"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Artlantica Ayurveda Health Resort / Madeira", a planning project
as a contribution to society and climate change.

(We are working on an international network of Ecovillage projects that we want to use to support each other!)

===>> LINK zur Madeira-DIA-Show

Harmony and quality of life demonstrate an example of a holistic resort and spa resort with self-sufficient community of life and permaculture. This new eco-tourist heaven with a holistic community of life is to appreciate a new opportunity especially for people with a pioneering spirit, unspoiled nature, together with a pleasant climate.

Especially for those who holistic terms mean something like Feng shui, wellness, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, permaculture, alternative school, eco-tourism, free energy.

This vision unfolds in Madeira, the Atlantic island of eternal spring, one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal on a 55-acre estate grounds, with its healthy climate, clean water, fresh air, rich soil and a fantastic nature - far away from stress, crises and inclement climate.

The "Artlantica Ayurveda Health Resort" is planned as a holiday and health village, the model for the Community Building, and settling for the health and eco-tourism have.

"Artlantica Ayurveda Health Resort" - a village in the natural design that is both a residential community as well as a holiday and health resort understands.

The heart of the Artlantica-Ecovillage will be the planned Ayurvedic Natural Health Center, which is for the betterment and health of residents. The goal is to achieve community living, while respecting the individual privacy of each resident and visitor.

To create a city with cultural and spiritual guide whose life is enriched by concerts, artists, activities, therapies, meditation, theater and dance.

Artlantica - a solar village, and car-free community with low density. Only ten percent of the land earmarked for future municipal building. Streets and sidewalks will account for one third of the property. The remaining area is largely undeveloped nature, will be accessible to the public.

Planning goals: Orientation and Identification

As a holistic Association, the planners have set a goal of realizing freedom, creativity, joy of living and loving together in the village to health and to create places of peace and solitude.

The spiral as the primary form of evolution and growth is both the landscaping and the architectural layout of buildings down to the individual buildings to determine the "growing spiral house." The spiral also shows the path of internalization, it is a symbol of meditation.

That according to the guidelines of VASTU (6000 years old Indian science) planned Ecovillage provides for that information to the northeast places of silence and the temple. Radial lines of sight to serve the community building as well as the resident of the Village Center Community Facilities: Eco-Business Park, arts and cultural center, school and kindergarten.

The waterfront living concept applies in the form of streams, ponds and cascades, the purifying power of living water in the landscape design with energizing book.

Mehrgenerationenwohnen is in our view, both a child and youth-as well as to allow the village to make a dignified life in old age and provide a death in a loving community and in accompaniment. We differentiate ourselves positively from many similar new settlement projects.

Visit us at the information evening after Artlantica-Phone in advance on 19 October at 19 clock in the Project Center at Christ Strasse 32 A in 14059 Berlin.

The next info ====>>> trip to Madeira is planned in December. For those coming to?! So far, Jurgen Schmidt and Peter Raschke traveling from DEVA-Nature House, which is included as an innovative DOM-house designers from the beginning in the structural development of residential projects.

Accommodation at the Retreat Resort.
====>>> Die nächste Info-Reise nach Madeira ist im Dezember geplant. Wer kommt noch mit?!! Bisher reisen Jürgen Schmidt und Peter Raschke von DEVA-Naturhaus mit, der als innovativer DOM-Hausgestalter von Anfang an bei der baulichen Entwicklung der Wohnprojekte einbezogen ist.

Unterkunftsmöglichkeit im Retreat-Resort.

Kontakt: Jürgen Schmidt
Tel: +49(0)30 6040 1600
Fax:+49(0)1805 323266 31399
Email: artlantica@freenet.de



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