Dear Friend,
After the recent efforts made by Mr Narayanan Krishnan in India to relieve the massive suffering in the country, the thought occurred that someone should assist this saint as there is not enough of this work being done.
A job at GetAFreelancer has been posted to find other people to go and do the same thing. A few dollars can go a long way in India and it is hoped that that this Christmas may be a special one for countless suffering souls.


(Click on the image to see the video)
Please consider donating a few dollars and I will see to it that 100% goes to this most worthy of causes.
You can go here to make a donation:
Everyone who donates will be mentioned in the upcoming video that will be made. (if you wish to remain anonymous, that is ok too..)
If you cannot afford to make a donation, please just share this post so we can get the word out about the marvellous job this man is doing.

Wishing you all a VERY special Christmas and a Joyous New Year,
Brightest Blessings,

Michael Goebel
Phone: +612 4392-6864

Please consider forwarding this to your friends so we can make this a success. Thankyou.

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Comment by G.P. on December 18, 2010 at 3:31pm

Thanks for your mail.

It's impossible to support all causes, so we have a few which we do.

Best wishes to you & yours.



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