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The way to true Peace is through Love, Love of yourself, of your neighbours, your families, communities and of Mother Earth. Share the best part of yourself with the world.

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The color of Light is the color of our aura, it is the color of the true essence of the human being.

Atoms and matter are nothing more than energy fields in empty space. We are all well organized energy fields absorbing and reflecting the Light, like crystal prisms or water droplets filtering the invisible Light to manifest the colors of the rainbow into the earthly realm.

Everything in the universe, from the atoms to the galaxies, is a circle turning round with and within other circles. So the circle is the natural way for human communities to practice self-determination and sharing in an organic and equalitarian way, to make things go round like in all tribes of old.

It was scientifically proven that the state of fear or anger brings a lower frequency of vital influx and electromagnetic pulse, with a wide wavelength touching just a few DNA molecules in the chain and leaving the majority inactive; while the state of love on the other hand, has a faster shorter wavelength activating many DNA molecules which are light captors along the chromosomic chains, thus making the whole body as well as energetic bodies vibrate to a higher frequency, making us feel lightened and delighted. So love does not only help oneself to feel good, but it enhances the light capturing DNA vibration, activating the genetic evolution.

The Earth turns on two poles. The energy fields are positive or negative. It takes female and male to create life. The universe is a duality in unity. By finding balance between the two poles we all hold within, it becomes easier to find balance in a polarity with the consort. Hindus refer to Shiva-Shakti, the sacred marriage between consciousness and energy, while Mayans say Ometeotl, the dual Deity encompassing all things. In Lakesh Ah Lakesh I am you, you are me.

Natives say we are all related, members of the same Family, born from the same Earth Mother and Spirit Father, interdependant, branches from the same roots, woven from the same web, all living creatures share the same breath, within the great medicine wheel of the universe, so we are all sisters and brothers, children of the same Life.

Life is a precious gift worth sharing with those we love.


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Suggestions for Growing Peace in Our World

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Comment by SunBôw on January 24, 2009 at 6:07am
Earth's heart beat. Mommy is alive.

Comment by Tree Thunderchild on January 22, 2009 at 10:45am
Thank you!
Horse, wind, son, all.
Love you too :)

For peace to rule earth is simple.
One world nation of peace lovers already exists.
Is not temporal/tangible like this group.
This group would then be a reflection of the reality already taking place.

For peace to rule earth is simple.
When the power of peace within the people,
exceeds the power of what is not peace within the people.

I find it hard to drive a car and be at peace with myself,
My birth right share of oil was 1.88 barrels for my lifetime.
I do not hold the math of yin and yang as applying to self.
I cannot allow the dark side within me, I was once powerful dark warrior.
I know to much power and know the power of the dark one and his ways.
I have to remain vigilant against allowing or accepting that within me.
So I cant drive a car and allow myself to not feel like I'm stealing from next generations.
Same with wind. I saw the truth long ago and fight, to walk the good path
Any darkness I allow within me, is like mud on my windshield driving through an infinite universe with infinite love and infinite wisdom that lends itself through its child to help bring healing to what is ill.
Please understand, if I speak of myself it is because that's the only one I have any right to change. And if our ways are different, I don't seek to have you agree with nor conform to mine.
I come here in a good way.
And hold great respect for those of respect, and strive to return it in good measure, the respect of others.
It would be as, if one called me master, I would be compelled to bow to their feet? In that teaching, please know I am humbled and honored to be here.
I do not love every animal, nor every human, nor every woman.
But I can live in peace with all of the above, by practicing respect.
Love is union. The stronger the union the stronger the love.
(saying that as personal belief, not stating fact upon anyone)
Then for love and peace to work together, you automatically have one nation
The stronger the union the stronger the love.
I dont have to love every horse.
nor do I love my horse because he is a horse, if anything I hold that against him because I'm a wolf person not a horse person.
His love is enough to make a difference in that.
Spirit sent me this horse, I didnt ask for him. (other than for him to go away)
Attacks all others but bows to me,
Never hurt me, protects me with his life,
Yet attacks others or their homes if they were inside them.
I did not treat him as my subordinate, as if I was above him,
just because he was a horse.
I did not love him. I did respect him.
I bowed back.
Comment by Martin Carriere on January 22, 2009 at 3:43am
It is time to let the horses comb the burrs from our minds and hearts. As Tree Thunderchild would know the caring of horses for us and for the balance they hold with each other and the rest of life is our gift to also venture forth within together. Glad to be here.
White Eagle,
Martin Carriere
Comment by SunBôw on January 22, 2009 at 3:26am
Thanks to all for joining and taking part. Yes, I agree. Respect is an essential ingredient for Peace, such as justice, honesty, humility and gratefulness, among other things. But in my understanding, all these qualities emanate from the true pure unconditional and compassionate Love for all living beings, as it frees the mind and soul from anger, hatred, frustration, resentment, prejudice or any other behaviors generating violence or suffering in humankind.

Peace on Earth also rules in the hearts of countless humans, no matter what situation they are living, and this is where it takes its source. One can maintain his/her own inner Peace even when there is no Peace around, but when there is no Peace inside, there can't be no Peace around.

Good idea to use solar and wind energy. I really miss that time when I was not getting any electricity bills... Keep the faith with your son. Mine went through some rough years and I had to wait a long time to reach him, but now he lives with me and we're doing great. Deeps bonds always stay alive.

As one of my friend used to say: Peace in Love
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on January 22, 2009 at 1:41am
Thanks for the invite :)
Sorry Serge but I cant do videos I'm on dialup and solar/wind power so I need to be conservative especially now, with client work, and low winds the past several days (a 5 minute video takes around 3 hours of power to view on dialup).

One World Nation of Peace Lovers?
I like that! I am part of that reality already so may as well join here :D
But I would like to add to "the way" is not only love, but also respect?
I know of many who do know love but in not knowing respect lost that love and got rather angry about it too (thinking of one of my sons at the moment that I did not raise).
I respect those who are respectful, not those who seek to only have respect without returning it.

Peace on earth, rules once peace here becomes stronger than that which opposes it.
In this way, we are at war and doing battle, armed with flowers, love, respect, honor, and PEACE.
We fight on our turf, not the enemies.
And we know the enemy is wounded and why it is fighting, including our healing it, but we will succeeded, because what is not real cannot survive without reality, so it can never destroy us.
Or it too, ceases to exist, and it knows that more now than before at any age.
Peace my friends!
Comment by Serge Da Sylva on January 21, 2009 at 8:01pm
Hello friends I just made a video to add to the Davos debate on youtube. Here is the link Davos 2009
Please go look at it and participate in the debate make comments and rate my video so it will get your energy and the more comments the more it gets pushed up to where more people are drawn to it.
The deadline was last night and I could not finish it for the deadline but I still am putting it up to raise real burning issues in the arena. This is part of my peace work. between making political talks and peace videos and your input it will raise the tone. I hope every one will go see the videos and give me a rating and a comment or more.
Also I have a rough draft of a song I wrote for the Gaza war . I put it early on youtube but I am still working on the final version where my friend Libby Goines from Oregon will sing also will add a bass and drum track.
Here is that link.Gaza song
Some pro Israel guy found my video and left a pro war comment. Let me see if you will add something different.
I have more activist videos on youtube also.

The Davos Debates/World Economic Forum 2009
Last year youtube had a very interesting challenge for 2008 connected
to the world economic summit in Davos Switzerland every year.
Here is the video with the challenge.

The question
Every year, global leaders attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how to better the world.

Again, YouTube is helping you get to join them.

In advance of the January 2009 Annual Meeting, the Forum is opening up four sessions from Davos to YouTube, so that you can take part. Vote on the debate propositions and upload a video with your opinion on the key topics.

The best videos will be played in the sessions at Davos, and the uploader of the best video overall will be invited to Davos to meet world leaders in person, all expenses paid, and report back to YouTube.

Videos will be judged on originality, solutions presented, and creativity.

Engage, debate, attend. It could be the start of something big.

Thank you for reading.

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