slaves to materialism. If it had been open to public vote, Avatar would have one hands down and for the 'powers to be' thats a scary place. We think we live in an open, democratic society with free speech etc., etc., But we do not really, government bodies and big business keep us all exactly where they want us, keeping things hidden from us, keeping us 'down'. Whether its the message of a film like Avatar, the revelations from books like Da Vinci Code, Hidden World or the UFO disclosures, we all actually know very little about our world and how 'big brother' operates. It is our duty to become aware of the 'hidden issues & agenda's' , to speak out through our actions, boycott films such as hurt locker, if we do not buy into these things we are making a statement that cannot be side lined, money speaks whether we like it or not, so as customers, in all area's of our lives, we must put our money where are hearts and ethics are. Support films, books and manufacturers that promote nature, life and spirituality and boycott those that promote war, death and destruction.
We all have choices - exercise yours in accordance with your true beliefs.
Bright blessings to you all, Whitefeather xxx
zi couldn't agree with you more Whitefeather!!! Thanks so much for reply & thank u too Ali...
I wrote this comment on one of my discussions this morning....

" Reply by Leah D. 2 hours ago

I do see much spiritual & awareness development gunilla..this world wide network is proof of this too. Yes, much fear and obstacles ! But We are the change,it is up to ALL of us & we DO make a difference for positive change within our selves which grows outwardly from us...The 'powers that be" see we are uniting,changing our outlook of a global community,instead of the ME mentality,division of countries,religions,etc.. & it scares the crap outa' the "few that are the control machines"
I think is why we see so much hate mongering all over, lies and propaganda,is to divide us..to keep us from uniting globally as one family,one community,one love,so yes we see much division ,fear & hatred being created too..as sheeple follow along with the hateful war mongers and corporations,brainwashing them. We are NOT the sheeple, We see that we can be one community while honoring diversity & individuality..We can do it!! Maybe not happening fast enough? but is happening,now. We must all work together,stand together,be the change..NOW!"

Reply is on the globaloneness vid "What Would it Look Like" discussion on We Can Not Always shine group.. I've posted here on blogging ipeace,on my profile,other groups & other networks...want as many as possible to see "What Would It Look Like" is discussion on blogging ipeace too Whitefeather,hope u have a look and comment too..
Many Bright blessings to U too & a smile :)
Thanks for posting - I loved this movie Avatar... Am not surprised by the "discussion" of it though as coming in 2nd place. Am not paying much attention to it, because I do think the message will get across to the people that count hopefully.
As usual, there are corporate and material interests involved....
Thanks Des hun, yes the message is getting across to people, i think. the discussion here isn't so much about
the loss of the academy award as it is about the true message of the movie Avatar, the blog by Bron Taylor, and the vids I posted to accompany the blog exerts I posted..this is what is the true message of this discussion WHY also that "The Hurt Locker" booooooo hisssss won out over "Avatar" .....
I do hope so..., like it mentions in one of the articles, people need to begin to see that respecting the earth, the planet, the animals and the environment is not a betrayal of a natural human instinct to look after only us humans - the whole thing is backwards - take care of the planet and all species and it will take care of us:)
yup, exactly!! thanks u two..luv yooo both huge! :))
joni sis, me too..always have..always will..
What will one tribe have to do to save everything they know?


Mine, narrated by Joanna Lumley, tells the story of the remote Dongria Kondh tribe's struggle to protect Niyamgiri, the mountain they worship as a God. London-based mining company Vedanta Resources plans a vast open-pit bauxite mine in India's Niyamgiri hills, and the Dongria Kondh know that means the destruction of their forests, their way of life, and their mountain God.

Music by Skin and Robot Club.

This could be it's own discussion too.. please watch & take action too or donate if u can !! thanks..

This is a beautiful Tribute to Avatar, Beautiful words to a Beautiful song with I feel important message to us ALL to LOVE & care..what if~ Everyone cared? What this World could be.....


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