When we truly feel the Love that we are, we become radiant with Joy, and are naturally peaceful. This is our natural state of being, it is all any of us really want. Once we taste it, that is it, nothing will ever satisfy like it. I am very happy to post my joy and my peace here, as I do feel the love that I am...since having and being are one, I can then give of it and thereby receive it as well. I do not have to question whether the feelings I have for my brothers are 'ok' based on 'who' they are...because who we all are is the One Love that IS, and it is the safest and most natural thing for me to love my brother as my self, because it is the only way for my joy to be full...and when we are full of joy, are we not at peace as well. This is the answer for all of our seeming problems today. Those who are not peaceful, and feel that action in the world will give them this peace could have a long way to go, but that due to the intent will finally 'get there.' We must truly join with our brother, as they are, where they are, at the level at which they can join so we can lift each other up, higher and higher...until we both recognize our perfect equality...nothing else will ever give us peace. If I think you are richer, smarter, a better person...I will forever compare my insides with your outside, and feel wanting...but if I am honest and truly seek my own worth within, and ask to be shown my true Self, I will be given what I ask for, as it is in line with what Love (God) wants for each of us, to know ourselves as Love knows us. When we access the real Love that we are, there is nothinig we cannot do, for we go with all the power of Heaven and earth within us, and we will be shown what to do and how to do it, every step of the way. Love is truly the power that runs this whole wide creation, and we are blind and deaf and dumb until we recognize that It is Who we Are, and It is Who my brothers and sisters Are as well. No one is left out, all are included, and together, we go hand in hand thru eternity, as One. Have a loved-filled Life!!

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Comment by Giblatsai (Peter) on December 7, 2008 at 4:04pm
Beautiful Michael, as Jay Leno would say ...'exactly! exactly!'....Peace my friend.
Comment by Michael C. Dewey on December 7, 2008 at 3:53pm
Thank you fro the wonderful words. They will be my quote of the day to Family who are very asleep. I've come to think of the Beatles song all you need is love in a different way. Once it was just that if I love for people it was all I needed. Now its sort of I need love in my life to fulfill his will, which is all of our dreams.

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