Is this really YOU and am I really Me?

I am speaking to YOU....or am I? Here we are showing our best: no cracked glasses, wrinkles, bags under eyes, soiled shirts, holes in socks. We want to "seem" good-looking, happy, energetic, fascinating, intriguing, confident, sexy. But are you and I that way really? And for what reason do we want to seem these ways? For whose good?
If we showed our real selves would we not make friends here, be accepted, get something back for the time spent here?
I, for one, think that I am showing about 90% of my true self: every woman has the right to hide at least 10%.
And you? Are you YOU or are you somebody else?
(P.S. The painting of "me" isn't really "me" but how I thought I maybe should look to be accepted here - only lasted a week. It got little response.)

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Comment by myron joshua on January 25, 2009 at 1:35pm
So is this the real me??

Comment by myron joshua on January 24, 2009 at 7:35pm
Image: the not real me i want to project..or the real me i want to be?
Imagination or Fantasy..creative thinking or flight to nowhere..
To create a "perfect" world, or even a better one..must we hide the blemishes
or Just learn to live with them?

Perhaps to massage them
Warm them
and let them open to tell their story.
To be accepted in love

I had a blemish
which became a place of love
when massaged
by someone else.

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