Baji Rout of Dhenkanal district of Odisa, India was a boatman's son. Dhenkanal was then under administration of feudal king with certain limited autonomy. Once the British Police was deputed as requested by the king. They were to cross a river and found 15 ear old Baji Rout with a small boat. They requested him to help them to cross assuring remuneration if he gives number of trips. He not only refused money but refused to cooperate with them saying he loves his country. The Police open fired making him youngest martyr of India. He had his last journey on a Bullock cart driven by famous Socialist Dr. Rabi Ghosh, his body was carried by eminent Gandhians like Naba Krushna Chowdhury and last rite was performed by Communist poet Sachi Routroy. Let us remember him

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