Donating ARTWORK for LIFE ! onn behalf of FATIMA..a mother awife and a syster caught in the middle of a WAR

Yes Moud (Muhammad)!

I must introduce myself first since is as a "mother" and as a "sister" that I´m turning to all of you on behalf of our sister Fatima and he beloved husband and children....

I´m a LIFE designer which means that my brain is always looking for that "better way" to heal the world!

I supposed some of you ´re my colleagues in the ART arena so I´m here to encourage you to donate your own "ARTWORK" and show through this iPeace network and write down our purpose..

"ON behalf of FATIMA"

The strategy to be able to reach out for these beloved family

...just buy a lottery number which each participant can get by adding her/his name right bellow the name and number appearing on the Lottery list under each donated ARTWORK..if you happen to like any of the donated artwork..just add your name and number underneath the picture of the artists pain that you like most and the rest is simple...FATIMA will have the chance to feed her family better and to meet the father of her children...

We´ll be 5 dollars "poorer" but millions of times happier!

Blessings from Patricainsweden!

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