First count: the name deceive many brands are 100% imported or imported brands such slogan, actual imports only a small part of the business, most of the use of domestic materials and techniques. Imported products and domestic products, packaging, as the same size, or even color are the same, the business with the import price sales, you can identify the authenticity of it? In order to prove its composite material for park bench slats imports of "authenticity", businesses can also import declarations and certificates of origin issued, and commitment to leave a compensable 10, could not help but you do not believe. Second count: Some businesses find flowering trees, many consumers are between the green and the green color, not very clear. So he added the green pigment in the base plate, the base material dyed green, outreach, in fact, green and non-green released in water, formaldehyde, environmental protection do not have any relationship.

The third count: Troubled Waters The quality of laminate flooring, lies in the selection of raw materials and mix, as well as the accuracy of product processing, import and domestic plate on the size of the no plate, respectively, but some people took the opportunity to spread rumors, "imports specification plate is long, domestic plate is short of specifications. " Long plate prices go up, sales optimistic, the manufacturers do not go to argue long and short board, but to reduce the production of short board, long board paneling in serbia mass production, a time "import" surge plates, consumers suffer, dealers benefit . The fourth count: perpetrating a fraud of some businesses to increase the firmness of the floor, and produced the "lock" floor.

To increase its "lock" function, so-called "double-lock" and "Three lock" "Four lock" Floor emerging, to consumers caused by the higher lock series, the better the quality misleading. In fact, the connection is firmly floor, not the number lock progression, but rather the size chamfer angle and chamfer locking plate. The fifth count: to become masters focus on quality and brand businesses, always store the image or a single brand to sell products. Those new entrants, they take a few more brands of floor, dozens of brands in a variety of stores, and other products at 359, good quality, and occasionally by national standards, the service life of up to% 7Bwq , poor quality can pass is a national standard, the product boat flooring alternatives can only be used three to five months. While each brand selling these businesses is not very good, not high profile, but sales add up to dozens of brands, many of their number may even achieve the top spot to become masters of strategy realization.

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