Ever since I received this amazing invitation..and to know that all my dreams have come true to make this world a

a better and D-cent pleace...I can hardly sleep...I just keep on dreaming of the great opportunity I´ve been given to share with my fellow man all the social inventions I´ve been working on for years..and just imagine the great HONOR to be there ..and not just that..but to make that different that everybody usually talks so much about!

Thanks myNilay for given me this chance to be HUMAN in such a HIGH HUMANITARIAN GLOBAL LEVEL!

Blessings from Sweden!

To Patriciainsweden

I am Nilay Band from India inviting you to associate with our World Peace & Friendship Project. With the strong bonds of Faith, Confidence, Affection & fraternity we can make our mother planet Peaceful & Happy. I appeal you to join our World Peace Mission for Human welfare. Our peaceful living & the prosperity totally depends on the Global Peace.

We are undertaking the World Peace Mission, aiming to promote global Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood & Cooperation. This project is approved my Govt. of India & South Africa as we are travelling from India to South Africa covering all most all disterbed & war affected countries. Please view my profile & the photos on Gandhi Serve / iPeace / Gandhi Topia / DoPeace / Tagged etc. having project testimonials, for judging it's genuinity.
Synopsis of this mission can be viewed on the web site of US President -- Barack Obama (link http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gpt3k2) He is my 1st friend at DoPeace.Org. Our project web site can be viewed at : www.mahatmagandhi-peaceexpedition.com (dates of the project will be revised soon) This peace project would be followed by an International Musical Concert by Mr. Tobias Huber of USA, in India. He is also a team mate of our Peace Mission. Please visit DoPeace.org to view Mr. Barack Obama, Honorable President of USA is also member of it & communicate with Peace Lovers across the world. In fact He is my 1st Friend there.

Now we are proposed to commence it from India on October 2nd, 2009 & then conclude the same at South Africa on November 20th, 2009. You may join this project as we are selecting 30 ladies & gents from all 5 continents. We have already selected 26 members from the Asia, America, Europe, Australia & Africa. Now we are searching 4 more members from USA, UK & Australia to give global face to the team. 10 ladies are already selected in the team from various nations. All project & air fare cost would be borne by our NGO institution NASA. I may send you detail project profile for your perusal if you find any interest in it. Send me your Email ID to forward you the profile of project with Govt. of India, South Africa & other testimonials. Please respond. Regards.

Nilay Band, India
Peace Team Leader
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At 2:54pm on July 15, 2009, rosekone said…
Good day,

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