Several years back, during the Second Congo War, a humanitarian group called the Rural Health Care Foundation sprouted up to address health issues of the residents of Mubende, Uganda. In 2006 an international team led a fund raising effort for them, which involved someone from my area. Out of that effort, four women got together and formed a business locally to help some of the ladies there who are very talented in different crafts. They purchase their finished goods, which consist of woven baskets, small stuffed animals, and gorgeous beads made from old magazines, and sell them at craft shows near my home.

This is a picture from their website of a woman named Doreen who makes beads

The business they created is Friends of Uganda

I stumbled across their tiny booth at the Mistletoe Marketplace , a huge annual event put on by the local Jr. League here in Jackson, MS today and was totally amazed at how wonderful their art is and really excited about the way these amazing women (some of them with dismembered limbs) are able to care for their families, and create such lovely things for us in return.

What really gets me though is the chain reaction of the whole thing. Somebody listened to their inner guide to help a community in need. Then someone else did the same. I found them, and now I share them with you!

Do with this what you feel....if you are so led.

Peace today, Peace to you all.


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