This community is not a wiki, contradicting the claim on frontpage - time to change Featured Music!!

Because we cannot edit the song featured.

New song every day. NOW!

From musicians, explicitly using their music to create peace.

Circulate, JSB is a wonderful composer, but he is DEAD!

IF we are going to go thru the legacy of old composers, then I suggest to add

Peace, out,

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Sorry anders, but this community IS wiki. If you have any suggestion, let Jens, the groups admin. know, you'll be surprised.
No, it''s not. This is a very big discussion. But it is not a wiki, by its definition. It is a semi-moderated virtual community, not a wiki. E. g. who chooses which groups to feature?

Check wikipedia for "wiki" and "virtual community". I will digest more later, I have a pressing issue I need to do first.

To "wikify", i. e. the principles of wiki established into a community, you need to subscribe for all the "five principles" of Web 2.0 according to Jimmy Wales himself, with 100 trust for the community peeps, to be a 100 percent wiki - where everyone can edit everything.

I think maybe I need to take this issue to the Forum for a more multi-voiced conversation. It is related to the governance structure, and needs to be lifted to the FP Forum flow - moving from a Thread to a Rope, a conversation that cannot be broken...

Stand by!

Peace, prevailing,
Well, there was an important "IF..." there, I mean, if we're going to continue to go through those who moved to Afterlife already, I thought as well that we might celebrate the Bed-In Anthem Give Peace a Chance. For me, it's ok. But I wanted to move down to the conclusion that we might have some hidden talent in the group in itself that might want to have their works featured as well?

There could be room for all three?

FP of Peace Musicians group, I mean. The flexible Text Box.

Idea: Why not Three Featured, rolling, with a communal thread for nomination?


[dead/legacy/classic/reminder of either peaceful songs (Bach) or those with a direct peace message (Lennon, maybe the most explicit of them all! Together with All you need is Love, simple messages that even Richard Branson of Virgin Music, yes!, exploding to Virgin Space Tourism in the end...

...could pick up in the writing being a dyslectic ;) ]


[contemporary established/signed/well-known/alive/still active]



[those actually DESCRIBING themselves as Peace Musician/Perfomers/Composers/Sound Designers/Whatever we talk about in the context of doing it ALL in one flow in the COMPUTER and maybe sometimes with a voice... - THOSE WHO HAVE JOINED THIS GROUP AND ALREADY HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO THE NOTION OF PEACE MUSICIAN ;) ]

Nomination for all three in separate threads.

The governance structure of content selection is still unclear with a conceptual mashup, I will get back to that with the posting from D. Califa above. Let me ponder that for a while, this was more acute...

Good thing to get that thing sorted out ;).

Maybe fwd the stuff to the admin team all the way to change that statement on the frontpage in order not to confuse the community on who has a say and about what.

Now I await reply on the featured Peace Music(ian).

G'day 2 y'all, 'n G'night ;).

Stride in

Ah, sorry - now I saw the frontpage - you actually added three songs

Would it be ok to suggest that tags Classic - Past - Contemporary - Present to the respective four?

Great to feature Russians as well!

Classic: JSB
Past: JOL+YO - and actually it is Give Peace a Chance, not Change ;)
Contemporary: (living musician/still active :) - Sting
Present - Peace Musician: Landon

Just an idea?

Hey, thanks Anders! Nice to be up there with the our peace forefathers. Thank you Jens. Thank you David for making this group possible. Wondering if there is a way to list solo piano concerts that are coming up. In particular I am doing for concerts for peace in November in and around Washington DC with 2 other solo pianists for Peace. The concert series is called Prelude to Peace and we timed it in the US capital to be right after the elections to send a message to the people and to the government that we want peace.
love and peace always and everywhere,


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