About my search for that better way to make this world a D-cent place!

Some Facts about my place in this world
as a LIFE D-signer!

I'm an artist, an inventor, a designer, a sculptress, an informant.
Everything in a medley.
I became an inventor due to the fact that our third child, Madeleine,
was born with a severe handicap. She wasn't capable of moving and
talking, and suffered from difficulties with breathing etc.
One of Madeleine's doctors stated his opinion on her as seriously
retarded. I succeeded in showing quite the opposite by developing a
coordinate system, which gave her the chance to communicate.

Madeleine passed away 1993, 9 years old. To overcome my grief after her
death, I started a frenetic work of creation. I began to crochet
dresses from copper wire. They are made out of industrial waste as
plastic, metal, beads, plastic tubes, and rings - whatever item which comes in my way I make use of it and turn it into a work of art - often together
with light and sound effects.

I'm an autodidact perhaps due to the "Gift" of dyslexia and dyscalculia, I count mydisabilities as my advantage. What may be looked upon from others as a misfortune, I see as my asset, my creative power. This isan insight which I want to spread to all those who look down on people with any kind of mental or physical disABILITIES.

I'm very privileged - I always count on a number of people who
constantly are there for me, and accept my shortcomings.

Coming exhibitions

The India WORLD MISSION MARCH for Peace and Friendship and our contribution

Fenix high school in Vaggeryd Sweden and www.imaginepeacepleace.com

From openly expressing my ethical belifs about the corropted and perverted world of Pornograpphy & Trafficking through exhibitions and installations directly to a world where people and specially children are again the victims of inD-cency and more corruption...a world where weapons do talk the universal language of endless suffering!

But when children´s heads and children´s arms and children´s legs were appearing in front of our eyes day after day after day ...there was no way to just sit and send messages through facebook but to come out and some how gather together....reach out..be there!.put a stop!...there was no way to allow that horrendows crime againts the children of GAZA be the victims of inD-cency and pervertion as it is all what WAR is all about...pure insantyand should never ever happen just becasue is such a "LUCRATIVE" business for he poweful countries!

What plausible explanation can be to it?

I don´t have it but I sure have all possible ways to make this world a D-cent place!

The www.newclearcode is just one among others..

Peace+Pleace=Pleace Follow my blogs and Samir´s Videos which are the way to illustrate the way we all by just D-coding the coded Mahatma Gandhi´s quotations .

From the very day that the India World Mission March for Peace and Friendship will start at Porbandar which is Mahatmana Ganghi´s hometown ..the first coded Mahatma Gandhi´s quote will be broacast ..and all the world citizens are expected to do from that day on until the end of the March 55 days later in South Africa is to go to Google and look for the word newclearcoded click on it and follow the video instructions..

A programmed D-agram will apppeared showing the coded Mahatma Gandhi´s quotation and the easy way to en"ABLE" the dis"ABLE" and the "ABLE" world citizens to D-code each daily quotation.

In the meantime Google is expected to donate a cent for each sigle D-coded Gandhi´s quotation that automatically will reach Google.

So the more people who enter Google in order to find out what Mahatma Gandhi has stored for us every single day...the more cents will be marching at the same time as we at the Mission March will be visiting nation by nation on behalf of Peace through a D-cent PENNY added by D-coding one quote a day times 55 (which are the days that the March will be taken place) times 000000000000001 0000000000000002 0000000000003 up to 9´+++++++++++++++++++++++++++WORLD CITIZENS...I cent=one citizen...billion citizend D-coding quotes=billion cents!

Awards as inventor

Lion's Price The Handicap Institute. Stockholm. 1986-1988-1990.
Uminova`s exhibition "Care and Treatment" Umeå. 1990
Lars Hjärta's Foundation 1987-1988
Innovation`s Centrum. Stockholm . Financial support. 1997
Almi: Financial support. several occations


Javeriana University. Social Communication. (1972-1973)
Princeton College London England.
North Seattle Community College.Seattle-Washington. (1975)
Washington University. Seattle Washington.(1975)
Alliance Francese Paris (1976
AMU Centre. Ronneby-Sweden (1977)
Ideum. Grinslöv. Invention and design. (1998)
Ultra. Jönköping. (2004)


Art installations and work shops for children with functional dis"ABILITIES" in different recreation parks.
Jönköping. Huskvarna. 1997-1999.
Library. Bankeryd. 1997
Culture house. Jönköping. Children in war (Charity project).1997
Jönköping`s Museum School project Solid-art idé. 2002
Kunskapscentrum Fenix in Vaggeryd: a project called Via Dolorosa
Älvsjö Tecnical Fair. Stockholm . 1987 Bankeryd`s library Jönköping.1988
Jönköping`s County Museum. Annual art salong.1999
Hörle`s Castle. Värnamo. 2000
Bergström Gallery. Jönköping. 2000
Stockholm Art Fair. Sollentuna 2001
Art´s day and art´s night. County Council. Jönköping. 2000
The Culture Day of Bredaryd. 2002
Hjulafton of Vaggeryd 2002 - 2004
County Museum. Jönköping.Via Dolorosa.2003
Kunskapscentrum Fenix.School project. Via Dolorosa. 2003.
Library. Skillingaryd. 2003.
Älvsjö Fair: Rehabilitation. 2004.
Paralympics. Athens . 2004.
Royal College of Art London . RCA secret. 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 -2007 -2008.
Stockholm . Annual Communitie`s children care. 2005
Dalhaeimers Institute house. Annual communication seminary.Gothenburgh. 2005.
Dalheimers Institute carnival.Gothenburgh. 2005.
Swedish Exhibition Centre. Functional living.Gothenburgh. 2005.
Furuboda. Skåne.2005.
Art exhibition center. Human rights.Art exhibition Hall.Sanviken 2005.
Vaggeryd`s cultural day. The importance of organization and their roll. 2005
The Swedish year of design. 2005
Fenix high school. Vaggeryd. School project. Loved or object. 2006
Garden organization. Happening. Gothenburg. 2006.
Art day and Art night. Trafficking 2007-2008
Royal College of Art 2003-2004-2005-2006
BIAM (Bank of International art money) 2004-2005-2006-2007-2008

Coming exhibitions:

School to School pleaceplan..from Via Dolorosa thttp://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fenixkunskapscentrum.se%2Fvia_dolorosa.htm&sl=sv&tl=en&history_state0=o to Via Gloriosa
Through the India Worl Mission March fror Peace and Friendship
in collaboration with Fenix high school and http://imaginepeacepleace.ning.com/

Public work

Forbidden wired webed wlobe.Jönköping. 2003

Membership organizationes

Bus (Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige)

BIAM (Bank of International Art money)

VSA (Very special arts).


Vasa kronan. Stockholm.
Skilingaryd´s Community
Skillingaryd´s Lybrary


‘Power and Potential of any Nation is determined by the Youth Motivation of that Nation’

Mahatma Gandhi

Patricia Grönblad Grönagatan 8

55336 Jönköping Sweden

Skype name patinsweden

Mobil home number +46 8 274 889

Mobil number +46 73 544 1305

The Fenix high school Via Dolorosa project on behalf of the victims of Bullying

http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fenixkunskapscentrum.se%2Fvia_dolorosa.htm&sl=sv&tl=en&history_state0= to the


The School to School pleaceD-centORGANICplan

in collaboration with

The World Peace Mission are undertaking the World Peace Mission, aiming to promote global Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood & Cooperation. This project is approved my Govt. of India & South Africa as we are travelling from India to South Africa covering all most all disterbed & war affected countries. Please view my profile & the photos on Gandhi Serve / iPeace / Gandhi Topia /








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