To this, Shanghai weicon optics glasses co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as weicon), head of research and development department told this newspaper, oxygen transmission coefficient in accordance with national standard "oxygen transmission coefficient of nominal value relative tolerance should be + / - 20%".Deviation is so great that the director explained, not deliberately qi through oxygen coefficient, but the result of test precision.
And is responsible for the test engineer to "consumer reports" reporter, said testing oxygen transmission coefficient process takes long, complex step, Knockoff Ray Bansthe measured below the nominal or higher than the nominal is normal phenomenon."Past enterprise inspection, oxygen transmission coefficient is lower than the nominal does happen, near the lower limit is also happened. But as long as not qualified, these companies usually have no opinion."
Than may let people regain frame glasses of oxygen transmission performance, the thickness of lens center test results, it seems, are still ok.
Johnson &johnson Ann as optimal ShuRi and haichang EASYDAY Gao Qingshui embellish the measured center thickness and nominal error is biggest, fake Ray Bans the former is lower than the nominal 0.014 mm, which is beyond the nominal 0.016 mm, although both near the center edge of the relative error of plus or minus 0.02 mm thick, but as a result of the very different.
For the same material of contact lenses, the thickness is inversely proportional to the effect of the air.Thinning of the Johnson & Johnson in the air to improve performance, but because of the measured thicker, hydron oxygen transmission performance.
It is important to note that your correspondent laboratory of detailed data and comparison, Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans and the stability of the product has certain gap.Ann Johnson as optimal ShuRi center thickness difference between the raw data is less, poor is 0.002 mm, and also has medical background apparent kondo water embellish throw everyday, poor center thickness is 0.010 mm.(pictured)
"Look at the data really have the difference, but in clinic, is feel the difference."Be engaged in research and development of contact lens Zhu Qingji doctor told reporters.
True, for my contact lenses in this particular products, Cheap Fake Ray Bans focus on parameters is important, but the only real ability when wearing experience to the quality of the products.
Yang Xiao pointed out that the same product to different people, wearing feeling may also have the very big difference, and the wearer of the cornea situation are inseparable.In addition to the above oxygen transmission performance, other indicators also affect the wearing comfort, "consumer reports" will continue to follow-up.

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