it was march 76.
I was taken to a Hospital in São Paulo.
Long ago, such a torture was to live here.
It was the apex of repression in this country, politically, and anyway, I was only a man hiper-sensible, sensitive, kardecist (despite I didn't know I was), perhaps eventually spiritualist (despite I did not know that!).
I am enjoying to make it good here, it feels beautiful, it is true and it is good for me and eventually to others also.
Satyam Shivam Sundram Truth Goodness and Beauty. A trinity. A triad. A trimurti.
I am so sad about my sister. One of her two sides - if they are only three - is so gentle - the other of her sides is terrific, tremendouisly harmful, her speech cutrs like a knife. The truth is, when she came back to live with us here in this house, I insisted with my mother she could come and bring her things with her, my mother became nearly skin and bones in less than six months, my father problems with the lings and skinny, I got generally very disgusted with many actitudes of her, and she saterted to grow fat.
Today I heard Osho saying that people who are oriented only in eating - she does nearly nothing, are very sucking of anyone else's energy. I love her, I don't like her at all, nowadys.
When I was ten, and she was 5, we were the best friends.
I felt a lot of compassion for her, half an hour ago.
She is dreaming, sleeping, and unable to speak, and relate. But, fortunately, alive.
I have a nerve sensation and information inside, deep inside, that we are going to have real true troubles here, in few days or weeks.

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