Healthy development of the China research center of Peking University professor li ling team issued a "national health visual report" in Beijing.The report shows that 2012 of 5 years of age or older population in our country, Knockoff Oakleys the number of sick people myopia and hyperopia is about 500 million, the total number of cases of myopia of 450 million, the population of people with high myopia is as high as 30 million.High school and college students in the prevalence of myopia is more than 70%, juvenile myopia prevalence at first in the world.A conservative estimate,Fake Oakleys For Sale in 2012, all kinds of visual defect lead to the social and economic costs of up to 560 billion yuan.National vision defects has become a major public health problem in China, Cheap Replica Oakley sunglasses the national health policy to adjust the whole vision.
In recent years, China's visual health deterioration are grim.On the one hand, with quick lower refractive errors, myopia become the contemporary and future population quality "the disease".Cataract and the old, on the other hand, depending on the early onset age ahead of time,Wholesale Replica Oakleys senile vision defects such as a heavy burden to the society.Researchers will open hole far (near) eyesight drops to below 0.8 is defined as a visual defect,

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