About the contribution of the students at the Fenix school in Sweden to the INDIA - MISSION MARCH

I´m one of the 30 delegates of the MISSION march for PEACE and FRIENDSHIP and our Swedish contribution is to spread one of Mahatma Gandhi´s coded quotations through Google for the people to D-code them and for every D-coded quotation we hope that Google will drop a cent into an account on behalf of the tearless and toyful children to B with all the worlds citizen´s help!

Peace+Please=Pleace Eleonora..let me know your opinion..some people think this is a crazy idea but as these students are on his way to launch the most serious GAME (as in the cold war) were coded messages were sent from both sides in order to "destroy" each other by using their deadly weapons ...the students tactic is to challenge the world to D-code Gandhi´s quotations so there will be a non stop NEWCLEAR CODE to be D-coded every single day by us...."concerned" world ´s citizens!

And pennies from heaven will be falling into the children thin and dirty hands!

Blessings from Patriciainsweden!

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