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I'm sittin' here at home with a bad back, I decided to get a lift home from school early because I was in too much pain. So I wacked the kettle on, got out the biscuits, I was a bit stressed, and realised that biscuits solve many many problems! It is my opinion that we should have one day say, every month, when we sit down with a few people they could be complete strangers, and share a pack of biscuits! Because no matter what the problem is or whoever you have fallen out with, as soon as the biscuits come out everyone is smiling!

The Houses of Parliament, Presidential meetings, G-8 summits, should all have biscuits. Politicians would get along much better and solve a lot more problems with Digestives....

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Comment by Rich Lavery on March 30, 2009 at 6:41pm
I might just do that :P

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