Production areas: building materials industry also "OEM" "OEM building materials are also popular, smallpox industry is hype." Ceiling domestic industry a brand founder, said, "There are a lot of building materials factory is only a sign, and no plants. Some of a company, a staff, a brand, all the boss kicked Such data printing plant will hype, even marked foreign joint venture brands. Information on these brands are not factory photos, or get a computerized map to coax people. These brands offer modus operandi is high, high commission, high let, lured a contract, a non-commissioned Brand Factory. "" Due to the small factory brand products and more by several unlicensed factory to complete the processing, and these unlicensed factory limited production capacity, often you produce this, I produce that, then combined, which makes cooperation Error staggering. "Pong brand, theft technology is another brilliant idea of ​​small plants.

"It is understood that currently on the market have a large number of 'health' prefix ceiling." Moreover, in order to reduce costs, these unlicensed plant raw materials is nothing is there, not to mention covered deck options on you tube Spain the quality of testing. In order to deceive buyers, these plants can be forged. "Sales in the field:" camouflage "for the circulation of endless black hole, Building Decoration Association official said, consumers to buy building materials and home improvement markets, in addition to experts, the vast majority of people have had to suffer, fooled experience According to reports, on the market. The sale of building materials, usually several "cover-up" tricks. confuse similar name is a distributor of the most common trick, especially prevalent in the solid wood flooring sales. a building materials dealer told reporters that the majority of consumers for building materials The name of the performance are scanty. Name wood flooring panels are common name, scientific name, alias, market name, etc., such as wood door Gris aliases have Kempas, Sweet Basil, Nanyang mahogany, the market called steel cedar. Just because Name complicated, sometimes confuse the consumer, to the unscrupulous operators an opportunity to exploit some traders often mountain beech called "red elm," Birch called "cherry" and so on. In fact, among those with wood The fundamental difference.

In inferior charged, is part of Building Materials Distribution "another black hole." One dealer told reporters that there are many inferior products "bad" method. One is in itself inferior materials, such as the use of low aluminum content Aluminum as a normal aluminum aluminum content; the other is alternative materials, such as plastic products as a surface layer containing stainless steel decoration areas: the renovation team jerry reporter learned that, in terms of home decoration, some consumers are often the easy way. " A package of ", while some careless consumers in the decoration workers Geom Wall Cladding during the construction, but ask from this easy to give some opportunities for poor ethics renovation team deceptive, these renovation team shoddy home improvement materials at the time of purchase causes, shoddy construction, but most of the owners do not have experience, acceptance glance pick not go wrong, after living for a while, the problems came out, the renovation team was gone. "This phenomenon is that consumers of the importance of building materials lack of knowledge; the real importance of the corporate brand home improvement company is not much decoration guerrillas widespread, so the building materials industry more muddy muddy water ", Tangxi Wei, general manager of this Kuiranchangtan Connor smallpox.

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