A message about Spring by Master Teacher Father Peter Bowes

Spring Has Sprung
The powerful energies that come into the Earth at this Spring time quicken the planet with vitality and life. Everything is moving and life infuses leaves and flowers unfolding a magnificent pageantry of nature budding and blossoming. People are motivated to start cleaning and organizing, removing clutter and making room for the new. If you respond to this incredible force unleashed in the Earth at this time by the powers of the Sun, you will feel the lift and elevation of spiritual energies as well as physical. The spiritual energies are Resurrection energies. Renewal. rebirth, transformation and change accompany this natural cycle. The frozen waters of winter melt and moisten the ground, waking up the seed embryos and trigger an awakening impulse to reach up to the Sun. Animals get busy. Humans are fired up to to renovate or fix things. The quiet waiting in winter is over because it is time to get moving and do. Action is the hallmark of this season of Spring - renewal and exposure of the light after the darkness of winter. You can use this time to motivate yourself to make those changes you always wanted to make. You should get rid of those things that you have not used in over a year - circulate them or sell them. Paint a room or change a fixture; move things around and try something new. What are you waiting for?
Inside your soul, the urgency to come close to God is also calling you to be more inner connected and responsive to the urgencies of God speaking to you. God has been trying to reach you through dreams and whispers for so long. Are you going to listen now? God is always available and longing to help you become like you were created - in spiritual image and likeness of God. Don't be dense - that doesn't mean physical likeness. It means spiritual likeness and image. The more like God you become, the more you will be happy and fulfilled. There is no real happiness or fulfillment outside of God. Doing your own thing will not make you happy. That will make you more angry and sad. Learning to still that noisy mind will help you hear what God has to give you.
Father Peter

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