My life is OK these days and I feel nourished.

I wodner how can I help others and the Earth itself.

Osho is a master I love.

My idea is that I have to noursish myself in the terms of sharing goodness, truth and beauty to OTHERS.

Please accpet my duties... (*smiles): (as a companion arranger maestro for another good musician) (for BROADCASTING and videos also)

My dear fellow friend Amuria is helping me a lot with all this, and dear iSpirit Ilona is a great Masterpiece of our lives. Through her site I discovered I have something good on my work on Earth connected to plants.

Taht is why today I am sharing again the song GREEN I composed to my friend Manika and for FACEBOOK as well.

Please accept my lovingness, my LOVING CARE productions.

Love MUST be connected with CONSCIOUSNESS, otherwise, Love is blind. So I MUST after so many years to disagree with my beloved John when he says All you need is love.

No. ALL YOU NEED IS CONSCIOUS LOVE (see my blog please, the video song is there).


PS SORRY, NING does not allow me to upload msuic as a file. I wait until I have a video from that. I keep on considering this ashaming. But please accept my invitations to my sites. let us do the society games... Everything is a game.

Osho states:

Where there are rules, it is a game!

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