You can accept insanity because you made it, but you cannot accept love because you did not. The biggest fear humans have is not of fear itself, but rather love.

And, how do they express this fear? With a set of fanciful histrionic-like interest in this or that fairytale WITHOUT seemingly ever taking a moment to ask self with openness (that means without your past or future), why? Why do I believe this? What is the belief in this returning to me? What was I missing that seemed to warrant the belief in this?

What if you weren’t missing anything? Have you ever considered that possibility? Ah, but this possibility seems to freak you out doesn’t it? If you believe what I’m telling, even your tears aren’t sacred.


Ok, let’s get more general then specific here as we expose and dismantle some more blockages to source.

Is anything sacred?


Is ANYTHING sacred?


Let’s talk about some myths….

Is eating raw food good or bad? Neither.

Should you have monogamous sex, poly-amorous sex or be celibate? It doesn’t matter.

Is the Atkins diet the best diet out there? It doesn’t matter.

Is the planet transforming? It doesn’t matter.

Will the hydrogen engine ever replace the gas engine? Yes, but it doesn’t matter.

Is George Bush right or wrong? It doesn’t matter.

Should I vote for McCain, Obama, or Ron Paul? It doesn’t matter.

Is he the ‘one’ or is she the ‘one?’ No, there is NO SUCH THING as THE ONE – unless you are referring to your one relationship with source.

Are you having fun yet? Or is this too much? To your ego, I assure you, my words are offensive and entirely idiotic.


Q: Well, now wait a minute Nash, surely something matters, what are you trying to say?

A: Your commitment to your ego’s definition of what ‘is’ prompted you to make all of that stuff above and a nearly unlimited set of other nonsense concurrently deeming the entirety of ‘it’ as important and necessary – selecting and deselecting its self-assigned degrees of importance is how you spend your day, do you see that? Then you sit around and debate the nuances and apparent subtleties of your selection criteria. You delight in what you think is clever or especially insightful for the moment.

Q: From what source does the idea of ‘sacred’ emerge?

A: Your ego.

Q: What is this behavior then that seems to perceive this object as holy and that act or non-act as sacred as worthy of your dedication and reverence?

A: It is a ‘call for love.’ It is your acceptance of a false reality – of a state of separation – where decisions like what to eat and whether or not you should have sex – become elevated to some heightened importance.

Q: But, have you ever considered that why you are designating and then elevating these seemingly important matters, assigning them intense reality to you, is because you are afraid to know source, to know love?

Q: But Nash, you just don’t understand, I’ve given this a lot of thought and all my experiences have built this wisdom in me.

A: If your experience and grand wisdom was derived from a thought construct that accepts either or both of past and future as real, then your wisdom is NOT wisdom, it is your ego.

Q: Ok, so you’re telling me I’m delusional, is that it? And, let’s pretend that you’re right, am I wrong for having fantasies?

A: Neither are you wrong nor should you feel guilty.

Q: Why am I not wrong or guilty, it sure seems like I should be wrong or guilty?

A: Both ideas ‘wrong’ and ‘guilty,’ if accepted as states of your being-ness, are false and distorting. Yet, how many of you first truly believe you’re innocent and second see everyone around you as innocent as well?


Let me tell you about the ego – this thing you’ve developed to replace your relationship with source:

It is powerful but it gets its power from your belief in it.

It is inventive and clever but it gets those abilities from your amplified commitment to it.

It is responsible for what you see if you see a past, future, and seeming other people as separate from you – but, yet again, it could not do these things – invent time and space – without your investment in its potential. So, who is responsible for what you are seeing? You.


Q: So, I made the ego?
A: Yes.

Q: And, what I’m seeing around me isn’t real?
A: Correct

Q: By the way, what is the ego?
A: An idea that you and source could be separate. This false idea could only manifest a fragmented picture for you because it is the idea of separation – do you get it? You made this up. And you can just as easily un-make it by withdrawing your belief in it. Since the idea is a lie, ‘seek and do NOT find’ become the theme of your life’s experiences and TEARS will seem quite sacred to you since they had to accompany each seeming recognition that you made on your apparent journey (into this idea).

Q: How did you know I feel alone?
A: Feelings come after thoughts. If you think you and source are separate from each other, you must feel alone.

Thoughts equal cause. Experience (feelings, worshipping your perceptions) equal effect.

Q: Are there degrees of separation from source?

A: People on this planet seem inordinately fascinated with identifying and then navigating and even teaching these degrees, but you don’t have to turn your mind off within the obfuscating dust cloud of learning how to meditate, how to pray, how to see yourself, determining if you are a bird person transplanted here from another planet, blah, blah, blah….the activities drone on, yes?

Q: Nash, I’m beginning to feel ridiculous and, at the same time, I think I might be getting what you are saying – but I don’t want to feel silly about all my emphatic games.

A: Silliness is a false state of your being-ness, don’t go there - - that you might see value in going there simply announces your fear of source….yet source and you are LOVE, complete acceptance, there is nothing to fear….

The universe is always and in all ways conspiring in your favor….we’ll talk more about the implications of this idea on my next rant….

Between now and then, have a party….-☺

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Comment by Nash on November 4, 2008 at 6:02am
thanks Joe -:)
Comment by Joe Marshalla on November 4, 2008 at 5:36am
Blah blah blabla blah! Oh, and Blah blan lah zorbin glick glocken zlotssss.! That means... whatever you make it mean I guess...but... it's intended meaning is... Love your words man... love your words!
Comment by Nash on October 30, 2008 at 7:06pm
thanks -:)
Comment by Angelsong on October 30, 2008 at 4:59pm
:) I love reading your ego making an opinion?



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