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If dropping a pebble in a stream can change the weather around the world then:

Started by WhiteBear Sep 21, 2011. 0 Replies

....any small thing you say to a friend to promote PEACE could create peace around the world. Create PEACE! Agree?

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Comment by Sharon Taphorn on January 5, 2015 at 12:13am

I agree with you Leah, I miss the old days and just stopped coming as it is just full of spammers about stuff none of us care about and don't click on anyway... Peace to you and your heart Leah 

Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on January 4, 2015 at 5:36pm

Here it is 2015 Jan. and the last comment here,was me. 3 years ago! With NO answers to any of my questions. I look at the above list of Volunteer positions and wonder,why bother? As no one is replying  to any one who has shown interest in helping to get iPeace  back to a thriving peace community, or adding volunteers. At least as far as I see or know. Even more desolate a place now than it was when I commented 3yrs ago. I also miss the beautiful colors and design of my page,all is just black & white now..sad,so very sad :(

Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on March 31, 2012 at 10:30pm

To:  Dave D Poet Rhumour Your post/comment  on September 12, 2011

Nine Eleven

Is absolutely beautiful!! Much gratitude for sharing..*smiles*,

Hugs,Blessings of Peace,love Joy ..

I wrote a very long artcle for the Oct/Nov issue that was published in a local paper in 2001. I recently added it as a blog on "Blogging iPeace" group called "An Enduring Vision" Also posted on my  my main net home. As so much going on round the world I felt was relevant..

To: Eyal Raviv

When I was first invited to this group by email and read about new management I had hoped iPeace would be reborn,leaving behind any & all left over negative emotions over all that has/had happened -as this once thriving peace community/family has become over run with spammers/scammers,unchecked by any official admin.

Why is this allowed? Why has no one been added as admins to deal with these constant daily bombardments? many have been willing and volunteered...

I did not volunteer as I watched & waited to see how all would unfold..I had hope, I returned and became active again,only to find myself almost only on here alone,or maybe 1-3 others,no matter what time of day or night or day of week is how it's been as I check in iPeace over last few years.

Why ? many of us wish to know..are there any answers,anyone to answer or cares to answer..Why? is ipeace still being left to be over run by Spammers? Why do we still not have any admins?

Thank you and Peace be with you ALL..

With loving Respect ,Leah D (iPeace facebook group admin.)

and but one of many members here since almost the beginning ,one of so many that helped this site grow so quickly,4-5? years ago.when it was created.and have sadly watched it slowly become so desolate..

Comment by Clicia Pavan on December 12, 2011 at 5:28pm
My friend
I wish you and your family
Merry Christmas
Much peace and love
I am a Muslim! I am a Hindu! And I'm Jewish! I am a Christian! "Mahatma Gandhi!
Merry Christmas
My friend
I wish you and your family
Merry Christmas
Much peace and love
I am a Muslim! I am a Hindu! And I'm Jewish! I am a Christian! "Mahatma Gandhi!
Meu amigo
Eu desejo que você e sua família
Feliz Natal
Muita paz e amor
Eu sou um muçulmano! Eu sou um hindu! E eu sou judeu! Eu sou um cristão! "Mahatma Gandhi!
Comment by Dave D Poet Rhumour on September 12, 2011 at 11:48am

Nine Eleven

No words of mine or others can change what went before
We can but stand in silence and remember them once more
Though years roll by without restraint and some images fade
The sights we saw upon that day are indelibly engraved

So hear a plea around the world to end all senseless feuds
Which only serve to damage all and leave a legacy so crude
How many generations will keep the bitter fighting on
Surely we must bond together and show evil we are strong

All true religions tell their flocks that peace and love is right
So please can every one of them stand up again tonight
Tell their congregations that the might of man is strongest when
We all link hands together and make a bond to stay as brother men

The memories of those that died in every war and awful act
Would be so much better honoured if we could just make that pact
And as you whisper prayers today and leave your wreaths on show
Spare a thought for the many innocents we didn't have a chance to know

September 11th 2008


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