A Message from Ascended Master, Saint Patrick

God’s Presence is Already with You
A Message from Ascended Master, Saint Patrick
Channeler: Julie Miller
September 23, 2011


I, Master Saint Patrick, the very same that encouraged the snakes to flee Ireland. I come bearing many blessings of God's Love and of my own heart. A talented bunch lies before me as I see and speak through this child today. It warms my heart to be among you today, and on any day when you ask of me to share your journey.


The FULLNESS that is required of you that lies within your heart that will bring you forward to your Divine Plan. Fulfilling and knowing your Divine Plan is very much possible dearest sons and daughters of God. It begins with an open heart. The open heart will not be able to flourish if your mind is not also opened. You must be completely willing to bring all aspects of human desire, emotions and all else under control. Be at peace with yourself. This comes when you cleared yourself from circumstances that no longer serve any purpose other than cause pain. Clearing of these, will remove the pain and allow you to move forward. If you reach a point where some of your challenges are frightening, and seemingly too much to bear alone; please dear ones call upon me. I will help shield you within the Love of God which is extended through me.


Some of you are just receiving your God Spark, and you are wondering where this Spark will take you. Allow your heart to guide you dear ones. Think always clearly and know that what lies before you is indeed beautiful. A journey you have embarked upon that has many trials, and you will pass through each one. You will learn, and gain much wisdom from your experiences. And there are some of you that have had God's Spark within them for some time. These ones are sitting on it, wondering when to act. Dear ones there is no time like the present. There is never a bad time to share God's love that is within you. You have watched so many, wanting to do something, anything; when you don't need to be doing much other than LOVE. Once you begin sharing that LOVE, you will begin to feel drawn to more areas where you will benefit and where others will benefit from you. And yes there are folks that know already what their Divine Plan is and they are steadfastly working and moving forward. This does not mean their road has been easy. They have had many terrific challenges that for some rocked their very own beliefs. But they dug deep, maintained their grounding with the Mother Earth and with themselves and continued on. All of you already have God's Presence with you. For some of you, it’s been so long since you have recognized it. Look within yourself more often and see God's light that is shining ever so brightly in ALL of you. This light has brought you out of many shadows and areas of unknown many of times and will so again. You do not have to say God's name out loud to be noticed, you merely need to think consciously or even unconsciously.


While on this road dear ones, learning your Divine Plan, becoming more and more enlightened, be that words spoken from you include kindness, goodness, love, helpfulness and does not speak ill of others. Judge no one and be of LOVE always. Shine with God's love every moment of your day. For all of you that have the God Spark within them, regardless of where they are on this journey have been given an opportunity. This opportunity is to re-establish the connection, you once thought was severed. Slowly, each of you is moving back into the brighter light of God. Feel this with your inner self, know this is true. Each of you DOES have a role, a mission, a reason for being called. You will learn more as you continue towards the beautiful light and love of our ever loving God. You learn more of where you are going as you learn more about yourself and accept all that there is.


You will master control of your emotions. You will learn to keep your ego in check as your ego speaks out of fear and there is nothing to fear when you are basking in the Light of God. That light, the spark that is now glowing within you, is drawing you closer all the time. You will come across others dear ones that will fear your strength, or not understand your beliefs, or could be something else altogether. Do not take your precious energy and argue dear ones, LOVE them. Being this compassionate comes from a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you. The ability to show compassion to those that oppose you, is the way of God dear ones, and is encouraged.


Learn to embrace each and every part of the journey you are on, even the tough parts. Embrace God's love as intensely as you possibly can and share that love and intensity with all you meet. God's love for all his children is beyond measure dear ones. Focus your attention on staying true to your mission, to the journey you willingly agreed upon. I see ahead of you much harmony and joy. I also see much work to do. I commend you for your efforts so far and I know you do all you can to enlarge the God spark that is there. I have asked this child to include my Lorica. http://www.ancienttexts.org/library/celtic/ctexts/p03.html


Sweet Blessings of Love and Joy to all of you,


Ascended Master, Saint Patrick.

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