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Thoughts for the Day 13 th 2009

Never rejoice when you are praised or get dejected when you are blamed; be a spiritual lion unaffected by both. Be cheerful and smiling under all circumstances. Depression, doubt and conceit are harmful to spiritual aspirants. But when one's devotion is well established, even if these appear, they can be easily discarded.
Bhagavan Sathya Saibaba

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Thoughts for the Day 11th Mar 2009

The real criterion of moral conduct is harmony between one's thoughts, words and deeds. Morality consists in acting up to the rules of right conduct prescribed by society at a particular time and place for an individual or group. Of all human values, three are most important. The foremost is love of God. Where there is love, there is sacrifice. There arises purity of heart. There should be a fusion of love, sacrifice and purity. They are not mere human qualities. They constitute vital organs of… Continue

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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IV (Renunciation of Action) Verses 14 to 21


Na mama karmani limpanti na me karma-phale spreha !

Iti mam yo’bhijanati karmabhir ma sa badhyate !!

Actions do not taint Me, nor have I any desire for the fruits-of-actions. He who knows Me thus is not bound by his actions.

Swamy Chinmayananda

Actions do not affect Me. Nor have I any desire for the fruits of action. Whoever knows Me to be so, is not bound by Karma.

Swamy Tapasyananda

Commentaries by Swamy… Continue

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Thoughts for the day 5th Mar 2009

Only trees grown in fertile soil can yield good fruits. Those which are grown in saline soil will bear only poor quality of fruits. So also, only in the hearts which are pure and unsullied can such holy feelings and virtues like truth, compassion, forbearance, selflessness grow and shine. Like a farmer who toils to cultivate his field, a Bhakta (devotee) must put in efforts to cultivate the Name of the Lord in his heart in order to reap the harvest - the Lord Himself.

Bhagavan Sathya… Continue

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The Ten Commandments by Paramacharya Maha Swamigal Jagadguru Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi

1. One of our duties as human beings is to avail ourselves of every opportunity to do good to others. The poor can serve others by their loyal work to the country and the rich by their wealth to help the poor. Those who are influential can use their influence to better the condition of the lowly. That way we can keep alive in our hearts a sense of social service

2. Man by himself cannot create even a blade of grass. We will be guilty of gross ingratitude if we do not offer first to God… Continue

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Various Types of Worshippers

In all ages and in all religions, the spiritual aspirants and devotees have given natural expression to their innermost yearnings and noblest sentiments in hymns, psalms, praises and prayers. Sometimes they sing and pray our of the fullness of their hearts, dwelling in exalted moods untouched by cares and wants. But in most cases it is a consciousness of limitations and imperfections, or the sense of misery and helplessness that makes the weary and… Continue

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Hymns and Prayers (cont'd)

The Place of Hymns and Prayers in Worship

Sound and thought are inseparably connected, the former being an expression or vehicle of the latter. The spiritual aspirant takes the help of the sound with a view to awaken the holy thought in his mind. On rising to the mental plane he may do away with the sound symbol altogether. And if he is able to ascend to the heights of realization and lose himself in divine communion, he dispenses with the mental worship even.But until the… Continue

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Hymns and Prayers

The Use of Hymns and Prayers

Of the threefold forms of worship-physical, verbal and mental, that is, external adoration, invocation by praises and prayers , and meditation- the first, consisting of rituals and ceremonials of the past, has almost fallen out of use in the life of the individual, and this is greatly due to the stress of activity and lack of leisure and other conveniences in modern life. Noticing the tendency of the age, the authors of the Puranas- the popular scriptures… Continue

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Annapoorneshawari Stotram 4

Kshatra traana mahaa bhaya karee

mataa krupaa saagaree

Sarvaananda karee sadaa shiva karee

vishveshwaree shree dharee

Dakshaa kranda karee niraamaya karee

Kashee puraa deeshwaree

Bhiksham dehi krupaavalambana karee

mataa Annapoorneswaree...............................10

I worship mother Annapoorna, to grant me the alms of her mercy.She offers her grace and protection to the defeated and down-trodden,she is the great refuge, she is an ocean of… Continue

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Annapoorna Stotram (cont'd) 3

Wurvee sarva janeswaree jaya karee

Maataa krupaa saagaree

Vanee neela samaana kunthala dharee

Nityaa anna daaneshwaree

Saakshaan moksha karee sadaa shubha karee

Kashee puraa deeshwaree

Bhiksham dehi krupaavalambana karee

Mataa Annapoorneswaree 7

I worship mother Annapoorna, to grant me the alms of her mercy she is the origin of all living beings of this earth, she bestows victory, she is an ocean of mercy, she has tresses equalto shiny blue… Continue

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Annapoorneshwari Stotram (cont'd)

Kailaasaa chala kandaraa laya karee

Gowree uman shaankaree

Kowmaaree nigamaartha gochara karee

Omkara beejaaksharee

Moksh dwaara kavaata paatana karee

Kashee puraa dheeswaree

Bhiksham dehi krupaavalambana karee

Mataa Annpootneswaree 4

I worship mother Annapoorna, to give me, the alms of her mercy, she resides in Kailas, she has power of destruction, she is Uma, she is Shankari, she enables us to perceive Vedas, she is in the seed letter 'Om' she is… Continue

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Annapoorna Stotram

I am giving below the first three verses of "Annapoorna Stotram" composed by Sree Sankaracharya.It consists 12 verses and when read sounds very musical.

Nityaanada karee varaa bhaya karee

Soundarya ratnaa karee

Nirdhoothaa khila ghora paavana karee

Prtyaksha maaheswaree

Praaleyaa chala vamsa paavana karee

Kaashee puraadheeswaree

Bhikshaam dehi krupaavalambana karee

Maataa Annpoorneswaree 1

I worship Annapoorna, to give me the alms of her… Continue

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