9th November has been observed as the "World Freedom Day" as pronounced by the U.S  since 2003. It was this day in 1989, the infamous Berlin Wall began to fall and get demolished for the re-unification of  East Germany and West Germany. The formal re-union took place on 3rd October on the same year. The former U.S. President George W. Bush started this celebration in 2003 and made this day an official holiday for America.


I could remember vividly during this time when I was 19 that I wrote a small poem pointing out the re-union and referred the state of Indian nation.


A few lines of the poem: "While the East and the West unites in Germanys' ... our India still talking about divisive politics of India and Pakistan... If not we re-unite once again, let the peace prevail among us as brothers and sisters..."


While the west takes many qualities from the east, this poem was wrote in the context of looking at the west for development and peace.


Gandhiji's words on freedom never fail to lingering around the corners of world: Freedom is the breathe of everyones' life.


-Balamurali Balaji

Founder, CIT-GPNP, India

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This is world freedom day take time to sign the petition please http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/162/373/144/?z00m=19908122
Gandhi was so right

Great...it must happen..Aman ki Asha


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