I exchanged many emails with David

I believe in comunication it is THE KEY to world peace. I tried to comunicate with David and did actually. All the emails between us are on http://ipeace2.ning.com.

I told David that he doesn't comunicate well. That was our problem here.

I am very very sad about this site closing. We all are.

I tried my best, but the thing is, we all want different things. We all want to stay together as an iPeace family.

I never really learned what David wants.

I would have thought that a person starting a website like this would see the value in it and realize that his name could even go down in history! But letting a site like this die, well, it will be very difficult to be remembered for having really done a great thing. It is like a person who adopts a child and then tells the child to leave and never come back.

I tried, and would still try to show David that COMUNICATION could have gotten this site into loving hands, it is just a big shame that such a place, and such a story of its creation, will end on a sour note "He closed it down, and never really let someone take it over, or discuss this possibility."

David, find me ten people who are in agreement with you that closing this site is a smart, good, kind, wonderful idea. I would just like you to have one person on your side, and give us your reasoning behind it.

That is why, dear David, that although we are grateful for what you have done, the fact is, is that we can't help but lose our respect and admiration for you for how you are letting it die like this.

I wish you understood, but I know you see it differently. You are one of those people who are very hard to understand.

I thank you for what you created.....but dislike you for having taken it away like this. It is extremely sad to thousands of us. I can't see how a person can live easily with themself with this FACT...how can you?

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