Hi Joni, beloved.
I greet the Buda in all of you.
My Buda salutes your Budas.
I have to explain my behaviour on group.
Actually, we have to celebrate.
To celebrate EVERYTHING.
And to feel happy and joyous is impossible ALL THE TIME.
The days before, I noticed that we really had a great opportunity to feel a tremendous sadness of our own. Which is OUR own misrey and miserable sadness.
Otherewise, what is the point on remebmbering 9th of july, or 7th september in brazil or 11th september all around? Why should we?
Only if this sadness will go so deep in our souls and bodies that we will never do it again.
The problem is that we have to dance and sing and rejoyce and laugh, and simle, this is what we have to do.
it was such a misery that day, 11th september 2001. tremendous misery. And I was out of home. A foreign country, feeling somehow lost. No mother, no father, no wife, no girlfriend either, no peace somehow, everyday an in-hospit situation, i whcich somehow the compassion of people never made me feel totaly miserable. never I slept on the streets, but it was not my in born country.
What makes me very very sad, really, it is the big and vast unconsciousness all around.
Nobody feels responsible for the horror in Vietnam. I watched again the WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, in the internet here.
Nobody wanted anymore that bloody war in VietNam. A horror. Nobody wants anymore the hrror in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. You don't want really to feel guilty. So, don't feel. Feel responsible. We are all responsible. Only a BUDDHA does not feel responsible, because he is a no-situation organism. He is a no-mind.
The woman I am introducing here feels totaly responsable for what is happening in the world. We usually do not feel it. We don't feel so.
I introduce you to a great woman who is not my master, but she feels responsible and she DOES something.
I hope this link function in this marvelous organism called iPeace.
DOn't feel guilty. Feel responsible.
With love.

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