What about using David Califa´s PayPal account ON behalf of MOUD KHURSHID and his beloved family?

Hi to all the iPeace members...

As I cOnsider myself a real pacifist and that´s ONe of the reasONs why I ´ve joined this iPeace network...I would like to share some of my thoughts about MOUD and his "unpleasant" situatiON as for him is extremely denigrating to turn to a whole organizatiON and ask for help...I know his feeling as I myself have been in a similar situatiON...I was forced to hunger strike and beg for money to the passing by passengers from a a rail road statiOn in order to transport my dis"ABLED" daughter Madeleine to the USA fro secONd opiniON!...I even got insulted for doing an actiON or that lind in a country like this..so why should I doubt to help a journalist who his life have been dedicated to stand for the HUMAN RIGHTS?


Who would like to join me and ask David Califa to open an account ON behalf of my FRIEND and HERO MOUD KHURSHID?

I´ll be the first ONe to make the first dONatiON which I want to deposit into the iPeace account that we all know David has created on behalf of all possible PEACE issues and MOUD`s issue should be included as such!

Ever since I found out about who MOUD was..I started sending messages to all possible VIP or "common" people or what ever people I could think of who would feel some compassiON ..but until today...I just received a message from Imelda in Canada..(Thanks Imelda..I´m ON my way to answer and show you my gratitude for your interest on behalf of MOUD who I´m sure will be writing to you "personally" as soOn as I send your comment).

If there is anybody who wants to join in..welcome...Patriciainsweden!

Blessings to all of you!

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