Tamera Peace Research Center

A memorandum from the peace research center Tamera in Portugal

The globalisation of peace is not realized through mega-systems but through new life models.
Humanity is situated in an inferno of fear and violence. We are experiencing the culmination of a historical dead end with disastrous consequences for an increasing number of populations, human and animal. Consequences of a historical ‘fall of mankind’: the separation of the human from the One, which connects all and which is the same in all. Through that a collective loss of trust and home. Facing the immeasurable suffering of human and animal, of lovers, children and peoples, we discern: Evolution needs a new direction.
The damage cannot be repaired by crisis management, reformations or new technology. It lies in the inner core of the human being and therefore requires a fundamentally different orientation of life for its healing. It is about dissolving a collective ‘pain body’ and not least ending the historical gender war.
We know the problems of hunger and war, criminality and violence, environmental destruction and impending climate catastrophe. But the central area of crisis of our times is the relationship between human beings. It is here where a futurological project has to take care that a deep change towards healing and trust can happen. We need a new social and spiritual concept for humans to live together – with each other and with all creation; and we need a new technological concept for the non-violent cooperation with the natural forces. Boldly we need a new concept for living on our planet. Through the successful results of thirty years of research work, including social experiments, we are convinced of the feasibility of these goals.
The currently planned future drafts of mega-cities and cyber worlds cannot bring peace. Humanity will not be fed and healed through technological miracles (as important as they might be sometimes). Also not through well meant ecological projects, healthy nutrition and self-sufficient energy supply. As fascinating and indispensable the new technological possibilities are, as much they require a new human and social structure for humaneness to unfold.
A futurological unity between non-violent technology (resonance technology) and humane social practice is to be developed. The new technologies which have been developed by ingenious contemporaries have to be integrated into a model of a new living culture in order for them to survive. Otherwise they become entangled in the mafia struggles of the still ruling power groups.

The key for healing the world lies in dissolving the collective pain body and the traumatic knot which – as a result of a 4000 year epoch of violence – is stored in the cells of humanity, in the cells of all of us. Right here, in this individual and global healing work, lies the core of a realistic futurology of peace. For the collective trauma to be solved we need new communitarian ways of living with a new structure for production and consumption, for the cooperation with Gaia-earth, for the genders to live together and for a loving coexistence with all creation. The build-up of future communities is the deepest and most comprehensive task of our time.
Most of all we need a fundamental paradigm shift in the core area (Alpha area) of human life, that means in the area of sexuality, love, partnership, community, and religion. The changes in this central area of life is connected to changes in the genetic system (DNA). Through these changes the genetic bio-field – through which all living beings of the earth are connected – is modified. A ‘morphogenetic field’ for new thought and behaviour patterns is activated. The global shift of power from the forces of war to the new forces of peace (from the old to the new matrix) does not happen through violence but through genetically efficient information and new experiences.

For these reasons we have been developing the initiative ‘Future without War’ and the ‘Global Campus’ for a few years. The goal of the project is the implementation of futurological centers, healing biotopes and world peace villages in different places on the earth. Alpha stands for a new beginning but not on the level of cave people but instead on the level of our highest insights and possibilities at the beginning of the 21st century. The initial realization takes place in small but highly complex pilot models in which the new technical and human developments are combined in a meaningful way.

Have a look at this years 15th Summeruniversity - Think tank for a Future without War
"Global Grace Village"
trailer : (4 min)
event url :

These centers are the crystallization points of the new world. From there the network, the energy lines and the perspectives of the coming epoch unfold. When the switches are worked in the right way here, we look towards a real future without war.
The global field building effect of the new centers is derived from the connection between highly developed technology and highly developed humane culture. Just as in former times the field building of the steam engine, the electric motor and computer technology. Their spreading will happen quite quickly – through the field-building effect – once the first models are accomplished. It is natural that these models will be sustainable but more important is the criteria of their planetary generalizability: the underlying spiritual matrix is valid for all regions of the earth. Along this track the worldwide build up of a new noosphere succeeds holding enhanced information on cooperation, resonance, peace and healing among all participants of the biosphere. This is not only wishful thinking but the deep structure of our holographic reality. The search for the Holy Grail took place along occult pathways until now. Now it is about implementing this Grail as a real cultural crystal on earth.


The mentioned thoughts and goals form the base of the peace research center Tamera in Portugal.
The project was founded in 1995. Today it includes a community of 160 inhabitants, a peace school, special complexes for perma-culture and solar energy, an emerging Solar Village combined with a Technical University, a global network with initial bases for the ‘Global Campus’ in different crisis areas.
Additionally we hope for the emergence of a “planetary group” that insures that these key-note thoughts gain a global effect. May this message contribute to this.
May people come together from all over the world who want to realize this concept. In anticipation for new cooperation partners,

In the name of love, in the name of all children,
In the name of all beings.

Dieter Duhm
Tamera, December 2007

© Copyright 2008

This text may be freely published as long as the source is mentioned.

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