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WICO -"Women's International Coalition " - for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women", is a Non-Profit organization (NGO)

The organization was founded in Jerusalem, Israel by Dr. Dalia Steiner, "Ambassador for Peace", and in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma USA by Rev. Marilyn Kotulek - "International White Eagle Ministries Inc". (In 2003)

The organization was founded due to similar fates of the two cities and their civilians who witnessed terror attacks and suffered damage to property, death and loss of loved ones.

On October 2001, following the events of 9/11 , declared the United Nations that the first decade of the 21st century will be dedicated for the advancement of Peace and non-violence culture. Eight Nobel
Prize laureates headed by the Dali Lama, Rev. Desmond Tutu and Jody Williams – signed a joint declaration calling upon the governments and people of the world to take real steps towards developing this ideal and bringing forth its realization.

The organization goal is to work for the benefit of men, women and children all over the world without regard for ethnicity or religion. To protect their lives and rights. To improve their quality of life and to advance their working knowledge in the fields of General Education, Professional Education and in developing a Culture for Peace.To build "The National Peace Centers and The High Institutes for Peace and Non-Violence Studies". To prevent violence, injustice evolving from discrimination and social inequality.

The framework will be established by the organization as International and Local projects which will be performed simultaneously in all countries.

The Women's International Coalition will operate across the world through its branches in the five continents.

The organization will pursue recognition by the UN. and its istitutions.

* signed

Dr. Dalia Steiner
WICO - Founder and International President
"Ambassador for Peace"

International Board:

Founder and International President
Dr. Dalia R. Steiner

WICO'S USA Founder
Rev. Marilyn Kotulek

WICO 'S Africa President and CEO
Mrs. Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie-Cameroon

WICO'S President Scandinavia and Sweden,
Secretary General - Ms. Maria Linde

WICO'S President Australia
Ms. Alida Fehily

WICO'S President Stockholm , Sweden and Europe
Dr. Sophia Lovgren

WICO'S President South America and Venezuela
Mrs. Zayra Belfort

WICO'S President England and UK
Mrs. Nina Knowland-Antal

WICO'S President Toronto and Canada
Ms. Prudence McNellis

WICO'S President USA, New York , NY
and Spokesman
Ms. Elizabeth Autumn, MBA


WICO'S Presidant Maryland,USA- MS. Lucile Gordon Press
WICO'S President Virginia,USA - Ms. Sthepanie L. Bohanon
WICO'S President Buffalo, NY - Ms. Kimberley Robinson
WICO'S President Illinois, USA-Mrs. Joanne (Shayna Bracha) Farber
WICO'S President Tulsa,OK. USA-Ms. Susan Barnes (Regional)
WICO'S President California, USA-Ms. Tess Cacciatore
WICO'S President San Francisco, CA. USA - Ms. Fariba Faiz (Regional)
WICO'S President Florida, USA-Ms. Patricia Byron
WICO'S President Deland, Florida -Ms. Inez Bracy (Regional)


WICO'S President Newfoundland, Canada-Ms. Kelly Rose Mahoney (Regional)
WICO'S President Nova Scotia,Canada-Ms. Mable A. Blanchard-Milbury (Regional)
WICO'S President Quebec, Canada - Mrs. Nathalie Goguen


WICO'S President Colombia,SA.- Mrs. Jenny Patricia Carrillo
WICO'S President Maracaibo, Venezuela - . Mrs. Erika Benavides Silva (Regional)


WICO'S President Junagada, India-Dr.Sohiniben Shukla(Regional)
WICO'S President Bangalore, India - Ms. Rita Mathew Palamattom
WICO'S President Pakistan- Ms. Shahzi Samad Khan


WICO'S "Ambassador for Peace" - AFRICA-Mrs. Rosemary Segero
WICO'S President Pietermaritzburg,South Africa-Mrs. Eve Lyn Armstrong (Regional)
WICO'S President Gauteng, South Africa-Mrs. Christine Scrooby (Regional)
WICO'S President Cape Town, South Africa - Ms. Dominique Dufrasne (Regional)
Head of the Nigerian Desk-Ms. Chinyere Offor-Ezenwokike - Nigeria (Regional)
WICO'S President Sierra Leone and CEO-Ms. Martina Manu Jan Kabba
WICO'S President Kenya- Ms. Margaret N. Murutu


WICO'S President France - Ms. Nicole Guedj
WICO'S President Greece-Ms Rania Charalambides
WICO'S President Athens, Greece - Ms. Mirka Giannouli (Regional)
WICO'S President Norway- Ms. Alizabeth Dallee
WICO'S President Trondheim, Norway- Mrs. Reidun Crastens(Regional)
WICO'S President Denmark- Ms. Heidi Elisabeth Hansen
WICO'S President Naestved, Denmark-Mrs. Zaenia Jensen(regional)
WICO'S President Allerod,Denmark- Ms. Birgit Andersen(Regional)
WICO'S President Malmo,Sweden- Ms. Milana Arbs (Regional)
WICO'S President Munster, Germany- Mrs. Chleir Hajo(Regional)
WICO'S President Manchester, England -Ms. Breda Collins(Regional)
WICO'S President Isle of Wight, England-Mrs. Elena Colson (Regional)
WICO'S president Swansea, Wales - Ms. Lynn Marie Hughes(Regional)
WICO'S President Belgium-Ms. Elisabeth Zingerle - Vanduffel
WICO President Spain- Ms. Marcela-Paz Cantillana Del Rio
WICO'S President Cyprus-Mrs. Helen Demetriou


WICO'S Secretary General- Mrs. Rachel Glaubach
WICO'S Head of Public Board - Mrs. Ofra Yoav
WICO'S President UAE, Dubai - Ms. Sheena Ackrim
WICO'S President Jordan- Ms. Donna Qawasmi
WICO'S President Israel - Mrs. Rachel Fridman
Head of the Jerusalem Desk- Ms. Dvora Pearlman-Israel

Branches Structure:
- Main branch for each continent - with five
Presidents and board.
- Main branch for each country - with branch
President and board.
- District and City branches as needed subordination to
Continents main and International Board.

Contact us:


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Comment by Birgit Andersen on September 1, 2011 at 11:35pm
WICO News,
On the 12th of June 2011 Dalia Steiner appointed new International President for WICO,

Ms Birgit Andersen, Denmark,

Dalia Steiner will be the founder of WICO, but will leave the leadership to Birgit Andersen and the Worlwide WICO Chapters, now 80 Chapters in 5 different Continents all over the globe,

Latest WICO Somalia has provided for tents and food for 200 people in Somalia, who are in the worst hunger disaster ever,

With Love & Blessing
Birgit Andersen
International President WICO
Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 21, 2011 at 3:25pm

Nobel Prize 4 Children;

The addition of children to Nobel; It will take a moment of your time but will impact for a lifetime; please send Emails to;; to include NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN; Imagine the great positive effect- to all World children-student-university-education- culture-innovation-education outlet-industry-media-etc.  & all humanity; let us all join to bring this beautiful concept to reality;  CASA ( 9680  Member / 155 Country & growing ); Imagine a million child  from UR country or globally; 2 send  emails in one day ( they will be at Guinness World records; Please in any event U do try 2 have an internet corner 4 people 2 debate & send   emails 2 Nobel committee supporting the idea of - NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN;

Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 21, 2011 at 3:25pm


dear friend my lady   I am honored 2 ,TK U 4 UR positive energy ,support , LOVE 2 ART , children ,humanity & CREATION ,


let US Enhance, Tolerance, Cooperation, Understanding, Acceptance, World Peace ,Confidence ,,Recognition ,Human Rights ,Cultural Enrichment ,Positive Globalization - Love & Help the less fortunate - Love & Protect the Environment;

METHOD CASA is initiating six GLOBAL NEW concepts;

- ART OLYMPIC ( equivalent 2 Sport Olympic )



- CASA ( care and share art ) GLOBAL TOURING EXH.



please inform the leaders of  UR country  , children; students; schools; academics; artists; museum; gallery; art outlets; sponsors; decision maker; celebrity; media; industry; etc.

it will benefit U , them , UR  country & the World
Comment by Rashad on June 11, 2009 at 9:15pm
My dear friends, Hope you all are doing fine. HDO need your guidance and help for (Emergency Relief for Displaced Children and Women of Buner and Swat) if you or some other organization that can support HDO for the relief services for swat refugees. If you know any Please recommend us to them. It is an urgent issue I Put the proposal in my blog you can read it and please let me know if there is any possibility.
God bless.
Rashad Javed
Chairman: Hope development organization.
Comment by Rashad on June 5, 2009 at 8:48pm
HI it's good to know you God bless you & your work.
Regards, love, peace & hugs.
Chairman: Hope development organization.
Comment by Susmita Barua on January 22, 2009 at 3:17am
Comment by Susmita Barua on January 22, 2009 at 3:15am
Just wanted to share my blog
Comment by P.K on October 26, 2008 at 12:34am
Thank you so much, for inviting me to join this great organization.
Hugs, with love and peace to all of you..

Comment by Muhammad Adnan on October 9, 2008 at 10:58am
its great effort today have need to do some thing for women so i doing some thing for women empowerment promoting programme, our organization is doing work for women training workshop in pakistan , in first we will trained 300 families for sustainable income generating then going on more in backward and neglected areas.
I all so want to join in your great mission, there can learn much more things
I allso want to thanks for Donna, its her great kind to invite me here

Safe Winds Organization
Comment by Irit Hakim-Keller on October 9, 2008 at 10:32am
Donna my friend
I wish you the best with your mission. I hope we will be meeting some day
Love and peace

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