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Ever since I received this amazing invitation..and to know that all my dreams have come true to make this world a

a better and D-cent pleace...I can hardly sleep...I just keep on dreaming of the great opportunity I´ve been given to share with my fellow man all the social inventions I´ve been working on for years..and just imagine the great HONOR to be there ..and not just that..but to make that different that everybody usually talks so much about!

Thanks myNilay for given me this chance to be HUMAN in such a HIGH HUMANITARIAN GLOBAL LEVEL!

Blessings from Sweden!

To… Continue

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I still don´t know if thei FAKED INDIA world Mission Creator NILAY BANS is a member of iPeace!

To loose to learn is never a lost!

you can´t possibly see the stars with our darkness and I just want to let you know that the INDIA and Pakistan March were just a FRAUD..

That Muhammad Khrushid who I introduced to all of you members of our imaginepeacepleace over half a year ago (I guess) and who also became one of our administrators is just a common and inD-cent network criminal who is using as pacifists to make money..I sent him 2.500 crowns and right after that,… Continue

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About my search for that better way to make this world a D-cent place!

Some Facts about my place in this world

as a LIFE D-signer!

I'm an artist, an inventor, a designer, a sculptress, an informant.

Everything in a medley.

I became an inventor due to the fact that our third child, Madeleine,

was born with a severe handicap. She wasn't capable of moving and

talking, and suffered from difficulties with breathing etc.

One of Madeleine's doctors stated his opinion on her as seriously

retarded. I succeeded in showing quite… Continue

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About the contribution of the students at the Fenix school in Sweden to the INDIA - MISSION MARCH

I´m one of the 30 delegates of the MISSION march for PEACE and FRIENDSHIP and our Swedish contribution is to spread one of Mahatma Gandhi´s coded quotations through Google for the people to D-code them and for every D-coded quotation we hope that Google will drop a cent into an account on behalf of the tearless and toyful children to B with all the worlds citizen´s help!

Peace+Please=Pleace Eleonora..let me know your opinion..some people think this is a crazy idea but as these… Continue

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Donating ARTWORK for LIFE ! onn behalf of FATIMA..a mother awife and a syster caught in the middle of a WAR

Yes Moud (Muhammad)!

I must introduce myself first since is as a "mother" and as a "sister" that I´m turning to all of you on behalf of our sister Fatima and he beloved husband and children....

I´m a LIFE designer which means that my brain is always looking for that "better way" to heal the world!

I supposed some of you ´re my colleagues in the ART arena so I´m here to encourage you to donate your own "ARTWORK" and show through this iPeace network… Continue

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What about using David Califa´s PayPal account ON behalf of MOUD KHURSHID and his beloved family?

Hi to all the iPeace members...

As I cOnsider myself a real pacifist and that´s ONe of the reasONs why I ´ve joined this iPeace network...I would like to share some of my thoughts about MOUD and his "unpleasant" situatiON as for him is extremely denigrating to turn to a whole organizatiON and ask for help...I know his feeling as I myself have been in a similar situatiON...I was forced to hunger strike and beg for money to the passing by passengers from a a rail road statiOn in… Continue

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To MOUD Khurshid!...I just deletedmy message to all of the members as this message says it all!

Golden Rays

Towards Our Ascension to the Golden Age... as ONE.



Ted has invited you to the event 'Fire The Grid II' on Golden Rays!

Shall We BE as 'One'...?

We Shall!

Thank You for BEing 'You', as Always!

as en Lak'ech!

Fire The Grid II Time: July 28, 2009 from 7:15pm to 8:30pm

Location: Wherever YOU Are.

Organized By: The Golden Rays, Indie Go! and IAg

Event Description:

"… Continue

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