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I just received a lovely note, and the following letter from Robi Damelin, who I wrote about in my previous blog post "The Courage to Forgive in the Holy Land." She found my recent blog on Ipeace. With Robi's permission, I share this letter from her, written yesterday...


By Robi Damelin

Of the Bereaved Parents Circle - Families Forum

How I wish I could view life through certain eyes of black and white, and that this grey picture… Continue

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In 2004 I visited Israel and Palestine, to film for Scared Sacred, for what was to become the powerful, moving conclusion of the film. Below are some excerpts from my journal. It features a remarkable group of people known as the Bereaved Families Circle, parents of both Israeli's and Palestinians who were killed in the conflict, who have banded to together to say: enough. Enough killing. It's time to stop this… Continue

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The Meaning of Life

Strange how we so often think it is silly to ask the question, "what is the meaning of life?" Since I started shooting Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action, I ask everyone I interview that question - from people on the street, to luminaries like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. The initial response is often surprise, laughter, and then - holy cow, he's serious. Some just launch right in, as it is a question they have asked themselves very often. Others might… Continue

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Out of The Shadows

As the days begin to grow longer again, and the light grows brighter, it's an excellent time to reflect, renew and reclaim our Selves. Time to let go of all that is not True, and bring forward all that is.

Awakening is not a distant dream, something that will one day bless us, like a lightening bolt from heaven. It is the very next choice you make. It is the moment in which you choose Love - expansion - over contraction. Only Love is real - the rest is illusion. Only light is real.… Continue

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Imagine a World where each and every one of was committed to discovering who we are truly here to be, committed to unwrapping our gifts, to living from our deepest being. Imagine a world where we support each other in that quest. Imagine a world where we see in each other our potential to become – Buddha to be, Gandhi to be, Einstein to be. Imagine a world where we greet each other with compassion and an open heart – Dalai Lama to be, Amma to be, Mother Theresa to be. Imagine a world where we… Continue

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