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As somebody who has considerable experience of the financial systems which we often allow to rule our lives I have seen first hand the potential for exploitation of trust and dishonesty that the present legal framework allows and in many ways promotes within our society.

For example, on the most basic level it is fair to say that a major function of the stock exchange and the 'funding processes' we are creating and supporting is that it allows those with paper money to 'give permission' for another person to create the service they prefer to create and to simultaneously be in a position to directly influence and manipulate that person and service by means of various types of mathematical and legalistic diversion. All in the name of increasing the paper money that the investors own, thus allowing them to perpetuate themselves nicely and mostly off the back of other people's risk and creativity. In other words, if 'john' sets up a company to provide a new type of health drink and raises capital to fund the project by selling ownership of the project to interested investors he is now placed in a position where the apparent value of his life and efforts can go up or down at the whim of bankers and traders who generally give zero thought to the wellbeing of his project or to him. He will thus be likely to find himself subjected to all manner of extra workload and concerns relating to the 'markets' and the funders, preying on his mind on a day to day basis (to some extent.. in many cases). This is not to mention that he can become a pawn in the power plays of all kinds of people and his project can be crushed without him being able to apparently do a great deal. This is, of course, the negative potential reality from such a startup situation, yet it is very common.

So as it stands, in many cases, the stocks and shares model of ownership of creativity and life itself does very little to actually support projects beyond giving a type of creative control to those with the most money (the best traders, perhaps). So in a sense, metaphorically it is like hiring the best sales team for your own art company and then giving them total control over everything, regardless of how artistic they are!

The tragedy in all this, in a sense, is that there is literally an infinite creative force aching to be released in every single human being and yet so few see their dreams realised as a result of what seems a very elitist and limiting system. Imagine just how amazing our technology and lives would be if every person knew that their ideas were all entirely valued and opportunities would genuinely always arise for them to create their vision rather than them having to worry about being taken to the cleaners. Without wishing to sound harsh, no matter how much the huge financial organisations pat themselves on the back for making company x, y or z a success they will never achieve as much through the desire to acquire and dominate as they would through the desire to share, learn and assist. Imagine if all the political, financial and military staff simply admitted to themselves that their industry is not truly needed in order for us to be happy and healthy and that they knew that the revolutionary changes begin with themselves! The realisation that we do not need to teach each other so much as support each in our teaching of ourselves is profound when fully accepted.

Once this transformation is complete, and it is already slowly underway, we will very quickly see the benefits of a renewed trust in each other, our abilities and of no longer relying on money to get things done. The bankers themselves will see how exciting the free, loving, creative life is and finally awaken themselves in ways which seem impossible to most at present.
Without this transformation there would be a time when bankers and politicians fight each other over the very last scrap of food on the planet, perhaps dieing mid-fight, never learning the benefits of sharing. Perhaps that is why they like to build bunkers, space stations and seed banks; perhaps they would rather run than change. This is not the reality that I see the collective choosing, we are too creative and too wise for that, believe it or not.. ;)

The answer is to always know that you are 100% valued and you always have the capability to effect positive change with the full support of 'all that is'. You are always as abundant as you know yourself to be and money is rarely what you need to proceed, it is usually what you wish to buy with it that you need. Allow yourself to realise that you do not need money and indeed even if you think you do, there is nothing preventing you getting everything you need except perhaps your belief that you are not worthy or that it must be too difficult or improbable. Let your excitement guide you and allow yourself to have fun, nothing is too good to be true!

Never forget that "What you put out is what you get back" and thus you are in the driving seat!

Now, let's get creative and unhook those fish-hooks in our mouths from all the bait we've been eating..


Much love to ALL

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