15,000 STORIES (your personal stories with a SMILE-MAKING ending only)

SMILING I am learning is not that easy after all! I am learning here having this group, it is sort of a condensed society entailing many of the little problems that the real society, and definitely iPeace included, has to deal with everyday.
My intention: create a place where iPeace members can go to to take a breath, read a story that gives them a reason to SMILE


PLEASE in order to keep this group a place where you know what you are going to find here

1.No videos
2. No stories with depressing endings (I know, I know, what is depressing for some might not be depressing for others....let's say there has to be a DECENT SMILE MAKING POSSIBILITY somewhere in the story)
3. No advertising of any sort (or leaving your emails, etc)
4.Stick to the point: let's put STORIES on here, not just "Hi, how are you?" on it (sorry, but hate to repeat....
STORIES WITH SMILES is what we need here)

I have already written to two people asking them, politely, to consider my idea that their stories were not right, or what they wrote wasn't really on topic. There are LOADS OF PLACES ON IPEACE to put everything - blogs, discussions, or start your own group!

I really would prefer not having to write to people about this. It takes so much time!!!
Doing the best I can - HONESTLY!!

Now.....write a happy ending story for the good of us all. Everyone needs a smile now and then.

And we definitely need some lightheartedness - we all do.


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