A bagel without some cream cheese, lox, tomato, onion....is sort of sad : (

Remember, old iPeacers when we would look at the carousel up above and see about twenty or more people going around and around? Sometimes we would end up rubbing shoulders with someone from England and someone from India. A girl felt sort of special with all these "guys" right next to her rubbing virtual shoulders with the world's people.

NOW we find ourselves together with just two other people, and even just ONE person. Sort of embarassing, finding yourself alone with a man, perhaps one you didn't really chose, but just happens to be awake at the same time you log in to iPeace. And there you are, the two of you "alone" not knowing what to do...log out, or start a chat.

If THIS is the intention of iPeace, to set up two or three people, that is one thing. But I thought it was to perhaps get the old (once) faithful members to find their home again.

Sort of sad.

Sort of strange.

There are some solutions though, David.

And please....don't think or say "People must not want iPeace anymore, they are not coming back, why don't they care anymore".

It is because, I believe, that they want to see that there is a base here. We have said dozens of times: an adminstration, a group to lean on in case of need, an organization that feels like security.

Think about it, and don't forget....WRITE BACK!!

Imagine a machine outside a bank ignoring your requests for a withdrawal?

Imagine giving a present without receiving a thank you?

Imagine leaving a message on an answering machine and not receiving a response?

The silence is hard to take.

It does not lead to anything.

We need some answers David.

Give us a few, and you will see more people on the carousel.

And don't be shy about knowing what our questions are...we can ask them again. We have written them all over the "old"ipeace. Mostly they have to do with forming an administration.

Get the carousel moving, David. Your intentions were good by re-opening iPeace. It is human nature that people want to feel there is a pulsating energy when they join something again that has been taken offline.

I've said enough

Excuse me if I may bore you David.

Like I said, just going by my intuition.

ps - a bare bagel needs something inside to really make it special!

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