No Bailout!
by John Wilmerding

Prior to the illegal Iraq war, the USA was still floating on a global wave of sympathy following 9/11. The dollar fiat hegemony was intact, and the Afghanistan war had not yet damaged the economy.

But laws of economic equilibrium had begun to come into sway.

Following the collapse of the Soviet empire, laws of economics say that the one on the other side of the globe should also have scaled down. But it didn't. Instead, it ramped up its efforts to control the world, saying in effect, 'hey folks, we won, we'll take it from here, we are the greatest in the world'! It was like the carpetbaggers in the South after the Civil War. And with such a heady sense of power, shunted right into greed, were sown the seeds of the USA / Euro supremacy's eventual demise.

Bush was such a poor student at Harvard that he never learned a thing about economics. He doesn't even read newspapers ... can you believe it? And the people he trusted to keep him informed played him for a sucker to the hilt. Now he is the lame-duck head of a ruined nation, because he never bothered to learn about primary, secondary and tertiary economics. It's the tertiary guys who took over Washington, everyone in it for themselves, after windfall profits, scams, and schemes, and completely neglecting the basic -- primary and secondary -- engines of economic stability, much less growth.

And now they want a 'bail-out' -- after they have raped the world and destroyed the US economy, squandering almost all our international good will in the process. Now they want us to prop up their six-, seven-, and eight-figure salaries. Imagine that.

Now we are stuck with the obsolescent remainders of empire -- the machinery for way-overpriced weapons, war, and death, when these are fast going out of style. And ironically because the rarified atmosphere of such extremely expensive weaponry limit purchases to only a few units per production contract, the USA can even now be regarded as critically vulnerable in the military arena.

The fools in Washington do not even have a clue as to why the US economy is being ravaged. It is not just mismanagement in the financial industries -- it is the fall of the fiat dollar hegemony, the only thing that kept the USA soaring financially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That, and the Chinese buy-into the dollar as a more-or-less stable currency base, kept the house of cards afloat nearly a couple of decades longer -- this is short-time in the grand scale of history, folks.

For a little while, it looked like a real empire, this USA. But all it ever was, was the policeman for the real empire -- white people expanding everywhere throughout the globe. If white supremacy continues, there will be a changing-of-the-guard, and either Russia or Europe will take the lead. No more global cop pretending to be the epitome of affluence and prosperity. Chomsky was right, the game was to make the USA into a mostly "third-world" labor camp like any other. Now we, the newly poor, will have to wonder, with chagrin and trepidation, how long the existing social contract and economic safety-net will last.

Eisenhower was right when he said, "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed." Now we know, however, that wasn't even half the story. The rest of it comes into play, starting here and now. Because until now, we have put off the resultant poverty onto the rest of the world, the most innocent and vulnerable of the world's people. Now, however, the chickens have come home to roost. Chicken-hawk Politicians can no longer promise a chicken in every pot -- now the truth is out -- any chances of domestic prosperity in the short to intermediate term have now officially flown the coop.

If you are a USAer, call your congressperson and senator. Get your friends and relatives in the USA to do it too. Demand that they vote down ANY effort at a bailout going to the rich. No one with an income above $50-100,000 should even be touched by it. If we can't have bread, they can't have cake.

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Comment by Charles Hill on January 4, 2009 at 9:44pm
A change is going to come. Let's hope that it will be in a positive direction.


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