30 Dividend Paying Consumer ralph Lauren Stocks for Defensive Investing In a previous study, we showed that ralph lauren UK the average return of high dividend yielding stocks was 13.04% between 1927 and 2009.Dividend stocks beat the overall market by an average of 1.36% per year during that period.In another article, we compiled a list of top 30 s 500 financial stocks and showed that high dividend yielding financial stocks performed better than low dividend yielding ones since the beginning of this year. We prefer high dividend stocks since they generally perform better and usually increase dividend payments over the succeeding 5 10 years.In addition, we are concerned about the fed loose monetary policy and cheap ralph lauren want to protect ourselves against inflation.One of the best ways to play defense in an inflationary environment is by investing in high dividend yielding stocks. We compiled a list of the top 30 s 500 consumer goods stocks(The sector classifications are sourced from finviz and the market data are sourced from fidelity)By market cap and ranked them based on their annualized dividend yields.The top and bottom halves and their performances are shown below.

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