The hearts of mankind are like stone to the plan, of our Universal oneness
since time began
A revolution is needed, nations unite! Choose world peace over all,
there's no need to fight
If we'd all band together, our conscious as one, all war, greed and
hatred would finally be done
Yet, still we watch as our troops march to war, as terrorists grow bolder,
even more than before
Innocents are dying, they lay in the streets. What's the purpose behind
it, why must they take the heat?
Starvation and poverty, homelessness too, shouldn't these be the
issues we all adhere to?
All this murder and mayhem in the name of what? Peace?
"Civilization" as we know it is about up on it's lease
Anything watching our world from afar, must be shaking their heads
at how stupid we are
Abusing our gaia, killing our own, this madness amidst us must be
Universal oneness should be everyone's goal. We can do it together!
Not apart, but as a whole.

~Lisa Emery Irwin

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